Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

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    Any plans for fantasy elements? Elf/merpeople/dwarf societies to trade with?
  2. Rebirth Gaming

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    To some degree, yes! If we can achieve it via CustomNPCs then we will certainly explore it.

    Beta V46 is out now.

    Added a temporary fix to Brewcraft. Tossing splash potions will no longer crash the server. However, tossing splash potions will still cause a client-side fatal error, causing the player to disconnect. We are seeking help with this mod! The mod has been abandoned, and would greatly appreciate it if someone can take a look at the source code and figure out why throwing splash potions causes a null pointer exception/fatal error.

    Updated Streams and Farseek.

    Fixed an issue that was causing the server VM to timeout when loading new chunks. This was perhaps our final major issue with world gen. Now that it's solved, we've been able to pregen areas of the world, greatly reducing lag induced by exploring.

    Server -

    We've added the cities of Baroham, Antonne, and Blackcliff. Still adding NPCs, factions and quests.

    Note - we are looking for someone to develop an enchantable jewelry mod for us! Due to the way I've customized the inventory and equippable items, we need a custom mod for this. There's quite a few details regarding this mod, but tl;dr is I want players to be able to enchant rings, amulets and bracelets with enchants and potion effects. Each jewelry type has limited durability, consumed in various ways. If you're interested, let us know!

    Lastly, the official Tradewinds server is still in whitelist build-mode. If you know how to write mods, NPC scripts, build nice looking structures, create lore, quests and stories, and want to help us, let us know!
  3. Rebirth Gaming

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    Added Lootable Corpses. This mod is basically gravestones, but with limitations. When you die, a corpse spawns at your death location containing all your items. This corpse can be looted by ANYONE! In essence, this is no different than regular vanilla death, except your items are just neatly stored in the corpse to avoid deletion from server systems that remove entities.
    The corpse has a duration, after which it will disappear, and your items are forever lost. Recover it quickly to avoid this!
    Any item with durability will have its durability drastically reduced when you die. This punishes death, as expensive armor and weapons will be nearly broken when you die.

    As a reminder, there will be no /back nor bed respawns. Players will have their respawn locations bound to major cities and other predetermined locations only. You can choose where to respawn by visiting one of these locations and setting your respawn to that location. For example, visit a temple in a major city, talk to the priest, and the priest will set your respawn location to that temple. Then, when you die, you respawn there. Or, if you're exploring a major dungeon, there may be a nearby camp with an NPC that lets you set your respawn to that camp, letting you respawn closer to the dungeon.

    Some respawn locations may be locked behind requirements, such as faction standing, quest lines, or even a cost.

    Updated Immersive Engineering. This fixes an issue where CustomNPCs would always drop epic shader grabbags upon death.


    Disabled food rot. Yep, we had to do it =(
    Food rot was causing a lot of issues - more than was fixable or could be worked around. Basically, a lot of mods use internal inventories to store things like chest loot, mob drops (such as customNPCs) etc. Enviromine will always cause food rot as long as food is stored in *any* kind of inventory. This meant if NPCs had a quest reward (or even a quest requirement) for a food item, that stored reward would rot. Caused all kinds of weird issues like that.

    I'm not sure if there's anything we can do to implement a way for food to rot while also preventing it from affecting things like drops, rewards, etc.

    Began pregen. We've mapped out a section of the world which players will initially be confined to (world border) and started generating all chunks in this area. Don't worry - this area is pretty massive, so unless you spend hours walking/swimming in one direction, you shouldn't hit this border. This border will also be expanded as we add more cities and content to the world.
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    Have a mod that has food crates, when you right click the crate it spawns in fresh food?
  5. Rebirth Gaming

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    Doubt that would work. EnviroMine checks for *all* inventories to determine food rot. Unless you're suggesting a crate or whatnot that actually runs a /give command - because that's the only way it would work.

    Even so, CustomNPCs makes heavy use of inventories to store things like vendor items, drop tables, etc. Example, we made some cows on the tutorial island with CNPCs so they would respawn. We added meat to the drop table. EnviroMine saw the meat as it was, and started rotting it, until eventually when you killed the cows, they dropped rotten food instead of meat.

    There's no way around this either, so our only other option was to remove food rot. Had there been a config, whitelist, blacklist or something for EnviroMine, then perhaps it would work, but unfortunately not.
  6. Rebirth Gaming

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    Updated to beta V52.

    Removed Neat
    Added Damage Indicators.
    Added a custom skin for Damage Indicators
    Added AdvancedHud. Adjusted the underwater breath bar to be positioned above the thirst meter.

    Added an underground dungeon to Blackcliff. This dungeon is a central plot point to a questline involving a secret cult. Here you will begin to learn the secrets of the Doro Miin, and uncover and thwart the bastardization of this school.

    Made many changes to Pam's recipes. All recipes using the Skillet and Bakeware now require the use of a Better Beginnings oven. The recipes are the same, they just are crafted in an oven instead of a crafting table.

    Added the final transport system for players leaving tutorial island (Rookington). Once players reach the required reputation to leave Rookington, they may speak to the Captain. Players are given 3 choices of a starting city - Baroham, Antonne or Blackcliff.
    Your choice is not final just yet - choosing one of these cities will teleport you to that city, where you will still be on the boat, but in the city you chose. Players won't be able to leave the boat right away. You can speak to the captain again to choose a different city, or, you can talk to the captain to finalize your choice (choose to leave the boat), at which point your respawn location will be bound to that city, and you will be free to leave the boat.
    Speaking to the captain after you make this choice will change his dialogue, and transporting to different cities will cost money after this point.

    Note: The server is still whitelisted and under development. Still making progress!
  7. Rebirth Gaming

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    Some updates to the server:

    First and foremost, our server is now in a closed beta state.
    People may request to be whitelisted, and can join and play on the pack without any restrictions. However, do note that the pack is still in a beta state, and we may make sudden changes to recipes, items, quests, or even add or remove items you obtained. It's not very likely we will remove stuff from players, unless we completely overlooked something like an admin/op only item being craftable or such.

    On that note, Rookington is 90% complete. Players are able to progress through Rookington and reach a completed state, and are able to leave Rookington and set foot in the world and begin exploring and building. We have a few things to wrap up on Rookington though, so keep that in mind as you may find a few NPCs who are still WIP.

    The 3 main cities are still WIP. It is suggested that you take a look around, throw us some ideas, and just skip town and start exploring. We will start adding NPCs, vendors, and quests to these towns soon, starting with basic facilities like banks, general store, etc.

    Trading and money is still WIP. Mod is still in development, and I honestly have no ETA on it (I'm not the one making the mod). This mod is what handles the money and tradepacks, and currently tradepacks have no faction integration, and storing money in your wallet is a one-way trip to your coins being stuck in limbo. This will be fixed in a future update, but for now...

    EnviroMine temperature tracking has been temporarily disabled. It was becoming more of a nuisance than I planned, and so it's turned off for now. May or may not be a permanent change, depending on how we can add danger to exploring deserts and cold biomes.

    Grimoire of Gaia mob spawn rates drastically overhauled. Mobs with 80+ HP no longer spawn naturally, and mobs with 40+ HP should now spawn less frequently, and only in packs of 1 mob. This should make exploring in dark or night easier (but still dangerous!)
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    So great that this pack is still being made! I'm totally excited about it. Will there be a non-beta version sometime? Or should I just try and join the whitelisted server and play while it's still in beta? Great work!

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