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    Whitelist Server NoodlePowered | FTB Unleashed 1.1.7 | Friendly | Community | Mature | Dedicated 24/7 | Hats & More!

    1) Your Minecraft Username: th3niiinja 2) Your age: 24 3) Tell us about yourself (More than one sentence): I enjoy gaming on pretty much every level. The number one thing I love about games is that you can play with other people. I like to build in a community setting and help other people...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast[mindcrack 8.3.2]{whitelist}PvE

    IGN: th3niiinja Age: 24 Have you ever been banned?(if so number of times, why?) I have been banned once before, it was a long time ago on a towny war server. My entire town poured lava on the enemy town in a time of war and the owner banned us all. We just assumed that he didn't want to deal...
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    Whitelist Server Desolation Factions [1.4.7][Bukkit][Factions][Ultimate Pack1.1.2][CoreProtect][Open]

    Age:24 IGN: th3niiinja Do you know how to play factions? I can learn xD Why do you want to play here? Just looking for a fun server to play on. Do you understand that cheating/exploiting will get you banned? Yes I do.
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    1. In game Name: th3niiinja 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): alcaren 3. Age: 24 4. Did you read the rule's ? Yes I did! 5. Why would you like to join? Servers are my thing, I get bored on singleplayer so I want this type of atmosphere. 6. How many GB is the Server Running On? 12 7. Do you...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Ultimate|White list|Grief Prev|1.1.2|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    1. Forum name: th3niiinja 2. In-Game Name: th3niiinja 3. Age: 24 4. Country: USA 5. Have you ever been banned? why? I was banned a long time ago for griefing on a towny war server, My entire town and I covered the enemy town in lava while at war and we were all banned for it. My best guess is...
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    Whitelist Server MinecraftTunnel FTB | 1.1.2 | White-List | 24/7, Stable, No Lag, Mature, Mumble! | 2+ Year Community

    Minecraft Username: th3niiinja Age: 23 What interests you about our server: From what I've read on the posts above and on the page before me, it seems that you have had quite the great community, and I'd like to be a part of it, as well as play on ftb ultimate :) Do you have Mumble VoIP and can...
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Minecraft Maniac FTB Server[Friendly][Mindcrack][Dedicated24/7][Whitelist][NightlyBackups]

    Okay, was wondering if it was just me because nobody was answering me on skype...
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Minecraft Maniac FTB Server[Friendly][Mindcrack][Dedicated24/7][Whitelist][NightlyBackups]

    Yeah Ard I'd find myself a new host. It's a bit ridiculous that this "top notch" host can't get their problem fixed after what 3 days almost?
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    Whitelist Server Aurora 24/7[Ultimate][Whitelist][Lockette][Essentials][16+]

    Username: th3niiinja Age: 22 Location: PA, USA Why you want to join: The server that I currently play on is having issues with their host and I getting frustrated with how the host is treating their customer by making them wait so long to have the problem fixed. It has almost been 3 days...
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Minecraft Maniac FTB Server[Friendly][Mindcrack][Dedicated24/7][Whitelist][NightlyBackups]

    I really hope this is fixed soon, it's getting sickening have to wait for something that was paid for to be maintained. Slow service ain't great for business.