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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by theflogat, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Nicolaos

    Nicolaos New Member

    Is possible to make the dynamos compatible with augments at some point in the future?
  2. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    I'm sure it is possible, but personally I like that this mod has taken the Thaumcraft and Botania approach that 99% of the stuff has no UI's to deal with.

    If "augments" were added for the dynamos, I would prefer to see it done using some outside method, possibly involving one of the other magic mods. This would give more of that integrated feel. I could envision two "augments" for each dynamo. One that increases fuel efficiency, and one that increases power output.

    For example, it might be neat if pumping a small amount of Potentia or Life Essence into a Hippie Dynamo made it produce more energy per tick, or if having Dayblooms near a Node Dynamo made it produce more energy per Vis during the day.

    One change that I do want to see, and it may be something I look into adding and submitting a pull request for, is that the redstone requirement for the Dynamos should be configurable in some way. This would allow Dynamos to be configured to not require a redstone signal, allowing for more compact setups without using EnderIO redstone conduits and such.
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  3. Sephlington

    Sephlington New Member

    The simplest (in intuitive gameplay terms, rather than coding terms) GUI-free method of doing that that I can think of would be akin to Chickenbones' Translocators, so you right click a dynamo with an item in hand and the item 'upgrades' the dynamo slightly. For redstone control, I'd recommend that it starts as ignoring redstone by default, and r-clicking with a piece of redstone dust puts it in High Redstone mode (signal activates, no signal deactivates), whilst using a redstone torch puts it in Low Redstone mode (no signal activates, signal deactivates). That keeps it using the three modes TE dynamos use, without having to add a GUI or place blocks in the nearby environment for RS control.
  4. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Maybe use back some of Thaumcraft's own mechanics?

    Adding arcane bellows to it to make it produce more RF/t while consuming more vis.

    Supply CV to make it take less vis per rf produced or produces more rf per vis.

    Piping in Ignis and/or Potential as an alternative yet less effective fuel source?
  5. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    I'll post an update either tonight or tomorrow that will allow you to customize the redstone behaviour and you'll even be able to make the dynamos more powerful.
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  6. Xsile

    Xsile New Member

    Wooo you rock flogat :)
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  7. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

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  8. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Using beta-h right now.

    Just a minor bug. When applying label to the Quantum Jar, the label will only be shown on a fixed side and can only be removed from it's opposite side. Shift-right clicking on the label itself will not remove it.
  9. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    I have already submitted a pull request with a fix for that issue in it. Once the fix is taken by @theflogat it should be in the next build.

    It will fix the following:
    - Flux lamp not properly handling Flux Goo.
    - Node dynamo completely consuming\damaging nodes.
    - Label placement and removal will use the correct side of the Quantum Jar.

    Also, if beta h contains the previous round of fixes I made, the following should already be fixed in beta h:
    - All blocks should now have the proper particle effects when broken or landed on.
    - Bottom face of the processor blocks should now display the proper texture.

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  10. TheVoltrex

    TheVoltrex New Member

    I see HUGE and STRONG potential with this mod pal. Keep up with the AMAZING work man, this mod is undeniably an incredible work of a mastermind. I really hope to see more ideas in the future as this mod continues to expand! Maybe some decorations, more mod integrations, a new aura node type (I think there are only 4? Normal, Hungry, Dim, and Bright? I would LOVE to see a super incredibly horribly extremely rare/expensive "star node" like a really OP node with like, infinate amount of only one aspect. I would perhaps like to see new foci, machanics, or ANYTHING you shall decide on because you are a genius! :) ... I love what you've had done and I can't wait what else you have in store for us. Keep it up!
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  11. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

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  12. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Glad I could help!

    @theflogat is it OK if I PM you? I would like to discuss some ideas for some additions I think would be nice for this mod, but want to run them by you before I start adding things.
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  13. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    Of course you can. Also, from now on, I will post one new version each week on Sunday afternoon. This is so that I can keep a regular rhythm and not take too long to make new additions.
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  14. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    Teaser for the visual effect I am working on for the Node Fabricator:

  15. Xsile

    Xsile New Member

    Very Much like! :) This is an awesome step to beefing up the node fabricator now if only it had fake blocks setup so it was solid :) ~wink wink nudge nudge~
  16. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    A little preview of the "rituals" for 0.9.0. This one make everything beneath it cave in. Pretty useful for sealing up whole caves. I showed the 3x3 ritual but it exists also as a 5x5 and 9x9.
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  17. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    Spheres do not belong in Mincraft!
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  18. Mordenkainen

    Mordenkainen New Member

    I had something similar in one of my mods. Looks so out of place doesn't it?

    Did you do this with a display list? If not you may want to try it since it's much faster performance wise.

    Something like:
    static private int sphereID;
    static {
      BufferedImage bi = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE);
      bi.setRGB(0, 0, Color.WHITE.getRGB());
      Sphere sphere = new Sphere();
      DynamicTexture sphereTexture = new DynamicTexture(bi);
      ResourceLocation resourceLocation =        Minecraft.getMinecraft().renderEngine.getDynamicTextureLocation("sphere",sphereTexture);
      sphereID = GL11.glGenLists(1);
      GL11.glNewList(sphereID, GL11.GL_COMPILE);
      GL11.glTranslatef((float) 0.50F, (float) 0.50F, (float) 0.50F);
      sphere.draw(3/16F, 24, 24);
    Then use it like:
    public void renderSphere(double x, double y, double z) {
              GL11.glTranslatef((float) x, (float) y, (float) z);
    I made the sphere white so I could use "GL11.glColor3f" to make it any color I wanted prior to rendering.
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  19. theflogat

    theflogat New Member

    I did something like that but mine is even less complex. I used a 1 pixel white reference image which I bind before rendering. Then I can adjust the color before rendering the sphere using the GL list.
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  20. Dozix

    Dozix New Member

    I have to say, i love experimenting with the ratios of vitium and auram to make different types of nodes.

    But maybe you can explain to me what im doing wrong when trying to add aspects with the node fabricators?
    I started off with a normal 85 aqua node. Tried feeding it 2 jars of aqua, nothing got added.
    Tried 2 jars of terra, nothing. Then i finally tried 14 jars of terra and it ended up making the node faded, but no terra aspect.

    During all attempts the node gets 0 of the new aspect, but it fades after a few minutes.

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