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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Iskandar, May 31, 2014.

  1. Leomist

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    It's true there has never really been a modpack that does the same as This mod pack. If i had the ability i would re create a modpack strongly based of off crash landing. although i would not call it crash landing for obvious reasons.. All i can do at the moment is look at the quest book, add a few mods that might go with the flow of the modpack, and see if i can add extra challenge to this pack. Iskandar's idea was to really challenge the player by removing something that was infinite. I aim to make it even more so of a challenge and to keep people interested i want to add sustainability. still working on getting it all together, getting older mods compatible with each other is harder because they are no longer supported. in any case. i will be sure to make available this extra challenge once i have something. in the mean time, i will playtest what i have for balancing.

  2. goreae

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    As I said, updating would be a lot of work in iskandar's part. You can get the full experience from this pack in 1.6.4 and updating to 1.7.10 (and keeping exactly the same pack) would be pointless. Updating to 1.7.10 and making it a sequel (official or not) with new mods, new features, recipe tweaks, etc. would make much more sense and be more feasible than a massive amount of work doing a straight port for bugfixes.

    Even if I was convinced that it was a good idea, iskandar probably isn't going to do it. He's really busy right now with newborn twins and his other pack that is current and still being updated.
  3. Magzie

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    Iskandar has made it clear he is not updating this pack, That he has no interest right now in make a 1.7.10 version of the pack, and Doesn't want anyway porting off versions of it themselves whether it be 1.7.10 versions or like what is happening now people steal the pack and uploading it under their names on other launchers. If you feel he is wrong in this you are free to PM him but as far as I know he has turned down all comers on a 1.7.10 version and and has said he may do a part 2 in the future but no time soon.
  4. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    That is correct. I want to keep control pf all things Crash Landing, for now at least. There has been some preliminary work done, but I'm benched for awhile. Twins. I can barely keep on top of the basic necessities, any creative work is impossible. That will change, but no ETA.
  5. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    I've had a change of mind, I'm going to convert What i have into an unofficial Addon Pack. That will be compatible with Iskandars Crash landing. Seems like the easiest solution.

    The addon pack will be called "Cru" Short for "Crash Response Unit"

    It's just better this way.

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  6. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    Finally finished converting it to an add on pack. was not as easy as i thought. Though at least this way as an unofficial add on. will be a simple copy, paste, overwrite, play. It's taking much longer than anticipated to work out all the scripting, i have been learning java. can't find the mods i need so i will make them myself.

  7. Genshou

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    I've actually never tried this instead of just doing a quick and dirty city raid, but I might. What's the full automation setup you have? When you say filling a barrel, do you mean automating the production of the stones (auto dirt generator + sieve or something?) and filling a JABBA barrel with those?

    And how do you turn the stones into seared stone? Put them into a crucible, or somewhere else? Do you use a hopper, block gate, or what?
  8. XxscobroxX

    XxscobroxX Guest

    Well they mean a better barrel for starters, as in a JABBA barrel, the automation setup wouldn't really need much other than the Steve's factory controller and some cables, and I haven't tried it, but they're message does say you smelt stones, as in a furnace, which is easy to automate with Steve's Factory Manager. Direwolf20 did a good review on the mod if you need help with automation.

    *I said "they" a few times, and meant OliverJ102 by it
  9. Desman

    Desman Well-Known Member

    Stone automation is done with a Retrieve node (items). You put it on a cobble block, place lava and water next to the cobble, and it creates cobblestone.

    To turn cobblestone into seared stone, melt some seared stone in the smeltery, put a cobblestone into a casting basin, and pour molten seared stone on the cobble. You can then melt the resulting stone, increasing your seared ston production exponentially.
  10. Genshou

    Genshou New Member

    You're talking about a transfer node, right? I know how to make cobblestone, and I know how to make more seared stone using a smeltery. What I'm talking about is getting the smeltery in the first place without ever visiting a city. Don't the initial quests only give a casting table and a handful of seared brick?
  11. Ladysarajane

    Ladysarajane Active Member

    What I did to get started in making a smeltery was to use those stones from sifting dust and melt them in a crucible...attach a faucet and pour some bricks into an ingot mold. It took a while to get enough bricks for a basic smeltery, Once there, didnt take too long to really make seared cobblestone.
  12. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Welcome to pack making. "Wow, this is harder than I thought" may as well be our official motto.
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  13. Genshou

    Genshou New Member

    Tell me about it... I tried making a pack built around cold weather and making wood scarce.

    TBH my biggest hurdle at the time was worldgen mods and my computer being a three-legged turtle.
  14. Bril

    Bril New Member

    Good to hear that there is still a chance for a Crash Landing 2. This was by far my favorite mod pack and I enjoyed the hell out of it but 1.6.4 is really showing it's age and almost all the mods have moved on to better features and improvements. I keep checking back once a month hoping to see a new build coming but I completely understand that the demands of RL have to come first.
  15. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    Haha yeah your not wrong, it's like a minefield, one small change breaks everything. and when you don't notice it till much later finding out what broke it is the hardest part! i have been so tied up in this add-on pack. Just balancing everything, and sometimes the smallest change affects things in such a unintentional way, Not to mention none of the mods are supported anymore so getting help with them is without question impossible, though i am picking up java scripting fast enough, i have been repacking most mods to suit. most mods are available for source download so it was easy..... well, not easy. but doable.

    At the moment i had revamped the quest book to incorporate the new mods, and also removed a tonne of making life easy things. Balancing has been first priority. While making it more of a challenge i am finding a balance between challenge and impossible leading to rage quit. so far i am up to number 19 attempt at surviving. ruling out my own stupidity. "runs outside without sync shell" spider dropbear style kills me.. *sighs* creates new world... only 4 deaths were due to impossible survival.. the rest were what i call stupidity deaths. I am hoping i will have a Alpha version available for testing within the next week. if you or any would care to try their luck. It is without a doubt insane. i am barely able to survive in it.

    my goal of course is to prevent players reaching that level where you have everything and your basically not required to be there anymore. so if you were always needed to for something you would want to be there to do it. I have tried to restrict most forms of automation. it's just like them tedious game on your phone where you need to tap tap tap on the little thing to get coins or food or wood or whatever it may be, these games don't have automation. so you keep going back. now finding a balance between being tedious and challenging is what i am working on.

    So i'll keep working on it. hopefully get something out soon.

  16. Saberwulfy

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  17. AverageJoeGamer

    AverageJoeGamer New Member

    Hi all. Over the last 14 hours, I've been painstakingly manually updating this pack to 1.7.10 on behalf of Iskandar. New to modpacks, but is this allowed? I've got all mods working together, transferred most of the configs over, even rebuilt the map by hand on the updated version. One thing that I can't get a handle on is changing the biome of the new world. It keeps snowing and water keeps freezing, anyone have any ideas for a workaround? Feel free to respond to this post or message me privately. Thanks in advance!
  18. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    Tricky question. I'd say "yes with a but" - the "yes" being that you can do whatever you want with copyrighted materials for your own purposes, the "but" being that distributing it is certainly a breach of copyright. At the very least, Iskandar owns the copyright on the text in the quest book and on the design of the crashed spaceship. So if he wanted to say "please don't", and I think he has said that he wants to retain control of "Crash Landings" in the past, he'd be entirely within his rights to do so.

    If you were to distribute a modpack that just contained mods and configs that you had assembled from redistributable sources, with a script that copied the quest book info and map from an existing Crash Landings installation, then that would probably get around the problem from a legal standpoint, but the ethics of such loophole-jumping are open to question.
  19. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Correct. The map isn't going to be usable in 1.7.10 anyway, though the cities will trabsfer good luck with that.
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  20. Leomist

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    Well, I am keeping with the original spirit of Iskandar's original pack, i feel this is the right thing to do, in respecting his wishes. Because lets face it a 1.7.10 pack will be nothing like the old pack. So back on track with reality, i almost have the 1.6.4 addon pack ready for download, i have started an unofficial thread for my unofficial addon pack. http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/cru-an-unofficial-addon-pack-for-crashlanding-1-6-4.163706/ Iskandar, you are of course welcomed anytime to get a copy of it. who knows, if you approve it might become an official add on pack. *wink wink* but seriously i hope you like it.

    Happy Gaming.
    - Leomist.

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