[1.7.10]Hubris V1.6.1- HQM - 270+ Quests [Magic][Dungeons][Dimensions][Exploration] Ex-Listed!

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by BaileyH, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    I am going to need a crash log, but nobody else has reported this bug as far as I know.
  2. Arachnid_XIII

    Arachnid_XIII Member

    Right ok, Ill try get the Log off him ASAP
    will post when i get it
  3. Arachnid_XIII

    Arachnid_XIII Member

    Ok, he has sent me the crash report.. Hopefully you can make some sence from it and figure out whats wrong
    Please find it attatched

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  4. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    The crash report references rendering errors. The crash report mentions Optifine being installed, try removing it and test it once more.

    Though this may just be garbage in the crash report, it also references an ItemFrame being rendered at X:888, Y: 51, Z -1877.5. Try destroying the frame if removing Optifine does not work.

    -- Entity being rendered --
    Entity Type: ItemFrame (net.minecraft.entity.item.EntityItemFrame)
    Entity ID: 189
    Entity Name: entity.ItemFrame.name
    Entity's Exact location: 888.94, 51.50, -1877.50
    Entity's Block location: World: (888,51,-1878), Chunk: (at 8,3,10 in 55,-118; contains blocks 880,0,-1888 to 895,255,-1873), Region: (1,-4; contains chunks 32,-128 to 63,-97, blocks 512,0,-2048 to 1023,255,-1537)
    Entity's Momentum: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    Remove Optifine and attempt to recreate crashes beforehand, Optifine is unsupported by nearly every mod as it does silly things to minecraft's rendering code.

    Let me know if this helps you, thanks.
  5. Arachnid_XIII

    Arachnid_XIII Member

    ok i will try removing optifine and search for the item frame and get back to you :)
    hanks for the assistance :)
  6. Nicolás Granelli

    Nicolás Granelli Active Member

    Is this pack still being updated? I'm still playing it, a little bit every now and then, and I don't see anything super important to update, but I'm curious if there will be the new botania versions of stuff like that (Little example: the sparks are a lot cheaper in the new versions, but I might just change the recipe in my local instance)
  7. Talonos

    Talonos Active Member

    A little of Column A, a little of Column B.

    Amusingly enough, the world tainting was so complete I had to go untaint the biodomes and scout locations with silverleaf purity potions before shipping the map, or the taint would sometimes destroy noded silverwood trees before the node managed to purify the biome.

    In the 1.6.4 version of Blightfall, I just turned the taint gen up to 100%, because taint was a chunk-based overlay, not its own biome. That left oceans, deserts, and rivers untainted, as you said. I got around it by renaming them to ocens, dsrts, and rvrs. The biome blacklist was hardcoded into Thaumcraft back then, so renaming the biomes fixed my issues.

    Speaking of deserts, they slowly turn into dirt while tainted because of a Thaumcraft bug Azinor was too busy to fix. (he was working on the 1.8 port at the time) I was only able to fix that in Blightfall because CanVox is a ninja.

    All the custom modding done for Blightfall is permissively licenced, so you're welcome to use whatever. Problem is, we were in a hurry when we wrote it so it won't work out of the box for any pack except Blightfall. If you've got a modder able to help, feel free to swipe whatever code you want, though.
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  8. Nettehlol

    Nettehlol Member

    That crash is from OptiFine "Smooth" chunk loading mode. Was happening to me as well.
  9. Arachnid_XIII

    Arachnid_XIII Member

    Thanks for the fixes guys
    I removed optifine and it worked fine
    then re-added optifine and changed the Chink loading from smooth and it still worked

    Why is it optifine is causing these crashes ??
  10. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    Optifine changes the Minecraft rendering code, any mods that interact with it have a chance to cause crashes or undesired visual effects.
  11. Arachnid_XIII

    Arachnid_XIII Member

    ah ok makes sense
    well thanks again anyways thou :) Love the quest pack :) great fun
    even if taint is a nightmare lol
  12. shade_of_ox

    shade_of_ox Active Member

    I noticed a little of the trees being destroyed, sometimes there would just be puddles of Flux Goo instead of a few of the wood blocks. The node would still be there, though, so nothing was really affected aside from it being kinda gross. :p

    Nice of you to let other people use your code for free, though. :)
  13. Lecapria

    Lecapria New Member

    is there a way to get shaders mod on a client?
  14. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    You could download a shader mod and stick it in the mods list, but it is unsupported and you will most likely see visual glitches. Most shaders are not supported by mods.
  15. BlackSoldierB

    BlackSoldierB Active Member

    When I install Sphax PureDBcraft, the grass goes back to green. Is there a fix for that?
  16. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    You would need to go ask the developers of Sphax, sounds like some textures are not supported.
  17. BlackSoldierB

    BlackSoldierB Active Member

    My Waila says that it is grass. How does the mod change the texture, without texture pack?

    Maybe I can just replace the grass texture.
  18. TheAtomicOption

    TheAtomicOption Active Member

    Has anyone else noticed that Zombie Dogs with SpecialMobs attributes spawn like weeds in the Twilight Forest? They're fucking everywhere. I tried using the SpawnZombieDogs config option in Gravestone's config, but it didn't stop them.

    I used the BiomeTweaker output to find out where they are and wrote a BiomeTweaker script that removes them from some of the biomes (see code comments for more details). This is only a partial fix, but it makes Twilight Forest a bit more useable.

    //Select affected Twilight Forest biomes Tw.Forest 41, Tw.Highlands 43, TW.Oak Savanna 50, Dense Twilight forest 42, Deep Mushroom Forest 52, Firefly Forest 51, mushroom forest 44, snowy forest 47
    TW = forBiomes(41,42,43,44,47,50,51,52)
    // RemoveAllSpawns seems to work, but obviously can't work for biomes below that have other spawns set.
    //biomes with other MONSTER spawns besides Zombie Dogs:
    //Enchanted Forest 56, magical forest 193, Birch forest Hills 28,
    //birch forest 27, Cold Taiga Hills 31, Cold Taiga 30, Extreme Hills+ 34,
    //forest 4, foresthills 18, jungle Edge 23, mega Taiga hills 33,
    //mega Taiga 32, roofed forest 29, Taiga 5, taiga hills 19
    //witchwood forest 100
    //attempted to remove from all biomes
    allBiomes = forAllBiomes()
    //specificly remove zombie dogs. This command doesn't seem to work.

    Caveat to the above: I noticed a number of mods weren't up to date and decided to update them on my own.
    Adventure Backpack
    Extended Potions
    Forbidden Magic
    NEI Addons
    NEI Integration
    Pam's HarvestCraft
    Runic Dungeons
    Special Mobs
    Storage Drawers
    Tainted Magic
    Thaumic Exploration
    Thaumic Horizons
    Thaumic Infusion
  19. NoElement

    NoElement Active Member

    That was made because people were sneaky and tried to circumvent the whole tainted business altogether.
  20. Legorobo4

    Legorobo4 Active Member

    Ok, First I really like this modpack, but I'm posting this here as I've never had this bug before.

    Okay, so I came back to Hubris after I stoppe playing MC for a while and when I loaded my world it was rediculosly laggy. I discovered the problem to be an obsene amount of squids just outside my home (I'm on a penisula beach) and I can't seem to kill the buggers off and I am running out of ideas. Just asking as I would hate to lose this world as I've acumalted alot of stuff and don't want to restart my restart if I don't need too.

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