[1.7.10]Hubris V1.6.1- HQM - 270+ Quests [Magic][Dungeons][Dimensions][Exploration] Ex-Listed!

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Jul 29, 2019

Thank you to everyone who played this pack! 7 months on the launcher has accumulated some staggering statistics! As of 12/15/15:
  • There are 39 archived downloads. Over 30ish were listed updates.
  • About 71,614 unique downloads. Top three most downloaded countries: 28,880 from the United States, 5,854 from Germany and 5,260 from the United Kingdom.
  • The pack has been launched 291,206 times.
  • Yampst collected 34,811 crashes
  • 30,349,641 minutes played. Translated to 505,827.35 hours, making up 21,076.1 days which finally filled up 57.74 years!
  • One unique download averaged 423.79 minutes played or 7 hours.

You can still access the pack with pack code Hubris. Thanks!

Please post any bugs here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/hubris-bugs.125732/

Without giving too much of it away, this pack will challenge your combat and creative thinking as opposed to raw strength and gear. You have over 270 quests to complete, all pushing you to the end of the magic mods until their final integration. There are over seven different dungeon-type instances to explore and conquer providing mid and late game content when you "think" you are ready. Not only that, but technology will not help you outside of the magical arts. You will find yourself mastering the three schools of magic, Thaumcraft, Botania and Ars Magica, each balanced as a viable alternative to filling the equipment slots that are usually filled with tech and tinkers.

"We scoffed at the group that thought they could corrupt magic. Magic, as we knew it, was pure and "good". Always used to better the world, and we quickly advanced from it. We were wrong. A group of dark and thoughtless mages corrupted the essence, and with it came the taint. Uncontained, the taint spread until it destroyed everything in it's path. Only one mage remains, the master of the three magics. In order to protect what was left of the pure magic, the great mage put himself into stasis until the time came to revert the disaster. You awaken..."



Pack Code: Hubris

Mod list:
Adventure Backpack
Alternate Terrain Generation
Battle Towers
Biome Tweaker
Blood Magic
Custom Chest loot
Doomlike Dungeons
Flesh To Leather
Floating Ruins
Forbidden Magic
Gravestone Mod
Green Thumb(disabled by default)
Hunger Overhaul
Infernal Mobs
Inventory Tweaks
Minetweaker RecipeMaker
Mob Properties
NEI(addons, integration)
Nether Ores
Nodal Mechanics
Rats Mod
Recall Stones
Redstone Paste
Rougelike Dungeons
Runic Dungeons
Special Mobs
Thaumic Exploration
Thaumic Horizons
Thaumic Infusion
Thaumic Tinkerer
Travellers Gear
Twilight Forest
Warp Theory
Witching Gadgets

If you intend on streaming or making a let's play of this series, please message me so that I can link you here! I love watching people play(more than actually playing).

Sneak Peek:
  • Ore Gen is reduced by ~1/4th. This is to restrict players from going on a single mining trip and being able to breeze through the early game. This is to encourage the combat exploration theme as the dungeons provide extreme amounts of loot.
  • Mobs drop treasure bags. Slain mobs(only hit by the player) have a 10% chance of dropping a common treasure bag from thaumcraft. Slaying mobs has never been more fun!
  • Mobs drop random armors. The artifacts mod provides a unique experience in monster slaying, with a chance of mobs dropping random statted armor as well as finding it in dungeon chests or wizard towers!
  • AM2 Damage buffed to 1.5x damage. It is no secret that AM2 suffers from a lack of incentive when weapons do its job better in 99% of the cases until the player is heavily invested into it. The damage is buffed in order to give players an alternative to the hack and slash feeling that can become minecraft combat. It also makes AM2 superior late game in terms of damage from the multiplicative nature.
  • The entire world is Tainted Land. Early on you will not see much danger in it, the taint is currently set to spread at a 1/800th chance per block update. While it seems low, spending an excessive amount of time in one location will show a significant degradation in the environment, and with it scales the dangers in terms of mobs and flux damage. Don't worry, spending your time wisely will allow you to reverse the danger around you.
  • Thaumcraft Runic Shield is buffed, hard. Thaumcraft also falls to the fatal flaw of a lack of incentive. The runic shield path can be tedious and challenging, and even times not often worth it when there is access to tinkers health. However, there is no tinkers here. Thaumcraft shields require much less to recharge than the default and will recharge faster, making Thaumcraft the best choice of armor.
  • Thaumcraft nodes are also MUCH more common. You will find a Node every 5 chunks and a special node 66% of the time. This is intended to speed up the access in thaumcraft early game, as it can be exhausting without access to late game gear.
  • Thaumcraft Add-ons: If you have ever played thaumcraft, you know how expansive the mod can be. Rethink that, as nearly every thaumcraft add-on is here to fit every form of the game. Not to mention quests from each part of the book!
  • Botania provides the Utility setups of the pack. Botania and it's baubles provide amazing and unique powers to each player, and enough options to fit any build. Not only baubles, but Botania will provide the resources that the land lacks. With access to the Orechid, the ore gen reduction soon won't matter. Botania revolutionizes the combat system with unique effects and armors that will quickly fill up your baubles inventory.
  • Cross Mod Interaction. I hope Hubris distinguishes itself from other magic packs by configuring it to balance each mod around each other. Without Tinkers or Thermal Expansion that seems to be mashed into every pack, you are going to have to be creative and innovative. Are you going to rush thaumcraft for the infernal furnace? Or are you going to rush Am2 so that you can combat dungeons for the sweet loot? Going for Botania to get the perfect base to make the other mods easy? Each mod also has integration with the other mods found deep inside each others guide book. (Without giving too much away)The choice is entirely yours and each mod has its equal importance.
  • Late game content. Runic Dungeons, Doom-like Dungeons, Rouge Dungeons and Floating Ruins all provide challenges to the player at different points in the game. However, it all comes down to the exhaustive amount of dungeons avaliable. Mining can be lame and a boring way to find resources. While you can still do this, the amount of dungeon loot is a far superior method. Even after completing quests, you still have ways to improve your gear and to test your strength in the Doom-like Dungeons.
The Quest Line:
  • The initial quest line will give insight on the types of various mods found in this pack. The first quest will provide early game bonuses as well as address key issues dealing with the rest of the pack such as transportation, storage and food. It will also introduce the player to the various dimensions found in the game. The first quest will give the player a choice in which magic mod to specialize early game(providing early tools for setting up for each mod) giving a sense of character decision and personalized choices.
  • A quest line for each mod will take the player through the basics of each mod up to the late game content of each mod. Each quest line is split up into different types of game play. Thaumcraft provides superior armor and a solution to the taint. AM2 provides the unique combat style while Botania provides the powerful enchantments and baubles.

Are you good at building? You can construct a ruin for the pack!
Information on how to store your ruins templates can be found here:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...-mods/1282339-ruins-structure-spawning-system

The build can consist of anything, a battle tower, dungeon, destroyed building, whatever! Direct message me with screenshots and a link to the download of the ruins file and I will take a peek!
Let's Play Series
Ghost Wolf Games:

Random Punishment



Known Issues
1. HQM hates me.
2. If a world gets stuck at loading with the console spamming UPDATE CHECKER 1.8 Etc., remove the HQM folder in your worlds folder and restart.
3. If you are recieving a ticking player crash every time you log on, delete your NBT potion effects data and your player data and restart.

  • Added Cleanview @OnlyZuul
  • Updated Botania - Passive flowers now decay. This is an option I can no longer change. Sorry!
  • Removed some runic dungeons amulets and items. No more belt of flying!
  • Updated and added new reliquary loot and items/quests.
  • Reverted tainted dirt to sand.
  • Updated forge!
Version 1.6.0
  • Fixed Recall Stones *finally*

    Updated the following mods:
  • Automagy
  • Bibliocraft
  • Botania
  • Blood Magic
  • Carpenters Blocks
  • Chisel
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion
  • Special Mobs
  • Tainted Magic
  • Thaumic Infusion
  • Storage Drawers
Version 1.5.0 - Holy Mod Updates Batman
  • Fixed lantern of paranoia recipe
  • Added dimensional shards to chest loot
  • Can now obtain a golemancers bell through the quest book. (finally)
Updated the following Mods
  • Automagy
  • BetterFPS
  • BiblioCraft
  • Botania
  • Chisel
  • Climate Control
  • COFH Core
  • Doom Like DUngeons
  • Forbidden Magic
  • Hardcore Ender expansions
  • NEI Addons/integration
  • Harvestcraft
  • Recall Stones
  • Runic Dungeons
  • Storage Drawers
  • Twilight Forest
  • THaumic Infusions
  • Thaumic Horizons
  • Witching Gadgets
  • Artifacts
  • Tainted Magic
  • Journey Map
Version 1.4.3
This doesn't exist yet.
Version 1.4.2
  • Runic dungeons has had major changes, and deleting the runic dungeons dimension folder is recommended to avoid missing ID's or items in the dungeon.
  • Fixed the ender guardian quest
  • Fixed the temple caller
  • Enabled the removal of erroring entities by default. This can be changed in the forge.cfg if it causes issues for you.
  • Added forge multiparts
  • Updated Botania
  • Updated Storage Drawers
  • Updated Runic Dungeons
  • Added reward for calefactor quest.
  • Should now be able to obtain ender shards from enderman in the End. Thank you very much @Matryoshika !!
  • Fixed server files? I should just flip a coin for this.
  • Added a launch GUI linking to the issue tracker.
  • Removed infused seeds quest.
Version 1.4.1 - The update 1.4.0 should have been :(
  • Updated NEI, Chicken Code Core, Ender Storage. These were crashing on the forge version change.
  • Cleaned up the beginning witchery line to reflect the changes in the update.
  • Updated Biome Tweaker
  • Top blocks of other biomes are no longer crusted taint, and are now Tainted Soil. This will fix a TON of lag.
  • Removed Leather Smelting mod
  • Removed snowball recipe, added snowbell quest.
  • Maybe fixed server files? Kappa
  • Fixed ender dragon and winter guardian quest.
Version 1.4.0
  • Fixed botania files
  • Updated Blood magic(Now has a shiny new guide book)
  • Updated hardcore ender expansion - should fix crashes
  • Updated thaumic infusion
  • Updated HQM
  • Fixed blood orb quests
Version 1.3.1
  • (Should have) fixed the ender dragon quest
  • Removed biome painter
  • Fixed sticks dupe.
  • Blood magic diviner is now fuzzy detect
  • Templates should be working again.
  • Removed ratmod from servers - causing crash.
  • AM2 life guardian spawn egg now has a recipe - still working on a fix for nature guardian.
  • Thaumcraft taint spread chance lowered from 1/5000 ticks to 1/7000 ticks
Version 1.3.0
  • Witching Gadgets + Travelers gear updated
  • Added Rats Mod - These critters steal hunger bars, but also have a 2% chance of dropping dungeon loot.
  • MmmMmmMmmMmm mod now in the server files. Derp derp derfrpepdperpepdeprrp
  • Fixed fury spell quest
  • Tome of Alkahesty and talisman of healy thing moved to detection
  • Removed talisman of nourishment quest. Curse you hunger overhaul!
  • More Am2 spell quests
  • Ingots in dungeon loot are now in ore form to encourage the infernal furnace
  • Removed Herobrine
Version 1.2.4
  • Updated Runic Dungeons
  • Added BetterFPS
  • Disabled Dryads
  • New custom main menu
  • Now get 4 crops instead of 1
  • Removed the Market
  • More Am2 spells quests
Version 1.2.3
  • Removed all vanilla ores except coal from the Twilight Forest.
  • MmmMmmMmm quest
  • Disabled Regen/Sticky modifiers from Infernal Mobs.
  • Zombie dogs are always infernal.
  • You can now get two spells in the AM2 quest line! More to come!
  • Fixed the mana battery quest
  • Hungry spiders and zombies will never be infernal.
  • Updated Botania
  • Added Squidless
  • Artifacts regen modifier disabled. Might be causing crash with other DOTs.
Version 1.2.2 - Hotfix to 1.2.1 due to upload corruption
Version 1.2.1
  • Updated Botania
  • Updated Storage Drawers
  • Updated NEI Integration
  • Removed Coolers Mod
  • Fixed Doom Like Dungeons easy find, you will now actually find them with an entrance above ground. Derp.
  • Fixed Syringe Quest
  • You can now craft the lantern of paranoia with any sojourners staff, not just an empty one.
  • Removed default ruins that made no sense. No more random farms, easter island statues or pirate boats of 7 loot chests.
  • You can now find thaumcraft shards and floral fertilizer as loot in dungeons.
  • Removed the extra thaumonomicon in the thaumcraft quest.
  • Less music discs and saddles in dungeon chests.
Version 1.2
  • Removed the Aether and quests. The Aether was causing too many bugs and crashes, and didn't really thematically fit. This should fix the sojourner sash step-assist as well as the health duplication bug. I hate to see it go, but pack stability comes first.
  • Updated Thaumic Infusion, now with less lag!
  • NEI server files are back.
  • Thaumic infusion quest
  • Candles quest are now detection
  • Enabled health bonus, resurrection and Value effects from the artifacts mod.
Version 1.1.6
Version 1.1.6 will be released later today. This is a non-crucial update, however I am updating Thaumic Infusion. If you have infused ANY blocks with thaumic infusion, they will be deleted in this update as the system is now being overhauled. You will also lose your research progress in the Thaumic Infusion section. The mod now adds a new focus called the focus of infusion that lets you infuse the space instead of infusing blocks in the matrix. This is cheaper, easier, and way more exciting. It has also added in an array of effects that the thaumnomnomicon would be happy to explain. If this breaks your save (though it shouldn't), revert to version 1.1.5 and revert your save from aroma backup.
  • Updated Thaumic Infusion
  • Battle Tower loot has been overhauled. Early floors now give more food and iron/gold, while higher floors pull the dungeon chest generation. Less signs and apples!
  • Disabled villagers selling harvestcraft food. Looking at you Spaghetti Villager.
  • Slightly increased the salt generation. This is for early game players who choose to mine, giving them more chance for zombie jerky.
Version 1.1.5 - Hotfix world gen crash
Version 1.1.4 - Hotfix extended potions
Version 1.1.3 - Bug fixes
  • Fixed potion ID conflicts between blood magic and Witchery (Thanks Andri92!)
  • Less ocean more land. This doesn't really affect you unless you start a new world.
  • Aether menu option is back. This was causing the dumbest crash in the history of ever where players were unable to start their world.
  • Warded Syringe is now fuzzy detection
  • Golemancers Bell is now recieved through the quest book - crashing on craft.
  • Obscurity Artifacts effect disabled - Crash with Artifacts armor ticking potion ID
  • Passive mobs no longer drop loot bags or armor. Oops.
  • Spinach seeds now have a mutation. Oops.

Version 1.1.2 - General Balance
  • Removed max health modifier on Artifacts armor - there is a known bonus health duplication with the Aether. In place of this, I have added the Adrenaline pump attribute.
  • Updated Botania - There is now a nether orechid.
  • Fixed the Slider Labyrinth quest.
  • Removed AM2 status bar. Seemed redundant to have two - you can reenable this in the AM2 config if you wish to have it back.
  • Removed artifact chain mail drops from mobs - artifact iron chance is now 1%.Finding armor is supposed to be rewarding, and even at 5% it was overwhelming when battling rooms with spawners.
  • Battle towers now contain real loot. You can now find dungeon generated loot in floors 5,6,7,8,9,10 - instead of just 9,10. The dungeon loot weight increases the higher the floor.
  • Battle towers are slightly more common - minimum distance is now 350 down from 400.
Version 1.1.1 - General Bug fixes
  • Updated Botania
  • Updated Biome tweaker
  • Disabled certain artifacts effects such as value, resurrection, and adrenaline pump.
  • Disabled recipe profiling by default on NEI.
  • Battle Towers and Ruins can no longer spawn in the Aether or End.
  • Weeds are disabled in agricraft.
I have also disabled the broken recipe check by Hardcore Ender Expansion. This is generally enabled by default to save people the effort from crashes, however it has a weird interaction with some mods such as agricraft and creates occasional issues. If you wish to enable this again, you must first reenable agricraft weeds.
Version 1.1.0
  • Nuked the artifacts drop rates. Can no longer find diamond, can only find iron or chainmail at a 4% and 3% rate respectively.
  • Reduced how common battle towers are to atleast 500 blocks apart - up from 400.
  • Added Witching Gadgets and Travellers Gear
  • Creative node rewards are mostly switched over to bottled nodes.
  • Disabled Bskpr core mob rendering by default - this seemed to cause some lag on entering world and general instability.
  • Nerfed taint spread again from 1/3000 to 1/5000. Since taint is exponential spread, it is still spreading a bit too fast early.
  • Thaumcraft quests
Version 1.0.0 - Official Release
  • Artifacts Mod
Artifacts adds in wizardly tower structures full of traps, monsters, and more importantly, loot. That is not all, however, Artifacts adds in a unique armor/relic system in which you may find RNG rolled loot that has special properties and abilities. You can find Artifact items in the towers, and Artifact armor as a drop from mobs or in dungeon chests. You also have a very high chance of getting Artifact Diamond Armor from Infernal Mobs.
  • Storage Drawers Mod - More storage!
  • Battle Towers Mod - Adds in cool tower structures full of spawners and scaling loot the further you go up, with an epic boss fight. The boss is always Infernal so watch out!
  • Reworked Infernal Mob loot - The old infernal mobs dropped lame old vanilla things. Now you will only find Rare Treasure Bags or Artifacts Armor from infernal mobs.
  • Aether Quests
  • Botania Quests
  • Thaumic Exploration Quests
  • Saturation on food Buffed
  • Can now find 1-5 harvestcraft foods in dungeon chests - up from 1
  • Growing crops underground takes 5x longer to grow
  • Growing crops in general takes 3x longer to grow now - to compensate for saturation and loot buffs.
  • Updated Botania - Should fix a rare world gen crash.
  • Updated Forge to version 1352
Version 0.9.0 - General Update
  • Added Thaumic Exploration
  • Removed creation of twilight forest portal - It is now found randomly in the world by the Ruin Mod
  • Lowered Dryad Spawn Rate to 1 from 5
  • Reduced Ocean Biomes and Magical Forest Biomes weight.
  • Added Enderman head as a rare loot in a dungeon chest. This is to patch for special mobs (maybe) breaking the enderman head drop rates.
  • Clarified the bonus quest line.
  • Changed seeds to detection from consume. Seemed redundant and punishing.
  • Updated Botania
  • Updated Automagy
  • Updated Twilight Forest
  • Updated Waila
  • Update Holo inventory
  • Updated Iron Chests
Version 0.8.0 - Blood Magic Update
  • Blood magic has been added! Only the basics of the quest line are implemented - more to come in the next few days.
  • Mobs has a 10% chance of dropping a common treasure bag (when hit by a player)
  • Can now craft higher tiered treasure bags.
  • Fertilized Soil can now be used for agricraft
  • Witchery seeds can now be mutated.
  • Added Mob Properties Mod
Version 0.7.0 - Reliquary Update
  • Added Reliquary line - Reliquary has now become a relic seeking quest. The quest line pertains to detection in which you must find each item found at various rates in dungeon chests. Some items are craftable however.
  • Added RoseBush crafting.
  • Added BiblioCraft
  • Increased Spectre Key Cost(You sneaky people)
  • Added Leather Quest at the beginning to clarify the smelting of flesh.
  • Nerfed food in chests. I accidentally broke the amount of food spawning in chests from hunger overhaul. You now have a chance of finding one instead of 64.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a way to remove the taint?
Yes. You have over four ways to convert the biome and protect it, as well as ways to deal with the taint damage.

I hate infernal mobs!
This isn't a question, and you can remove it.

Can I add this mod without breaking the balance?

That isn't for me to decide. I created what I consider a balanced pack, but at the end of the day it is your game, do whatever feels good!

Why don't the server files work?
Consult the server files section. I probably messed something up.

Can I change X into Y because of Z?
Yeah man, your game your rules.

Why don't you add this mod?!!?11?!?/!?1/1/1?
If you think a mod would fit in nicely, throw down a comment or send me a message. I try to respond and consider everything that is said in the thread. This pack was created and molded by your feed back - keep it coming!

I am lag
First make sure your render distance is lowered, this is important due to the amount of flux in the surrounding chunks. If your lag persists, try installing Optifine. I have tried to optimize the pack as much as possible, however it is hard to account for everyone's different computer, and the simple fact is that this pack is not friendly to low-end PCs.

Ticking Entity Crashes
Sometimes mods spawn really bad items or blocks that will crash the game. This sucks, but can easily by fixed by going into the forge config and enabling the removal of tile entities and regular entities. THIS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF YOU CANNOT LOG INTO YOUR WORLD OR SERVER OR ARE EXPERIENCING FREQUENT CRASHES. THIS MAY CAUSE UNEXPECTED RESULTS IF LEFT ENABLED.

To Do List
  • Twilight Forest Quests
  • Rework Witchery line

Server Fix
  1. Make sure I didn't add a client-side only mod
  2. Make sure I didn't forget a mod
  3. When updating you may have to delete the HQM user data from the world folder.
  4. Make sure HQM server sync is disabled on the server config.

Wall of Fame(People who are awesome and help make this pack awesome)
Gideon Seymour - This guy is great.
Karmacharger - Noob!
Pudding01 - Thank you for bug reporting!
Vanjykins - Thank you for your bug report on missing crops!
Dachshund - Thanks for your chunk loader recommendation and feedback!
Keldaris - Thanks for letting me know I was missing ore dictionary on dyes!
Mulch_75 - Thanks for reporting broken quests man!
Cobra1117 - Thanks for Thaumcraft Mob Aspects recommendation!
Salamileg9 - Thank you for your recipe conflict report and feedback!
NunoAgapito - Thanks for your feedback!
Xavion - Thanks for your reliquary ideas!
Datagne - Thanks for your bug report!
HappyElk - Thanks for your feedback!
Timid - Thanks for your feedback!
Kiktamo - Thanks for your Twilight Forest Ideas!
KaosRitual - Thanks for helping out people in the thread!
Andri92 - Thanks for your potion IDs!

Servers - PM to have your public server listed!
Server by Lucky To Shoot
Slots: 20

Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz
RAM: 32.0GB
Available Storage: 2.0TB

IP: Hubris.DarkPortalGaming.net
Slots: 20
Memory: Currently 10GB, can increase to 32GB if needed.
Current Version: 1.3.0

DeVco Servers

Server IP: hbr.devcoftb.net
Slots: 75
Processor: Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 (4 cores / 8 Threads)
Frequency: 3.7GHz+ (3.9GHz Turbo Boost)

IP: hubris.kookykraftmc.com:25571
Slots: 75
Memory: Currently 4gb
Current Version: 1.4.1

Tronopolis Network
Server IP: hubris.tronopolis.net
Slots: 64
Intel Corporation DH67BL
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz
Number : 8
Cache : 8192 KB
Speed : 1965 MHz
4 x 8192 MB
3 x 120GB SSD

Please post issues in this repo: https://github.com/DrasticDemise/Hubris/issues

Custom main menu visuals by Twiice
Custom main menu files by Karmacharger
Splash and icon by gustoniaeagle

Please post any bugs here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/hubris-bugs.125732/
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Jul 29, 2019
I would really love to play this, but I can't download it. Did something go wrong uploading it? I keep getting a can't download modpack error, no idea if/how that can be an error in my side. :c


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Using the ATG world gen type screwed everything up, it took over ten minutes to actually generate the world and then it quit before loading. Looking at the log it seems to be gravestone at work, just lots of messages about generating catacombs. That said default works so I'm trying it properly now.


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Jul 29, 2019
Question if you can change Rotten Flesh to leather in Botania is the Flesh to leather mod really needed?


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Question if you can change Rotten Flesh to leather in Botania is the Flesh to leather mod really needed?

The idea was to allow the access to all quest lines at the same time and to not be cornered into one initially(after the basic line). To create leather from flesh required a little bit of an investment into the Botania line, and to access the other mods you require flesh to start. As it is now, even with Biome Tweaker to have animals spawn in Tainted Land, the spawn rate is extremely low due to the fibrous taint covering the grass blocks.
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Jul 29, 2019
The pack has been updated to version 0.3.0
  • Added Infernal Mobs
  • Added Green Thumb
  • Added Nether Ores
Infernal mobs has been added to bring a challenge to the dungeons and the overworld that Special Mobs doesn't completely fill.

Green Thumb is a utility mod, you can harvest crops by right clicking instead of breaking and replacing.

Nether Ores is to complete the small Nether section. Because ores are reduced in the overworld, the nether now has more incentive to players who wish to mine.


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Jul 29, 2019
The pack has been updated to version 0.3.0
  • Added Infernal Mobs
  • Added Green Thumb
  • Added Nether Ores
Infernal mobs has been added to bring a challenge to the dungeons and the overworld that Special Mobs doesn't completely fill.

Green Thumb is a utility mod, you can harvest crops by right clicking instead of breaking and replacing.

Nether Ores is to complete the small Nether section. Because ores are reduced in the overworld, the nether is now more incentive to players who wish to mine.

Are the Nether inhabitants going to get nasty if we mine there?
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Jul 29, 2019
Are the Nether inhabitants going to get nasty if we mine there?
Why of course my friend, zombie pigman take their treasures VERY seriously. Who are you to snoop around in their dimension?

Then again, who is to say they can see you? The nether has many caves and netherrack breaks quickly...if one were to strip mine of course.


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Jul 29, 2019
The pack is intended to be played in Tainted Biomes so everything is balanced accordingly(and thus recommended you play in tainted or magical forest biomes and ignore anything else), however it is a known issue currently that Savanna Plateau M and Mega Taiga spawn normally.
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Jul 29, 2019
The entire world is Tainted Land (Or at least should be. If you find land that is not, please let me know what type of biome it is). Early on you will not see much danger in it, the taint is currently set to spread at a 1/800th chance per block update. While it seems low, spending an excessive amount of time in one location will show a significant degradation in the environment, and with it scales the dangers in terms of mobs and flux damage. Don't worry, spending your time wisely will allow you to reverse the danger around you.
Not much danger? Most of my first early game part is spent fleeing from the massive amounts of thaumic slimes, throwing all the goo they drop to avoid being poisoned by it, and avoiding the beaches as they tend to be filled with crusty ooze stuff that quickly turns into rivers of flux. Really it's the thaumic slimes that are the biggest pest, they spawn everywhere and combine with each other. By the dawn of the second day I had a 100 health slime sitting outside my base.

The best strategy I've found so far is to build offshore, it's fairly easy, keeps you close to land, and most importantly is basically immune to taint due to being offshore. Helped by the fact that beach/river/ocean biomes still spawn normally so they're not immediately infested by taint.
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Jul 29, 2019
There might be a conflict with adventurers backpack and the harvesting of crops. Harvested 2 onions and they disappeared. Both the harvest and one of my crops. At the moment food is to rare to test more though.
Edit: it's not the backpack, crops just disappear sometimes.
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Jul 29, 2019
There might be a conflict with adventurers backpack and the harvesting of crops. Harvested 2 onions and they disappeared. Both the harvest and one of my crops. At the moment food is to rare to test more though.
Edit: it's not the backpack, crops just disappear sometimes.

I have just tested this several different ways, with and without a backpack and I did not experience this problem. I have noticed at times Inventory Tweaks may make items invisible and hitting R to resort them will make items appear again.

Anyone else experience this?