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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    It's good to see this going (still)! :p
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    Yeah, I kinda forgot about this. Whoops. I'll probably get to working on it again sometime soon.
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    Best rewards gotten in early game Agrarian Skies.

    I got three Diamond Hammers with Fortune 3 on them. :3
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    I want to learn C++

    If you decide to pursue C++, TheNewBoston has a great video series on his YouTube,
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    What marks a mod/item as "OP" or "Unbalanced"?

    I don't think OP is a thing. At all. I just play, and then when I get bored, I add some different mods, and start a new world. No matter what, I always have fun, and THAT is what really matters to me.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    A bucket of fuel in a fully heated 1LP boiler lasts over 2 hours, IIRC, so lol. I use it to power a MultiFarm.
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    How do you power a steam turbine? Minefactory Reloaded

    You actually don't even need Railcraft. Rotarycraft has its own Steam Engine that will produce its own steam, given water and a heat source nearby.
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    FTB Launcher getting removed by Norton

    I use "avast! Antivirus". It's worked wonders for me so far, especially considering it's provided free of charge.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    Magical Crops can grow pretty much all the resources needed for the Fractionation Unit, soooo yeah. Just set up a farm.
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    1000 things to do in Modded mc.

    77: Set up a self-sustaining RotaryCraft jet fuel production facility using Magical Crops.
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    I wonder how many it would take to fill a deep storage unit...
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    How far is to far with automation?

    I like automation, but I can't really automate everything because my PC is really crappy. :( Forced virtual manual labor.
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    Equivlant echange 3

    If you check his website, he's made a post about it.
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    Is it me, or do some people not "get" that FTB and its mods are free ?

    I agree. There IS that middle ground that is constructive criticism. It's a pretty slippery slope, though, sadly.