[1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Iskandar, May 31, 2014.

  1. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    You probably need to post in a thread about server issues. I don't think the problem is specific to this pack. I've never gotten server hosting to work easialy.
  2. Genshou

    Genshou New Member

    I've been replaying this recently. The 1.1.3 map is really getting on my nerves, but it's doable after some frantic pace at the start. Had to begin again after getting mobbed by a horde of fast-moving minimobs. This time around, I rushed invar shears so fast, I almost dehydrated myself. xD I also got my favorite thing, cactus seeds, out of my first stack of sand (for the nickel). I've spent the first few nights just sitting in the ship without anything to do, though. Is it worth sacrificing the pyrotheum to get a cobblegen inside my ship next time?
  3. Nerrad10

    Nerrad10 Guest

    i have had this modpack installed on a server and the Fluid Transposer wont turn the saplings into water it works fine on single player but not on the server yes the machine does have power, also when i sift the dust im only getting the low drop raye items (10 stacks of dust and no stone or salt)
    please help
  4. Genshou

    Genshou New Member

    That sounds like a config issue. You're not getting the modpack's custom recipes from MineTweaker. Did you properly install the configs for the server?
  5. Ok, just made an account and sat here for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post. At long last, here we go.

    So I started Crash Landing 1.1.3 recently, and I just tried to go to the city. Following the quest book, I headed north and hit a rather difficult city, so I just noped out of there. Then, after watching some playthroughs, I figured out that the road to the "easy" city was off to the left of the shuttle, so I started trekking that way. Lo and behold, there was nothing.

    Now I'm completely stumped, because I don't want to lose the jetpack I JUST made, but I can't find anything hinting as to where the "easy" city is, and all of the cities I find (1) are stupidly difficult.

    Any advice?
  6. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Better to set up a good base first, armor and weapons and then worry about going to the city. Going to earlier is just going to get you killed.
  7. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Well, its been a while, but if i remember correctly the city to the north might be the only pre-generated one, all the others are placed and laid out randomly. Also, I hate to say it, but the northern city is a pretty easy one. The first time you are headed into a city it should really be just a quick trip to find some smeltery materials. That said, there is a help thread for people that want tips on Crash Landing, and I have made a fairly in depth guide over there regarding city exploration. Link in my signature.
  8. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    it has been a while but if i remember right they used to give the set up in one quest to smelt ingots with a clay crucible or what ever. If that is still the case you can smelt seared bricks by melting down pebbles that you get from sieving dirt or hammering down stone.
  9. hubertnnn

    hubertnnn New Member

    Cities are located randomly. My hint would be to make the biggest vanilla map before going to the city and use it to find where those are.
    Also there is no such thing as easy city, cities are always hard, since the goal of them is to work as dungeons you go too find powerful loot.
  10. OliverJ102

    OliverJ102 New Member

    You can make seared bricks by smelting stones. Its an easy automation with a Steves Factory Manager - however your best to set it up early as it can take quite a while to get enough seared stone, I tend to set mine up filling a barrel and have it auto empty into a casting for bricks. Im terrible at cities.

    Ive been building my base for months, yet to explore anything out of spawn area! just a massive dome of glass with a huge mob refinery underground. I had to stop playing for a while as I was having nightmares a spider was chasing me and I was loosing all my work lol. Only thing I wish could be added is some high tech machines, would love a fusion reactor and some teleporters!
  11. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    It's actually great to see people still playing this pack, I myself have been playing this pack on and off for some time now, i have got some great idea's from it.
    But i have found that after completing most of the survival challenges such as growing almost endless food and having access to an abundant supply of water and enough dirt to cover as much as i wanted the pack does seem to lose the challenge factor. Would be nice to see some modifications to help keep this pack alive.
  12. OliverJ102

    OliverJ102 New Member

    I agree, and it doesnt even need an overhaul. Just some more complexity with end game. introducing early game things would mess up the quests but say after the first quest book is at 100%, a new one spawns introducing something akin to galacticraft where you now have to find other civilizations, and set up colonies!

    Would be quite a commitment though for Iskandar as im sure they have other project on the go.

    If I knew where to start in creating something like crash landing id have a go at writing packs! currently watching "The 100" on TV always reminds me a bit of crash landing, would be great fun to just write a novels worth of gameplay!

    ! I used to run a server and would spend weeks writing map content and arena's just to watch the community run round following the stories! needless to say back then i seldom actually played survival and my house was not much more then torches marking where walls would once go! but i still enjoyed myself!

    Are there any guides as to how one would make packs akin to crash landing or skyblock style? where the map is completely custom generated such as all dust forcing the players down specific routes to survive.
  13. chucknorris

    chucknorris New Member

    If you went directly north and found a city, turn and head directly west from that city and you should find what has been referred to as the "starter" city. That city has a smeltery building located in the corner nearest to your starting area, southeast corner of the city.

    In all of my playthroughs, that city has been there with that layout every time.
  14. chucknorris

    chucknorris New Member

    I'll just say that this pack kept my interest in minecraft going for many months. I played it over and over, trying different strategies and base locations. I don't care how many problems or bugs people claimed to have, this pack was outstanding. I know it was and is a lot of work, but with people submitting packs to launchers by the drives, it's clear to me the Iksandar and his team clearly have a knack for it. Cheers.
  15. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    i've been looking at tweaking the actual crash landing mod a little, so hard to find 1.6.4 content anywhere, and useful stuff that would actually add value.. I actually did message Iskandar, seems like a top bloke, though he won't be doing anymore from the sounds of it. for a long while. so i'm going to mess with his pack try to add some more challenges I'm not exactly talented at any of this, but i really want to play this modpack longer. i'll let you know if i manage something.
  16. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    How difficult would it be to update the core components - mods, Minecraft version, etc. - of the Crash Landing modpack to 1.7 or later versions of Minecraft that Forge and modders have working versions released for? It would be a lot more stable if it could be rebuilt on a 1.7 platform, much less chunk loading problems then, at least. It's not that I'm against 1.6.4, I just would like to see better core stability within this modpack before playing it again.

    Most modpacks updated to 1.7 or came out with new versions suited to 1.7, I don't see why Crash Landing should be left behind if there's a way to bring it up to date.

    Cheers ...

  17. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Now, I'm not speaking for Iskandar here, just putting my two cents in: I don't see any good reason to update. I mean if inspiration strikes and iskandar wants to make a crash landing 2, then absolutely it would be a good idea, but updating the pack just for better stability would be a ton of work for not a lot of payoff. Crash landing's popularity has gone way down. It's not played as often by as many people as it once was. Most people have put it down in favor of something newer. An update to 1.7 without any major changes to recipes, quests, or progression seems needless. I mean all the quests would have to be rewritten, all the recipes, maybe even the worldgen. And for what? better stability? Seems kinda pointless to me.

    Again, that says, if iskandar wants to make crash landing 2 at some point, that would be a completely valid course of action, but keeping exactly the same pack, but the only difference is MC version and better core stability? Seems like a waste of time to me. Now, I'm not saying the pack is bad here, I'm just saying that the pack is finished. It's a completed product that has stopped updating because it supposedly met iskandar's vision for it so he stopped updating it in favor of newer projects like atonement: sins of the past.
  18. Desman

    Desman Well-Known Member

    I decided to play it again as well, but it crashed while generating a city or something, and corrupted my save. Do I need to use an older java version or anything?
  19. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Why do you feel this way? We still have many new players comming to our server to play this pack. Hell, I would remake it for 1.7.10 A lot of the mods have more content, and the ability to fix some of the issues would also be nice.
  20. Leomist

    Leomist Guest

    I use the latest java with the FTB launcher and all works fine single player.

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