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    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but.. Dartcraft.

    So am I, but I was talking about starting out remember? :)
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    Squid power problem

    Same here, and my for squids are all in their own little 1x2 tank.
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    MFR Rednet help

    Not really. It's a more advance version of a comparator. A comparater gives a on/off digital signal when the analog level is above a certain level. If the signal is jittery, so is the output. A schmitt trigger 'solves' this by having an upper/lower bound where the signal has to go through to...
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    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but.. Dartcraft.

    It is a cliché and should therefor be avoided. If someone gets a choice between a cheap, easy engine with 8mj/t or a less cheap, more hard to set up engine for 2-4mj/t it's not really a choice at all.
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    Mod Feedback on my new mod

    Interesting but if you want this to be used in conjunction with FTB packs (which I'm assuming since you're posting on the FTB forums) I'd suggest you add blocks that act as power inputs / heaters so you can use BC and IC2 power for them. Aso; being able to automate them is a must. For me...
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    Any way to reduce waste of MJ?

    Which is pretty damn stupid and adds nothing to the game.
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    Squid power problem

    Whatever you feel about it, it's going to get fixed in an update soon so I suggest you don't get too attached to it.
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    Mod / Plugin to track down lag from other mods?

    Not the case actually. TE conduits don't do any routing. They're basically a single 'battery'. Engines put power into them, machines take out of them. There's no form of path-finding for power. King lemming made this specifically to counter the CPU load that for example IC2 wires cause.
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    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but.. Dartcraft.

    Really? I like that part, starting out with a clean slate, getting your first power supply going. Thinking if you want to go for magmatics, charcoal or biomass. I think it's a shame the force engine removes that choice.
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    Bees what would you say is the must have ones.

    Cobalt, ardite, manyullyn are nice to have and easy to breed. I have around 10k manyullyn ingots in storage. Don't think I'll ever use that many but it's nice to be able to repair your stuff without any limits.
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    Doing some research in the newest IC2_Exp build[138]

    Having fun breakdown mechanics instead of annoying ones? Now that's just silly!
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    Squid power problem

    Yeah, I only figured out after your reply that it could be read 2 ways :) Sorry for the confusion :)
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    Squid power problem

    You read my reply wrong. I wasn't asking if it's possible, I know it is. I was simply stating that the OP said he was using them for power.
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    World randomly regenerating

    If it's not just chunks resetting but files just disappearing including backups I'd go have a chat with your hoster. Sounds like they messed something up. Which CreeperHost package do you have?
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    looking for a lot of free power

    Because I want to fit everything into 3x3 chunks. Saves on server resources because there's less chunks to load. Frankly I find them incredibly boring. In ym current base I'm more or less playing creative mode with all the stuff coming in. I have 20 boilers and 2 lasers connected to them. I...