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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by theflogat, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    So, it looks like there is a bug that causes the mana fabricator to keep creating mana even when all the power is used up, I'll see if I can find a fix for that.

    As far as the Ignis Incinerator, it costs 120 Ignis to process an ore the first time and 320 the second. You are correct that this is significantly more than Thaumcraft uses, but I think the point of the Incinerator is that if you have all three magic mods it can give you 7x the output. One ore can produce 7 ingots.

    With the node fabricator, you are getting a hungry node because you put too much Auram and Vitium in them... There are some complex rules about how much you should put in, but as a hint.... Try putting in exactly 109 of each Auram and Vitium. BTW, you can create any kind of node with the wrong amounts, including tainted... so be careful!
  2. Frontrider

    Frontrider New Member

    Only ore double works at this time, thats an another thing to fix. But, i still say that it shouldn't eat that mutch until triple. Thats the point where you get more than the goold old process, so thats the point to put in the nerf. On higher levels. You can push it up to a number what you dare.
    Also, flogat said once that the values are wrong.

    Well,at my first attempts i filled them with auram and vitium for maximum vis, so really "my hunger" was the reason.

    This looks beautiful.

    I will put it on the server as soon as it stopped crashing the game. Its gonna be really good.
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  3. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Actually, I just tested it and with only the Ignis Incinerator ore tripling works. I think that is exactly the way it is supposed to work. Each "processor" (Ignis Incinerator, Botanical Purifier, Sanguine Infuser) can only process the ore twice, with each processing adding one ingot to the final output. So 2x in each machine = 7 ingots. I'm not sure but if you then cook the resulting purified ore in an infernal furnace you might get even more.
  4. Frontrider

    Frontrider New Member

    That clears up a lot of things.
    The creative spawned purified ore crashes the game and corrupts the world, i would suggest removing it from the creative tab. itsn not a problem that nei shows it, but it should not be in the creative tab. I was drawing things from there, because its easier than searching again and again.

    Does not gives more in the furnance, but its still nice.

    Coils are kind of working, but they will void essentia if jar what it pulls to is full.

    Tries to register the mana fabricator, when its turned off in the config. The reconstructor and the consumer had no issue with it.

    Also, i can not put voidmetal cap on the energised wand.

    The node dnynamo generates infinite amounts of rf. I removed the node, but its still produces power.

    Stopped producing power after a while, so its should be fine.

    I see something: the hippie dynamo needs a lot of mana to start working.
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  5. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Yeah, they appear to have a couple of issues that can result in both essentia loss and duplication. I will see if I can make a patch and submit it.

    Mana Fabricator:
    I found the cause of both the registration and infinite mana issues and will submit a patch.

    Node Dynamo:
    After drawing the aspects from the node, there is a "burn time" for each aspect. It will continue to produce power until the aspects are totally burned up.

    Hippie Dynamo:
    It should only need ~20 mana to start producing power according to the code.

    RF Configs:
    I have made a patch for a few of the machines and will submit it once I am happy with it.

    Energized wand:
    I'm not really sure how to do this yet, I will look at the code and see if I can figure it out.

    I will not post any more unofficial builds until I hear if it is OK with @theflogat. I am happy to help in any way I can, but I don't want to step on any toes.
  6. Frontrider

    Frontrider New Member

    The bugfix is the thing what this mod really needs before any new features.

    But there is enough things to it to use.
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  7. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Some recommendations; The Node dynamo should be replaced with a version that utilizes the vis relay, make it generate 5-10 RF/t per type of vis the rate of centivis shouldn't matter. I wouldn't make it generate more then 80 RF/t though as it would essentially be free power.
    Also a machine that can generate vis from RF but only a centivis of one to four types determined by vis shards, this sounds broken but considering that energizing a node provides you with unlimited vis anyway this would only be a stop gap for those that haven't found good enough nodes with the vis types they need to energize.
  8. Frontrider

    Frontrider New Member

    The node dynamo is an all right end game generator. I say, you will need a normal sized (not small ones coming from silverwood trees ) bright node to rely on it completly, but its free power! Expensive free power, but free power at all time (unlike solar panels).
    Anyays the goal sounds like something i said earlier.

    Sounds right.
    But, i would say that getting a basic energised node going with 4-5 from every aspect is not that hard. Its a fairly basic thing to do. Getting a good node (for that exact purpose, like a big ignis node for the furnance) . Thats the hard one.

    And how mutch mana it can store? With botania numbers mean nothing from the outside.
  9. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member


    For reference a Mana pool holds 1,000,000.
  10. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    @Mordenkainen I don't mind if you do post unofficial builds. The only thing I demand is that every time you do so, you should clearly state that bugs aren't supported and that it can be a dangerous build.

    Also, 1.7.10 Technomancy 0.9.0 beta-g is now out.
    Bug fix for Mana Fabricator producing infinite mana.
    Add configuration for RF costs of various machines. Default costs are unchanged.
    Also fixed a couple of minor issues where machines would not activate if there was exactly the amount of energy needed stored.
    Fixes issue where blocks disabled in the config would still try to register, causing a crash.
    Fix coil voiding extra essentia and prevent a potential dup bug.
    Added Voidmetal capped Energized Wand.
    Fix Blood Fabricator recipe.
    Updated mcmod.info so that correct info is displayed in the bods list in-game.
    Fixed TileCrystal registration error.
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  11. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Maybe a good idea to add to the OP? ;)
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  12. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Thanks! Will do!

    Also, I have submitted another pull request to add block breaking particles to all the blocks.

    On an unrelated note, the generator design I posted earlier is working well! I currently have it generating about 24K RF/t and it is only 9x9x7, so more power by size than a big reactor!

    EDIT - Sorry about all the pull requests, just let me know if you get sick of seeing them! I am using this mod on a test server and am fixing issues I see with it as I go. Since I am a big believer in OSS, I feel it's only fair that I share my changes with you.
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  13. Whichy

    Whichy New Member

    Golem can't interact with the quantum jars. That a feature or bug? I can't seem to get the coils working at all with quantum jars and alchemical furnace.
  14. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Just tried both. Alchemy golems have no issues moving essentia from the alembic to the Quantum Jar. Coils transfer essentia from the alembic to Quantum jars as well.

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  15. Xsile

    Xsile New Member

    There's ethier a bug or unexplained thing that happends when you put multiple node dynamo's next to each other without any redstone or cables under a node the node drains for no reason everytime you stack a node dynamo next to another. Also If its possible in an update to add it that if you put a node dynamo directly under a node it shields like the stabilizers so you can put multiple nodes closer without them merging.... or add it to were the dynamo can be placed upside down or sideways so you can use stabilizers.
  16. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    The Node Dynamo can pull from any node in a 9x9x9 cube centered on it.

    That should allow it to be used with stabilizers and such.

    Keep in mind that the dynamo will draw about 16 vis from any nodes it can reach when placed to fill it's internal vis buffer. If you are testing this by breaking and replacing dynamos or placing multiple dynamos, that will eventually drain the surrounding nodes.
  17. Xsile

    Xsile New Member

    Did not know it had an internal buffer that does explain the draining of nodes form just placing the dynamo's the problem im facing is i wan't to solely power my base with node dynamo's and they can't preven't nodes from merging so just to have 4 nodes they have to be 4 apart from each other in each direction I need about 20 nodes to power my base. Was hoping for a way to have the node not merge by stabilization or have the dynamo's face any direction like other dynamo's so i can use normal stabilizers. The fact that i can stack more node dynamos in the same area does produce more power but i can only place so many nodes without them merging this would made the node dynamos more effective for larger scales unles you place them statically across a large area.
  18. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Just put all your nodes in stabilizers.. Then they won't merge.

    Note: I did find an issue with the node dynamo while testing this that can cause it to drain your node dry and destroy/damage it. Even a stabilizer will not prevent it. It almost appears to be a bug in Thaumcraft... Still looking into it.
  19. Xsile

    Xsile New Member

    Alright thanks for your help, and i didn't even think about that to be honest lol.... I have no idea why that didn't occour to me xD I Love the node dynamos I do believe they could be tweaked a bit but that just my personal idea of how they should work and shouldn't be taken as a strike against the mods design. Also i haven't been able to get the node fabricator to behave how i think it should but it does have little documentation I can't seem to get any primals into the node above zero when trying to add them I thought it might be because it adds to the max and it would have to regenerate the actual vis itself but i let it fill on creative for many hours and it never went above zero. Also i can seem to generate a bright node not sure if its possible or not. Any incite would be wonderful :)
  20. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

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