What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Sep 3, 2013
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Hmm, this is also in 1.6.4. It's almost identical, except it only checks for block 0 of course instead of comparing material.
Except there is no block ticking here. Only calling the particle method, which is called at random anyways, and, what is more, this specifically excludes air.

Posted before I saw the request to move it elsewhere. :oops:

I will make it up with these:



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Nov 11, 2012
Minecraft 1.8 prerelease is out, and 1.8 is coming out on the 2nd of September.
Woah, just seen this about 1.8:
  • Villagers will harvest crops and plant new ones
That's highly adventurous for Mojang. "useful" AI?
Some other interesting changes, and some more things that might cause more ongoing headaches for resource pack makers.


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Jul 29, 2019

Thaumcraft updated to 1.7.10!

Here's a changelog since it's wee little days of being
We will never forget you.
- update for MC 1.7.10
- requires Forge
- BAUBLES: requires Baubles
- BAUBLES: Automatic download now checks the web first for the latest required build before defaulting to the included dependency files. This should allow me to update the baubles version required without having to create a new version of TC
- API: added a way to add permanent and temporary warp
- API: Altered the way the WandTriggerRegistry works to avoid block conflicts
- API: new stuff for vis energy net (see below)
- API: added smelting recipe page type
- API: WandCap and WandRod has a new method which you can override to alter what research is required to be able to craft something with that cap or rod.
- loads of bug fixes
- loads of new stuff
- added two major new systems: warp and the vis energy network. Both are explained via thaumonomicon entries
- mana beans revamped. They now have 8 growth stages and can only be attached to the bottom of logs.
- mana beans found in the wild only contain primal aspects, but if planted adjacent to existing bean pods they may breed into compound aspects made up of combinations of its own and adjacent aspects.
- added a wuss-mode config option for those that don't want Warp.
- added warp console command
- most config settings can now be set ingame from the mod menu.
- some research seems to have dissapeared - where could they have gone?
- shuffled research tiers a bit to account for new additions
- moved saving/loading to new forge events. Pre-1.7.10 *.thaum files should automatically be converted to the new format
- nodes in jars are no longer valid targets for recharging wands
- stopped assuming vanilla would get things right and implemented my own item dropping code. Should fix some crucible related issues.
- moved potion initialization to post-init
- potions now use a dynamic range that should help prevent overlaps with other mod defined potions.
- wand pedestal now properly interacts with amulet of vis in regards to automation and displaying aspects.
- added some custom shader effects
- arcane ears now respect the new noteblock events and will trigger on non-vanilla noteblocks
- added liquid death. Do not drink.
- added missing aspects to a few items
- hover harness now uses its own hotkey (default 'H')
- fixed haste effect on the hover harness. It was improving its speed 10x more than it should have been doing.
- removed some item dupe bugs
- fixed alchemy recipes oredict checking
- fixed directional essentia tubes
- equal trade focus no longer requires or gathers blocks while in creative mode
- equal trade focus now ignores liquids
- node stabilizers can now be turned off with a redstone signal
- made magic mirrors easier to craft by increasing the infusion base stability a lot
- switched to default Forge implementation of Netty
- runic augmentation now increases the runic charge by the proper amount
- jarring nodes is once again possible when using forge versions after 1091
- fixed dropping of native clusters
- remove the gravel and sand alchemy recipes. Who really needed that anyway?
- increased capacity of the vis storage amulets and they now automatically recharge from nearby relays when worn
- fixed a possible crash bugs when other mods add ores to the oredict, but not the ingots for them
- crafting tc stuff in the crucible, infusion altar or thaumatorium now triggers the forge ItemCraftedEvent.
- Sword of the Zephyr area attack will no longer effect dead entities and the area has been increased slightly
- mounted horses can now be lifted by arcane levitators
- arcane furnace now has a input slot on its bottom as well (for those special occasions)
- removed ender pearl from void jar recipe
- the infusion altar is now the only device that will be able to draw essentia directly from jars through the air - all other devices either need essentia piped into them or supplied via the vis energy net
- optimised particles and revamped particle engine
- zombie brains have now become a separate item and any old brains have thus become defunct. To make up for this the new zombie brains are 30% more delicious.
- normal zombies now have a small chance of dropping zombie brains. I'm not sure where they got them from.
- shift-clicking an unlabeled jar now properly resets its suction
- golems now retain their item filters when picked up
- underped alchemy golem priorities
- Baubles: requires Baubles
- API: fixed AspectSourceHelper.drainEssentia so it points to the correct package
- API: exposed a few more things like damagesources and potions in the API
- changed the way the bonus nuggets from smelting in the infernal furnace is stored. This should hopefully prevent the few cases where item id's get shuffled by forge after world loading caused the stored smelting bonuses to become invalid.
- alchemy golems will now default to drawing and placing into the top of jars allowing them to work when placed on any side of a jar
- alchemy golems will fill marked containers in the following priority: non-jars -> partially filled jar (or void) with label -> empty jar (or void) with label -> completely filled void jar with label -> partially filled jar (or void) without label -> empty jar (or void) without label -> completely filled void jar without label
- fire resistant golems are now resistant to most possible sources of fire damage
- trying another fix for taint related crashes
- added "glowing_taint" option to the config file. Set to false to improve performance and possibly reduce taint related crashes if the above fix doesn't do it
- gotten rid of "ghost" preacantio aspects that showed up on certain items with nbt data
- fixed arcane bore visuals
- Baubles: requires Baubles
- thaumastatic girdle plus haste on the harness won't result in unstoppable warp speed anymore.
- empty and sorting golems won't keep taking and replacing items in their source chests unless there is somewhere to take them.
- label setting recipes should not consume phials anymore
- increased thaumcraft mob spawning chances to account for altered spawn weights in Minecraft 1.7
- twiddled custom saves a bit more to hopefully increase its reliability
- fixed crashes related to brain in a jar
- made it a little clearer what you needed to study before being able to scan certain things.
- travelling trunks should no longer spawn nether portals. Their pact with the dark side has been broken.
- a few minor node manipulation additions
- added golem fetters
- Baubles: requires Baubles
- increased the spawn rate of 1's
- moved thaumcraft research and scanning data from player data to custom savefiles (*.thaum)
- a backup file is also saved each time in case the main one becomes corrupt.
- automatically revert to backup file if main one cannot be loaded. If both cannot be loaded revert to old player data format. This will also insure that data from previous tc versions will be loaded the first time.
- travelling trunk upgrades now properly sync when it is picked up and placed again
- added one 1 to everything once
- fixed crash related to pickaxe of the core right-click ability
- increased default scanning caps to 10 (per aspect) and 100 (total per aspect). You will need to alter or recreate your config files to use these caps otherwise old values will be used.
- harvest golems have been acting up again. This time I needed to get out some charts and graphs to properly explain things to them.
- alchemy golems will no ignore the facing rules for alembics so it doesn't matter what side you place them on alembic stacks or the alchemical furnace
- alchemy golems will now take from the fullest alembic in a stack, instead of the topmost one
- fixed some syncing issues with tubes
- primal charm flavor text isn't stored as NBT data anymore. It was messing with recipes.
- you will once again be able to see what items contain what aspects in the Aspects entry of the thaumonomicon
- fiddled with crusted taint and tainted soil rendering. Hopefully it should prevent the crashes some people have been experiencing.
- runic augmention recipes should no longer cause crashes when trying to upgrade items without starting shield values
- brain in a jar should once again be able to absorb xp. It will also display particle effects when it is full.
- incremented increments incrementally
- jars are now noisy again
- requires Baubles
- BAUBLES: fix syncing of focus bags between client and server when in baubles slot
- BAUBLES: bauble hotkey should now be able to close most GUIs you find yourself in
- fix to prevent crashes resulting from placing tubes
- fixed crash caused by custom worldtypes and altered my biome spawning rules slightly.
- added new config options to control taint and magical forest biome spawning at worldgen
- CovertJaguar is also my hero
- added a check to prevent spamming hover harness on and off while holding the activation key
- I've sat harvest golems down and carefully explained the difference between empty air and plants. I think they got it.
- use golems have been ordered to stop bothering the local wildlife. In return they demanded to get more click options. We reached an agreement.
- added missing flower aspects
- thaumometer will reveal nodes again
- paving stones of warding will now show a clear indication of there is an area they are not able to protect.
- Salis mundus cannot be crafted with mana beans anymore - they are just too easy to farm. For now you will need to hunt wisps or destroy nodes to craft it, until something I'm planning for later is implemented
- increased the salis mundus required for the runic shielding augment recipes based on the charge level you are upgrading to
- while sneaking the step-up ability of the boots of the traveller will be disabled
- removed stray references to saxum and other removed aspects
- corrected primal arrow rendering
- the special runic shield breach effects (kinetic, revitilizing, etc.) now trigger properly and have been buffed a bit. -
- Updated to MC 1.7.2
- requires Forge or higher

- API: Lots of changes to support to new 1.7 way of handling blocks and items
- API: Added IInfusionStabiliser interface to allow other blocks to stabilise infusion crafting
- API: InfusionRecipe now has input itemstack sensitive versions of some of the getters and most fields have become protected to force use of the getters. This gives more control and the ability to add funky new infusions.
- API: change RecipeCrucible so the output is determined by a getter.
- API: INode changes
- API: additions surrounding runic shielding
- API: added Baubles support
- API: some IEssentiaTransport changes
- API: added IMC messages to blacklist dimensions and biomes for tc worldgen and mob spawning

- created the addon mod Baubles which adds 4 new slots which can be accessed via the 'b' hotkey. For convenience you might want to change this to your default inventory hotkey
- the Baubles sub-mod should download automatically and install itself - please report any issues with this process and the Baubles mod itself
- requires Baubles or higher.
- focus pouches can now be placed in the belt bauble slot
- runic armor has been removed and replaced with ring, amulet and girdle baubles. You will have to delete existing runic armor before upgrading as it WILL crash your world otherwise
- runic shielding is now stored as player data and not as damage values in items
- removed the existing runic shielding upgrade system and replaced it with something new. The old system was broken balance-wise with the new shielding mechanics.

Wands & Recharging
- added crafting sceptres (crafting specialised wands)
- runic armor now recharges by drawing terra and aer vis from wands in your inventory
- recharging looka for vis sources by checking bauble slots first, then inventory slots and lastly the hotbar
- the repair enchant is now much faster, but uses the recharge mechanic (types and amounts of vis vary by item)
- only solid blocks may be warded now
- fixed infinite loops in warded blocks
- the frugal and potency enchants no longer influences crafting costs
- individual sides of a tube can be opened and closed with a wand, and clicking on the middle portion will allow you to rotate certain tubes.

Worldgen & Nodes
- tainted biomes now use normal biome spawning rules which should make their shape a bit more natural
- changed the default biome "start" id's since vanilla biomes now occupy the old range.
- altered silverwood tree generation to make them look a bit more unique
- halved the number of trees spawning in magical forest biomes. It looks a little less foreboding, but half the leaves means half the lag... or thereabouts. I really have no proof.
- crusted taint and soil should no longer cause rendering crashes
- altered taint fibre rendering slightly to make it show up on more block types
- aura nodes should spawn at more varied heights in void or similar dimensions
- Nodes now have now have max aspect values on a per aspect basis, not a total max.
- Bigger nodes now like to bully smaller ones and take their vis
- fixed hungry node crash
- shimmerleaf and cinderpearl now always drop the flower when broken by hand. Place them in a crafting table to produce their old drops.

- golem ai improvements
- a few new golem cores. I couldn't resist adding something new - I have a serious problem.
- improved the way the entropy upgrade functions for inventory management golems. Please, someone stop me.
- alchemy golems can now move essentia between most essentia storage containers, not just between jars and alembics
- alchemy golems now consider void jars lowest priority and will try to fill other jars first
- most golems now have 6 inventory slots as a base, instead of 2. Each fire upgrade will add another 6. You will probably want to pick up and replace existing golems to prevent crashes.
- "use" and "empty" golems with the order upgrade are now a bit smarter about selecting what items to select from their container (many thanks to Tarig for helping me out with this)
- check to prevent crash when golems with entropy upgrade is hit with splash potions or similar sources of damage

Other changes and bugfixes
- Removed certain aspects (Saxum, Granum)
- "flattened" aspect combos creating more primal + primal compounds. Hopefully this will result in a slightly more even aspect spread.
- changed the research save format. This should make things more stable, but will mean research from previous versions will be lost.
- hoe of growth should now work on more things
- mirrors should now properly drop if the block they are attached to is broken
- brightened the dyeable portions of robe armor a bit
- Chickenbones is my hero
- re-added spawn eggs for TC monsters
- the item grate should now properly eject items below it that has been fed into it via pipes or hoppers.
- entities now recognize that they cannot pass through the barrier created by paving stones of warding.
- the bone bow should no longer cause rendering Bowception in multiplayer
- fixed networked packets
- fixed various arcane bore bugs
- removed bucket dupe bug
- lots of smaller bugfixes
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Jul 29, 2019
Lol Fixided, you copied the 1.7.2 changelogs. Anyways, if you guys want to know who holds the title for the longest changelog. I think it belongs to XCompWiz with his 1.4.7 update

I know this because I had to put this in the changelogs for one of the updates (back when it was on the Forums instead of confluence/atlassian) and it had to go over more than one post since it was more than 10000 characters


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Jul 29, 2019
Ender IO is out of the BETA stage!
- Ported 1.0.6 for MC 1.6.4 to MC 1.7.10

- Dark Steel powered armor
- The Ender powered sword
- Dark Steel powered pickaxe
- Dark Steel powered axe
- Armor and tools upgradable in the anvil to add power + extras
- The Vat: produces liquid fuels (see VatRecipes_Core.xml for recipes)
- Liquid fuels: Hooch, Fire Water and Rocket Fuel
- Combustion Generator
- Zombie Generator
- Farm Station
- Portable Tanks
- Dark Steel Pressure Plate (player only)
- Advanced Photovoltaic Panel
- Ender Fluid Conduit
- Crafter
- Inverted and non-powered lights
- Enlighted Glass and Fused Quartz
- Blast resistent Dark Steel Bars
- Powered Magnet
- Wireless Charger
- Enchanter
- Killer Joe
- Reinforced Obsidian
One of the first Thaumcraft addons for 1.7.10
Automagy 0.7
- Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10 and Thaumcraft 4.2.
- Added the tally box, for more item-specific measurements of containers' contents.
- Waila: Golem HUD now shows which block the golem is linked to.
- New icon for Thaumonomicon tab.
- New textures for inversion torch (to match new order shard colors).

Blue Power 0.1.683
  • Added Synchronizer recipe
  • Fixed an NPE with Tubes
  • Project table should show recipe output more reliably
  • Tube rendering should be more fluid
  • Flax bonemeal behaviour changed
  • Fixed a dupe bug
  • Sapphire ore spawn defaults changed (you may want to check your config files)
The Bdew update!
  • Added ConfigSection.keys
  • Force block update when connections change for output modules
  • Added localization
  • BlockManager.regBlock should looke for NamedBlock trait, not SimpleBlock
  • Added multiblock system (moved from DCM)
NEI Addons
Fixes crashes with Binnie Mods. I have disabled Extra Bees stuff for now, it will be back later in some form as i figure out the changes and hopefully Binnie releases his API.
Last but not least....
Oh wait, that's it.

Edit: There's more!
That's right, read on and you'll be able to get another piece of news free!
Call: http://jenkins.nekokittygames.com:8080/job/Thaumic Tinkerer 1.7.10/
and get your 1.7.10 dev version of Thaumic Tinkerer absolutely free.
*Terms and conditions apply
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Jul 29, 2019
Gentle Reminder: This thread is for news and updates, not so much discussion of said news and updates. We have a separate discussion thread for discussion. ;)
A discussion to discuss the discussion in a seperate discussion thread where we discuss the discussion of the discussed discussion to discuss the discussion about the discussed discussion?

There's actualy a thread for that?
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Jul 29, 2019
But you've added something i've suggested over and over, TIDAL POWAH (also river power)!
Images about it coming later as there is nothing to show other than badly polished values and non-rendering rotors.


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Jul 29, 2019
Updated Botania to 1.2 (build 101), first major build in a long time. Not major in the terms that it adds a lot of new content to the table, but major in the terms that there's a new mechanic, in the Spark system.
  • Added Sparks.
  • Added the ability to mix an Elementium Pickaxe with a Terra Shatterer.
  • Any water containers (water cans, cells, etc from other mods) can now fill up the petal apothecary. (ganymedes01)
  • Changed some flower textures lightly. You probably won't notice much of a difference.
  • Elementium Armor now has double the chance for spawning pixies.
  • Fixed Floating Flowers not stabilizing TC infusion stability. (viliml)
  • Fixed lots of typos. (Adaptivity)
  • Fixed the Kindle Lens being able to replace blocks (liquids included).
  • Fixed the Mana Enchanter ignoring enchantment types (Power on swords, Sharpness on armor, etc).
  • Fixed the Platforms crashing if swapped when there's an adjacent Tile Entity.
  • Fixed the Ring of Far Reach not always working due to issues with baubles.
  • Fixed the Runic Altar not crafting if the piece of livingrock tossed in desyncs and looks like it's on top of the altar even though it isn't.
  • Fixed the Vitreous Pickaxe duplicating glowstone and other glass blocks of the same type.
  • Highly optimized the block finding code for the Shard of Laputa. Larger ones should no longer eat up your tickrate.
  • [API] Added classes to do with Sparks, ISparkAttachable, ISparkEntity and SparkHelper.
  • [API] Increased version number to 8.