What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
So, we now have something called Rod of the Depths & Rod of the Molten Core in Botania now.

Rod of the Depths
The Rod of the Depths acts pretty much as a variant to the the Rod of the Lands. It does exactly the same thing but with Cobblestone for a bit of a higher price.

Rod of the Molten Core
The Rod of the Molten Core has the ability to expel heat provenient from the world's core. Holding it via right click and pointing at a block in the world that can be smelted into a different type of block will quickly turn it into that.For some examples, Cobblestone turns into Stone, Sand into Glass, so on.
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Jul 29, 2019
@Sangar Open Computers
Sangar said:
Edit: if you grabbed build 29, get 30. Fixes a potential crash in combination with AE2. Sorry!

  • Added: AE2 controller integration now works via AE2 interface block if channels are disabled.
  • Added: Comparator override to capacitor, based on its (local!) buffer fill rate.
  • Added: Debug card can be bound to a player to use the player's permissions for runCommand by shift-rightclicking it while holding it.
  • Added: Extended implementation of switch ComputerCraft peripheral to properly "fake" connected modems. This means OC's block components can - for the most part - now also be controlled from CC.
  • Added: Make disassembler finish disassembly of added item immediately if added by a player in creative mode.
  • Added: preconfigured Tablet to NEI, missed that when adding the other preconfigured stuff.
  • Changed: Raid blocks will now keep their inventory when broken, allowing relocation without losing their data.
  • Fixed: filesystem.list returning a list with duplicate values (mpmxyz).
  • Fixed: AE2 integration's getCraftables returning stored stacks; now properly returning recipe output stacks.
  • Fixed: Bad override leading to incorrectly interpreted redstone output in some scenarios, e.g. with the redstone paste mod.
  • Fixed: Computers' beep implementation.
  • Fixed: EEPROM with data (even if just an address) not being usable for crafting a Lua BIOS.
  • Fixed: logic for handling nodes with duplicate addresses when merging networks.
  • Fixed: Mekanism energy acceptor method returning inverted value, leading to non-stop power acceptance.
  • Fixed: Miniscule chance of items breaking in disassembler even when chance was set to zero.
  • Fixed: Potential keybinding-related client crash.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @joshie with Mariculture
joshie said:
Mariculture 1.2.4c
  • Fix crash with latest blood magic
  • Add a config (enabled by default). That will add the new dna to fish that are missing it. (Old fish would have no tolerance).
  • Fix the fish feeder not picking up the water around it correctly
  • Fix the fish feeder not displaying water types needed
  • Fix the fish feeder not updating the temperature required for fish
  • Fix some missing lang
  • Fix some texture/other issues
  • Fix potential crash when checking salinity in fish feeder tooltips
  • Update RF API
and @pixlepix with Aura Cascade
pixlepix said:
Aura Cascade 165
  • Fixed irregularities in vortex crafting
  • Fixed coal pump producing almost no power
  • Added new vortex crafting texture
and @ewyboy with Floating Rails
EwyBoy said:
Hallo people who love modded Minecraft!

EwyBoy here! I am proud to finally release the public beta of my second mod called Floating Rails.

I have played Minecraft since the Minecraft indev version and there has always been 1 thing that has annoyed me a lot. You have to fill in the water when you are going to lay a mine-cart track across the ocean, lake, pond or a river.

Are you tired of this?

Not anymore! With Floating Rails you have the ability to place the rails directly on top of the water. I made it so the rails are supported by a lilypad to keep the rail floating.

I added a big variety of rails who floats on the water.

But water was just not enough So I added in lava-lilies that spawns around on top of lava lakes both in the overworld and nether.

Lava-Lilies + Rails =

Altogether we got this:

The Crafting
The crafting is a bit special. Either you want to or are limited by resources you can always chose between to craft everything between 1 – 8 floating rails and end up using the same amount of lilypads. I know lilypads are a pain in the as to find and I did not want to make it too craft these rails. So here is the deal. Place 1 lilypad anywhere in the crafting grid and then put in as many rails you want to turn into floating rails.

Same goes for the lava any other type of rails like powered etc.

[Because of the way the recipe system works the mod also works great with RailCraft aswell]
WIP - Work in progress

This is going to be a redstone torch peaceable on top of the water to help you activate the rails who
requires a redstone signal to function. Comming soon.

Modspotlight & Showcases:

Want to do a modspotlight?
Just send me a link to it afterwards and I put it up here at the modpage!

Live development:
The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ewyboy

Open Source:

Want to support me?

You can find me on twitter:


Planned features for the mod:

    • Floating Redstone Torch to easier activate redstone powered rails
    • Support for other liquids from the forge oreDictionary.
    • Maybe some more tracks
    • Tracks who can float in mid air.
and @AbrarSyed with SecretRoomsMod
AbrarSyed said:
  • Fixed Malisis Doors compatability. Should no longer crash
and @Gigabit101 with Talismans 2
Gigabit101 said:
Talismans 2 1.1.0
  • Added Botania Support
  • Small bugfixs
and @AlgorithmX2 with Applied Energistics 2
AlgorithmX2 said:
Applied Energistics 2 rv2-beta-8
  • Update pt_BR.lang al-myr
  • Improved the logged warning for FailledConnection Now displays to coordinates of the affected tunnels. yueh
  • Fix #701 Changed harvest tool to axe TheJulianJES
  • Formation plane can now drop blocks as items yueh
  • Disable level emitter on offline networks Turns off level emitters if the goes offline because it runs out of power, channels or similar. yueh
  • Fixes #304 WAILA Integration updated and fixed WAILA offers a new interface to sync the server data to the client. thatsIch
  • Removed buffer from annihilation plane yueh
  • Effects should not collide with anything yueh
  • Improve code quality thatsIch
and @goldenapple with DevTooltips
goldenapple said:
This is a small mod that adds various tooltips to help addon developers.

and @trayaurus with EXVR (Extra Vanilla Recipes)
Trayaurus said:
EXVR (Extra Vanilla Recipes) 1.8-1.0
  • + Ported to Minecraft 1.8
  • *Requires latest Forge
and the Project Red team with an update
Project Red said:
Project Red 4.5.10 build #61
  • FIX: Crash on world generation
  • FIX: Time set on sequencers
  • FIX: Sickles not harvesting tall grass
  • CHANGE: Enabled tube device inventory export
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Jul 29, 2019
New mod.

The Vegan Option

A mod that seeks to add vegan alternatives to all Minecraft mob/animal products using the following guidelines:
  • Nothing added to worldgen
  • No new crops added
"Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose."
- The Vegan Society


v0.1.0 (for Minecraft 1.7.10)
CurseForge | Github | Adf.ly

What's Included
See the Minecraft Forum thread or the Github README

Recommended Companion Mods

Pam's HarvestCraft - Food mod that adds vegan alternatives for most (if not all) recipes
Not Enough Items - VO integrates with NEI to provide in-game documentation

Goals Before v1.0.0

  • Balance (I will need a lot of feedback on balance)
  • Add a Nether Star alternative or an alternative method of obtaining a Nether Star (need ideas)
  • Add a Dragon Egg alternative or an alternative method of obtaining a Dragon Egg (need ideas)
  • Make the mod configurable
  • Add as much cross-mod integration as possible


In-game veganism is simply a playstyle that I prefer, in that I think survival games offer a unique way to explore vegan ethics that the real world doesn't provide. For example, attempting to adhere to veganism within Minecraft leads to weird/interesting questions like, "Is it really self-defense to kill a mob if I'm semi-responsible for mobs being able to spawn at all?". It can also encourage non-standard behavior like building a weapon that does the least amount of damage possible.

Do I have to play as a vegan if I install this?
No, this mod simply aims to allow veganism to be a viable option in Minecraft. If you don't choose to adhere to veganism while using this mod, it'll still do a few nice things for you:

  • Allows for alternate (hopefully interesting) methods of obtaining mob drops
  • Gives uses to various vanilla Minecraft blocks/items that didn't really have a use before (ferns, sunflowers, spruce wood, sandstone, etc)
Should I go vegan (in real life)?


Various blocks that the mod adds:

Various in-world crafting methods (generally optional):

Custom NEI handlers:



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheCricket26 with Chisel 2
TheCricket26 said:
Chisel 2 2.3.4:
  • Add config to prevent chiseling between vanilla leaf types
  • Use vanilla 1.8 textures for the 1.8 blocks, implement 1.8 block pillars
  • Add new yellow brick type
  • Add chisling between different copper block types
  • All blocks now have proper breaking animations
  • #175 Fix bad texture on bottom sides of CTMV blocks
  • #168 Fix only one type of block generating per world
  • #176 Fix bad aged brick texture
  • #174 Fix chiseling stained glass always giving white variations
  • Add ability for custom chisels to define their own modes
  • Add support for removing variations and groups via the API
Chisel 2 2.3.5:
  • Fix crash with copper block feature
and @warlordjones with SteamCraft 2
warlordjones said:
SteamCraft 2 B3.5c
  • Fix dedicated server
and @K4Unl with Hydraulicraft
K4Unl said:
Hydraulicraft 2.0.87
  • Added a jar of dirt
  • Fixed the portal crash bug
and @Ivorius with Ye Gamol Chattels
Ivorius said:
Ye Gamol Chattels
  • Update Russian translation (Thanks @ Adaptivity)
  • Add Portuguese translation (Thanks @ al-myr)
  • Fix entity vitas and microblocks crashing on servers
and @Tmtravlr with Loot++
Tmtravlr said:
Loot++ 0.9
  • Added 4 new commands: loot++_summon, loot++_give, loot++_setBlock, loot++_testForBlock
  • The commands use the NBT parser that accepts string ids, so you can use those commands with modded items.
  • Tinkered with the bow; made it compatible with arrows added by other mods.
and @Darkhax with Wawla
Darkhax said:
Wawla 1.1.1
  • Added: Support for iChun's Hat Mod
  • Added: Ability to see Entities Armor Points
  • Added: Ability to see an Armor Item's protection value
  • Changed: Entity Equipment is now only shown when sneaking
  • Fixed: Entity Equipment not showing held items
  • Fixed: Issue with villager nbt not syncing
  • Fixed: Issue with missing options
  • Fixed: Enchantment tool code being redundant