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  1. Darchitect

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    It's Astral Sorcery. And I can't live without my Halcyon Days skybox...

    Add the overworld (0) to this section:
        # IF a dimensionId is listed in 'skySupportedDimensions' you can addAmount it here to keep its sky render, but AS will try to render only constellations on top of its existing sky render. [default: ]
        S:weakSkyRenders <
    Not sure how it works when there's supposed to be an eclipse, as I've just gotten it working. Hope this helps. Got it from this post on reddit.
  2. TheCheatCode

    TheCheatCode New Member

    Where is the best place to post bug reports for the Sprout pack?

    I have noticed a few, the first ones that come to mind are crafting recipes:
    Chicken Wing Ring requires a vanilla chicken in a golden lasso, but the Animania Leghorn chickens replace vanilla chicken spawns, so the Chicken Wing Ring, Ring of the Flying Squid, and Angel Ring cannot be crafted.
    Mage Hood requires a spawned in Water Bottle to be crafted, any potions found in chests, or bottles filled by the player do not work in the crafting recipe. In creative, you can spawn in a Water Bottle and it works for crafting the Mage Hood, but there is no other way. (You can still get the mage hood from the bags purchased from the Weaver as a workaround)

    Let me know if there is a better place to post bug reports, I play a great deal of Sprout and find bugs often.
  3. Scyfang

    Scyfang Guest

    First I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to compile this mod pack. Having a lot of fun exploring. Does anyone know what mod controls the difficulty meter / mobs health scaling, and if there is a way to reset it? I am exploring the mod pack with my son and as we are just starting to learn a lot of the mods, but the difficulty seems to be scaling faster than our progress. I would like to be able to reset, or slow it down a little. Thanks.
  4. BuggaNoia

    BuggaNoia Guest

    The mod is Scaling Health: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/scaling-health
    It has a config in that you can turn of the difficulty enlargement completely
  5. Tibber

    Tibber Guest

    Hi guys,

    I'm enjoying sprout immensely, but I've ran into a problem with the Mad Scientist's 2nd quest called "Basement Boy", where the objective is to check out the ceiling, and find Frank. I'm just confused and can't seem to find out what to do and I'm stuck with a few mods because I'd need to purchase some things from the Mad Scientist, but I can't until I complete this quest.

    Can you please help me?

  6. Saberwulfy

    Saberwulfy New Member

    Difficulty meter fill too fast, i cannot even build a a box base for store my chests without it fill 10 points. I'm beginning now and i fear have the same problem like playing Invasion modpack
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  7. Saberwulfy

    Saberwulfy New Member

    Is this project alive?
  8. Minarique

    Minarique Guest

    Umm, I need some clarification here. And possibly some help. Is there supposed to be MCA installed with it? Because all I see are the squidward people from Vanilla and a couple guards from ToroWorks (or something like that). Please help, I really need to know. It is ruining the experience for me...:(
  9. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    From what I remember, it was removed from the pack altogether due to a number of conflicts and a relatively inactive development team. If it's something you want, you could add it yourself, but that's not going to work for server play (unless everyone, server included, adds it).
  10. Minarique

    Minarique Guest

    How would I add it if I downloaded from the twitch app? I'm good at doing those things manually, if that helps.
  11. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Open your mod pack profile, then go to the ... button on the top right, click profile options. By default packs you've downloaded like that are locked. Unlocking them allows you to add mods to it with the Get More Content.
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  12. Minarique

    Minarique Guest

    Thanks, it worked.:D MCA is one of my favorite mods, so as long as it doesn't destroy it's own game play I think I can deal with conflictions.:p
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  13. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    You're welcome. Just one question: What's MCA?
  14. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Lol. That's fantastic.

    MCA = Minecraft Comes Alive
    It changes villager dynamics and allows you to set housing, talk and joke with the NPCs, and even get married if you're so inclined. It's a good vibe, but it doesn't always react well with other mechanics that require Vanilla mechanics.
  15. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Ah, gotcha. Seen it before but didn't connect the Initials. Awesome.
  16. UnknownKing5

    UnknownKing5 Guest

    What mod shows the food bar that the food you're hovering over heals?
  17. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Apple Core or Appleskin. The name changed, but I don't remember what version it happened in. Same mod no matter the name.
  18. UnknownKing5

    UnknownKing5 Guest

    Ah, ok. It just looks a bit different than other picture of applecore or whatever its called now
  19. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Might be a different mod then. Apple core is the one I'm most familiar with, but the look might be configurable or custom for the pack.
  20. Jinsei

    Jinsei Guest

    I am having this same problem only it is blocking my health bar. I had to remove RPG_HUD from the pack because health was not displaying correctly in the bar even after I tried to edit the config to force it to show. The Ars Magica 2 "/amuicfg" command also does not let you move the difficulty bar either. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue? Not knowing how much health I have is rather annoying.

    Haven't found out how to remove it however I did find a small work around if anyone else is having this issue. I changed the GUI scale and it moved the bar to the left. I think I have it set to medium... however if it is on large it blocks the health and auto blocks the hunger bar.
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