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  1. st753m

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    I've encountered something weird and can't find anything about it online. Has anyone else encountered an area where you constantly randomly jump into the air and fall far enough to die? I've run into 2 so far. I had to go retrieve my stuff with creative mode since my grave was in the jumping zone, and checked around while I was there. No weird flowers or animals nearby, no potion effects on me, and the grass didn't have any traps that I could see (and I broke the layer of grass to see if there was some sort of trap buried under it and didn't see anything there either.) It was a very early world (I had no magical anything, and was still using my first set of flint tools).

    What's a good item I can give myself to cancel fall damage in case I run into another? I normally hate to cheat, but unavoidable undetectable deaths like that are cheap.
  2. KingTriaxx

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    Sounds like a Thaumcraft Hungry node but there's no Thaumcraft in Sprout as far as I know.
  3. st753m

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    Hungry nodes are at least visible, if only barely. By the time I left behind 1.7.10 I was able to detect and avoid them 99% of the time even before goggles. This was literally nothing. No tiny imperfections in the grass, no particles, even examining the location pixel-by-pixel in creative mode. A trap with a subtle tell is fine, this felt like some kind of glitch because there was no tell.
  4. Shiphty

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    When I first played Sprout I leveled up in Ars Magica and bought the casting mobility talent/skill. I was basically able to move at full speed and use a mining beam.
    I recently downloaded this pack again and buying the casting mobility talent/skill changed nothing. I didn't move any faster while casting spells.

    Anyone know why this is? Why am I not able to move any faster when casting spells after I get the expensive talent/skill which is supposed to make me move faster when casting spells?


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