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  1. thephoenixlodge

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    Many packs tout that they are exploration focused. Here, I present one that is, in a truer sense than nearly all before it.

    Explore an immersive world full of custom built structures to find NPCs, some of whom have quests for you, but be careful, there are many dangers lurking for the unprepared, especially as you travel further from spawn.

    The pack also comes with two distinct packmodes:

    - Normal mode. Recipes are tweaked a bit, all of the exploration content is there, but not absolutely required. This is the default mode.

    - Scavenger mode. The 'truer' version of the pack. Some items and blocks lack recipes, and must be obtained by exploring and interacting with NPCs and the world around you. Significantly more difficult than normal mode, in part due to all armour being scavenged. If an item is scavenger affected, when in scavenger mode it will have a tooltip in gold text, stating "Scavenged" or "Purchased from ____".

    To change to Scavenger mode, in game use the command "/packmode set scavenger".

    Join the discussion on discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0121vm4KdAElL0MPd

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  2. Hmm... Regrowth for 1.10? o_O
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  3. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    You have my attention
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  4. Flabort

    Flabort New Member

    I know a couple things about this pack already, but not sure what I can say about it. I can say I'm excited, and will be watching the development cycle, looking forward to the completed version.

    But this is not a lite pack, and older computers like my laptop might have a tough time running it. It's super exciting, though, and looks beautiful.
  5. Harstdeath

    Harstdeath Guest

    Since i saw what thephoenixlodge can do in 1.7.10 and some modpacks in 1.10.2 like ftt3 (french streamer Alexclick did this one), i'm excited cause it could be something so awesome!
  6. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

  7. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Exciting!!! :D Though I can't play heavy 1.10 packs due to hardware limitations, I will be all over the Let's Play's like a son of a gun.
  8. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

  9. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    This looks VERY cool :D
  10. Flabort

    Flabort New Member

    Having early access too, I can tell you there is more than just that to the pack. There are also bugs and errors which I have encountered, and crashes, which is why it's still in alpha, but I'm still not sure what I can share publicly. I know one mod for sure that will be removed or a custom fork made, most likely removed, due to crashes it causes, but I can for sure say this is an AMAZING pack.
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  11. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    You have my attention,Phoenix. Regrowth's gonna be a tough act to follow. I'm glad you went in a different direction than Regrowth; Nobody likes more of the same.
  12. GrimJahk

    GrimJahk New Member

    What I've seen so far looks amazing! Can't wait to play!
  13. Neithan

    Neithan New Member

    Very, very anxious to play your new pack!!!
  14. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    I'll be watching this thread with anticipation. Very excited to see where this goes.
  15. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Is there particular reason to believe this project is still active?
  16. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Hopes and dreams? Seriously though, the videos I've seen aren't too old, so I'm hoping the pack team (or is it just @thephoenixlodge ?) is still busy writing quests and squashing bugs.
  17. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

    It is indeed just me, and if you want to see what's currently happening, Kryllyk and Lewdicolo are both running an early version as a sub server currently - recording/streaming on them respectively, and discovering many many bugs and issues I'm having to fix and workaround
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  18. Gamingjg

    Gamingjg New Member

    Oh wow, Regrowth is one of my favorite modpacks of all time. I can hardly wait for this to come out!
  19. Flabort

    Flabort New Member

    Can confirm, development is still ongoing - I found a dupe bug while playing on Lewdicolo's server (yesterday?) and Pheonix immediately commented on it.
  20. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Since @thephoenixlodge mentioned Kryllyk and Lewdicolo, I took a spare moment to look them up on Twitch. Neither of them had much in the way of Sprout related content saved, not were they playing at the time, but the search for Lewdicolo led me to a few players streaming on his sub server. I didn't see much more than basic base management in my limited sample size, but that sample was incredibly small. Anyone know more names who stream from that sub server (even semi-regularly)? I'm not looking to spoil my own experience, per see, but the more non+mainstream mods I see them using, the more I want to see.

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