What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Glass Shards 0.4-alpha:
  • New textures (still WIP) by Plainy and xTordX
  • A new Glass Sword
  • Shards have now +1 attack damage
  • Compatibility with Tinkers Construct and MineFactory Reloaded (1.7 only)
  • Major changes to the internal workings. Adding compatibility with other mods will be that much easier.
  • Slight changes to the transparent rendering (1.7 only)
  • Transparent rendering can be turned off in the config (1.7 only)

Also: Skyboy with MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.0 RC6-40:
  • Fix #363 Roads not correctly applying speed boost
  • Fix various issues with rednet state updates
  • Fix an additional state propagation issue
(I might have missed something)


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Nov 24, 2012


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @covers1624 with Power Converters
covers1624 said:
Power Converters 2.3
  • Fixed Rain stopper.
  • Fixed Steam Consumer / Producer. Works in direwolf20 1.7.10 modpack. any issues please submit an issue on github.

and @squeek502 with TiC Tooltips
squeek502 said:
TiC Tooltips 1.2.2
  • Fixed potential IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Fixed accidental redistribution of Tinkers Construct's access transformer file

and @superckl with Don't Pick Up
superckl said:
Don't Pick Up 0.4.17
  • Adding a keybinding (defaults to X) to disable an excludifier

and @AbrarSyed with SecretRoomsMod
AbrarSyed said:
  • Compatability with MalsisDoors (1.3.X and 1.4.X) for fancy animations
  • Added ownership data for each block, you will now be able to see only the blocks you own.
  • probably fixed some bugs.. maybe...

and @Lunatrius with InGame Info XML
Lunatrius said:
InGame Info XML &
  • Added a config option to change the 'file' tag query interval
  • Changed the starting directory for the 'file' tag to the config directory
  • Improved UTF-8 support by stripping off the BOM bytes if present
  • Removed .minecraft limitation on the 'file' tag
  • Changed the 'file' tag interval control to a slider

and @tterrag1098 with WAILA Plugins
tterrag1098 said:
WAILA Plugins 0.0.1-12
  • verybigbro: Update ru_RU.lang

and @Lunatrius with InGame Mod Configs
Lunatrius said:
This mod replaces the current FML test config GUI screen with a copy of the GUI from the main menu, filtered to only show mods that support FML's fancy configs.

Note: if you use LunatriusCore you do not need this mod. It's already part of it.

  • Minecraft Forge
Just drop the file into your mods folder. That's it.

Modpacks: you can freely include any of the mods in your mod pack if the modpack is free (public or private). Mentioning me as the author is appreciated but not required.
Youtube/Streaming: you can monetize any videos you produce with the mod.

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 2.2.4
  • Maybe Fixed: Black tilled Fertilized Dirt
  • Fixed: Energy Distributors not working with the latest RF API
  • Fixed: Crash while using Magnetic Force
  • Fixed: Bloodmoon Ritual not working
  • Update: ru_RU.lang

and @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.5.3-51
  • Added OpenComputers support.
  • Added 'getAction' CC/OC command to the Drone Interface.
  • Added Drone Teleport puzzle piece.
  • Added Chisel 2 support.
  • Drones now will swap their currently holding item to the best item to dig an area.
  • Drone's now don't get dropped when wrenched in creative.
  • Drones now abort their action early if they can (like not trying to place blocks when not having any blocks).
  • Aerial Interface computer peripheral can only be accessed from the top/bottom now. Potential fix for not being able to access the inventory via OpenPeripherals.
  • Updated to the new WAILA.
  • Bugfix: Crash when interacting with entities using CC support.
  • Bugfix: Sync issue with Charging Stations.
  • Bugfix: Waila info isn't synced properly.
  • Bugfix: Slight memory leak with pressure blocks.

and @Ordinastiewith Malisis' Doors
Ordinastie said:
Malisis' Doors 1.4.3
  • Fixed crash on dedicated servers.

and @Keridos with OpenModularTurrets
Keridos said:
OpenModularTurrets 1.3.3-25
  • updated to newest RF API
  • bumped to beta

and @Mineshopper with Carpenter's Blocks
Mineshopper said:
Carpenter's Blocks
  • Tweaked attribute drops to preserve NBT data and fix some mod drops.
  • Fix posts always connecting to adjacent solid blocks.
  • Now caches block light values to help improve chunk update performance.
  • Fixed server-side crash when FancyFluids is enabled.
  • Removed block ownership conversion compatibility code for name-changing system.


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Jul 29, 2019
@Sangar Open Computers
[URL='https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/releases']fnuecke[/URL] said:
  • Added: AE2 controller integration now works via AE2 interface block if channels are disabled.
  • Added: Comparator override to capacitor, based on its (local!) buffer fill rate.
  • Added: Debug card can be bound to a player to use the player's permissions for runCommandby shift-rightclicking it while holding it.
  • Added: Extended implementation of switch ComputerCraft peripheral to properly "fake" connected modems. This means OC's block components can - for the most part - now also be controlled from CC.
  • Added: Make disassembler finish disassembly of added item immediately if added by a player in creative mode.
  • Added: preconfigured Tablet to NEI, missed that when adding the other preconfigured stuff.
  • Changed: Raid blocks will now keep their inventory when broken, allowing relocation without losing their data.
  • Fixed: filesystem.list returning a list with duplicate values (mpmxyz).
  • Fixed: AE2 integration's getCraftables returning stored stacks; now properly returning recipe output stacks.
  • Fixed: Bad override leading to incorrectly interpreted redstone output in some scenarios, e.g. with the redstone paste mod.
  • Fixed: Computers' beep implementation.
  • Fixed: EEPROM with data (even if just an address) not being usable for crafting a Lua BIOS.
  • Fixed: logic for handling nodes with duplicate addresses when merging networks.
  • Fixed: Mekanism energy acceptor method returning inverted value, leading to non-stop power acceptance.
  • Fixed: Miniscule chance of items breaking in disassembler even when chance was set to zero.
  • Fixed: Potential keybinding-related client crash.