Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

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    I may actually use this instead of Decocraft, since Decocraft is not very friendly to client FPS. Plus, being used in dungeons made via Recurrent Complex may produce some nice results!
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    That's great- it also shares an author with recurrent complex which may improve support :D
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    Slight progress update:

    We have a world up using multiworld specifically dedicated to building dungeons and city components. One of our testers was kind enough to supply us with several hand made dungeons, which we will tweak and export for use.

    I also started working on loot tables. So far, I've created loot tables for the relic system, nether themed loot and end themed loot. Much more to come. These loot tables will be available for use by our builders. Details will be provided right there at the warp point for the build world.

    I will be compiling a mod request to our in-house developer to include changes to the Tradecraft mod, and for the addition of a couple of new mods focused on overhauling the death and drop system, as well as regenerative loot.

    I would also like to reach out and request for someone to help with efforts regarding mods that have lost their developer's support, but are open source and updated by the community. For example, we are using Ancient Warfare, but the developer for that mod has stopped supporting it. Instead, AW is now being maintained by its users via an open sourced GitHub page. We have recently identified a few major bugs with it, and would love to have them fixed asap. As always, I will be submitting these bug reports directly to the Git, but it may be some time before a fix is implemented and released. Having someone on the Tradewinds team who can directly push internal updates to fix these bugs on any open sourced mod, really, would be a huge help for the Tradewinds project.
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    would those be my dungeons by any chance?
    also on another note, i'm having real problems with getting on the server I crash in multiplayer and singleplayer almost instantly and as it's technic I can't find a crash report
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    I know you said earlier that you were exploring different mapping mods. Maybe you really like the one right now, if so just ignore this. But the Atlas from Bibliocraft could be an interesting option for the ability to share maps or sell or trade maps.
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    I honestly can't believe I needed to do this, but, I have placed our server into Whitelist mode due to a griefer. I mean, seriously, who griefs a TEST server, especially one with barely anyone on it, and that is having its world reset regularly anyways?

    Fortunately, I have backups of the world, so if you've built something and didn't get a chance to save it, then fear not, it will be restored.

    If you want to help test, then you must either use our forums or speak to me personally on our Teamspeak to request to be placed on the Whitelist. At this point, I will only accept testers who have shown interest in Tradewinds. Basically, if you've been replying to this thread or any of my Reddit posts, or you've been hanging out on our TS/forums, then chances are I will go ahead and place you on the whitelist upon request.

    Additionally, if you intend on building structures to later be imported onto our server for use in towns, cities and as random world spawned structures, then I recommend building them on single player. This will allow you to test and build in your own environment, and you will be able to use tools like Recurrent Complex's commands to help build. Unfortunately, I can't grant players on the test server access to those commands. I WANT to, but I can't actually do so without OPing players (which I won't do for obvious reasons). So, build in single player, use RC to save your builds, then upload the files to Dropbox or something and give me the link. You can either give me builds 1 by 1, or save a whole bunch and give them all to me at once.

    We will then import those builds onto the server, verify they are built within my standards, place loot in them if needed, then export them into a finalized version.
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    Its unfortunate to hear some person have tried to upset your progress
    I have followed the thread since its inception. And have commented in the past (#55) under a previous alias.
    I have continued to follow the progress (incognito) and have been waiting for the concept to develop a bit more before giving it another go.

    It's about time i update my instance and give it another go, as i am in between packs.
    Sometime in the future i may wish to join in the development server to help test.

    Hopeful this post can register my interest,
    And i wish you smooth sailing and favorable winds for the future of this pack

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    I like the idea of finding rare artifacts in dungeons, which you can then trade.

    Also, this modpack seems like it will be amazing!
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    hello! i'm currently trying to put together a private modpack centered around the crafting mechanics of Minefantasy 2, ye gamol chattels, and better beginnings' advanced crafting table, with a medieval vibe/theme. it sounds like you have similar goals with the tradewinds pack. i would love to be a tester for tradewinds, especially if you'd be willing to share/help with some minetweaker scripts and such with me? i'm using MultiMC as my launcher. i clicked on the dropbox link but got a 404!...
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    Amazing pack!
  11. Rebirth Gaming

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    Resuming development. I've updated and added several loot tables for RC dungeons. Next step will be to finish building RC dungeons and filling them with loot chests. One of few major steps that's halting a semi-finalized world being made.
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    Reaching out here - I think I need some help creating yet another custom mod for this pack.

    Specifically, I'm thumbing through what mods and resources I have for creating different progression systems. In particular, husbandry.

    In case you don't know, husbandry is "the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals."

    I can use Agricraft to add progression to crops, Forestry for bees and trees, but for animals.... I have nothing at all! In fact, there doesn't seem to be any mods out there (not that I can find at least) that adds an in depth system for animals like agricraft does for crops.

    So, hopefully I can recruit one of you all to either point me to a mod that does this, or make one (perty please!)

    First, it has to be 1.7.10, since that's what Tradewinds is using.

    What I have in mind is something that does to animals like Agricraft does to crops in terms of animal quality, breeding, caring for, etc.

    Animals will have quality stats. Agricraft gives crops Growth, Gain and Strength. It's been a while, but IIRC, growth is how quick they grow, gain is how much fruit they yield when harvested, and strength is... their resistance to being taken over by weeds?

    We can apply similar stats to animals.
    Growth would determine how quickly an animal grows from young to adult, and how willing it is to reproduce.
    Gain determines how much product they produce (chicken eggs, cow milk, pig bacon, etc)
    Strength determines their resistance to getting sick (a factor I'll outline below)

    Animals, starting from square one using this mod, must be obtained from the wild (just as it is in vanilla). However, animals in the wild are now by default 1/1/1 (possibly some with 2/2/2... the mod could add a bit of jitter to their starting wild stats)

    You capture your animal (using a lead or whatever), put it in a pen, and then begin to feed and care for it.

    This is where the mod makes husbandry of animals more involved as opposed to just shoving them in a pen and forgetting about them til you need milk or meat.

    Animals must be constantly fed and watered. Failing to feed or water them will result in, you guessed it, death.
    However, before an animal dies, it will become famished, with a noticeable change in how they look (could be sprites above their head a la hearts, or just a change in their texture).
    An animal can recover from a famished state. BUT! When an animal reaches the famished state, all of their stats drop by 1. So, if a 10/10/10 cow becomes famished, their stats will immediately drop to 9/9/9 (a 1/2/3 cow will drop to 1/1/2, etc)

    Additionally, animals can randomly become sick. This sickness must be cured, or the animal will die. Sickness is purely RNG, and isn't associated with any controllable factors like hunger. The only factor that relates to sickness is the animal's strength stat. A strength 1 animal will get sick often, while a strength 10 animal will never get sick.

    To cure sickness, you use either a special feed blend, or a potion.
    The feed blend will give the animal a 50% chance to recover from the sickness once every minute or something. Not sure how to approach this, but the point is the feed is a cheaper but longer method of curing.
    This special feed blend, by default, would be crafted by combining a carrot, apple, wheat and seeds. Modpack makers can, of course, change this via minetweaker (as I intend to do for this pack)
    The potion, however, is just a splash healing potion. Splash it on the sick animal(s) and they are instantly cured.

    Sick animals will appear (via texture or floating sprites) sick, visually different than famished animals.

    Additionally, when an animal is sick, each X number of ticks, there's a chance (based on their strength) they will lose 1 point in 1 random stat.
    For example, if I have a 3/4/4 animal (strength being 4), and it's sick, then every X ticks, the mod rolls a check. Since the animal's strength is 4, there is a 60% chance it will lose 1 stat. A strength 3 animal would have a 70% chance to lose 1 stat while sick, and a strength 10 animal would never lose a stat when sick. The % chance they lose a stat is derived from taking their strength, multiplying by ten, then subtracting from 100.

    (Strength 7 animal, 100-70 = 30% chance to lose 1 stat when sick)

    Might be a good way to approach this... or if you all have a better solution, go for it.

    One last thing about sick animals - they can spread their sickness. This would again involve the strength stat, but it would probably get more involved this time.
    The method I'm thinking of is that while an animal is sick, every X ticks, the mod rolls a check to see if the animal spreads its sickness or not. This chance is, again, based on strength. Strength 1 animal has a 90% chance to spread sickness, strength 10 has 0% chance, etc.

    If the roll succeeds to spread sickness, the mod then checks for any animals in a X radius (perhaps 4 block radius). Any animal in this radius then must have a roll thrown to check if it *catches* the sickness, based on strength. A strength 2 animal near a sick animal would have an 80% chance to catch the sickness, while a STR 10 animal would never catch a sickness from nearby animals.

    Breeding animals can randomly occur between 2 nearby animals. However, the chance 2 animals will breed is based on their Growth stat. The mod will perform a check every X ticks. Any two nearby animals that succeed this check (percent success rate based on growth stat) will produce offspring. I'm not exactly sure how to approach this, because you would need two animals to simultaneously succeed on a check.

    Another approach would be to just have every animal independently roll a check every X ticks, based on their growth stat. If the roll succeeds, the mod looks for any nearby animals of the same species, and forces any nearby animal to then roll a check as well, based on their growth stat. If that roll also succeeds, then the animals breed.

    For example. You have a 10/1/1 cow (growth stat being 10). Every 100 ticks or w/e, the mod makes that cow roll a check. Since their stat is 10, there's a 100% chance their breed check succeeds. Since it succeeded, the mod then looks for any cows in a 4 block radius of the first cow.
    The mod finds a nearby cow with 5/1/1. The mod forces that cow to then roll a breed check, which has a 50% chance to succeed. If it succeeds, then the mod takes both the first cow and second cow's stats and produces offspring. If the second cow's breed roll fails, then no offspring is produced, even tho the first cow's roll succeeded. (But, it can still succeed off of a third, nearby cow)

    This offspring will be an average of the parents combined stats... or however Agricraft does it.

    Animals will go through growth stages. The first is obviously new born. Baby animals will require a special feed blend (could just be the same as the sickness feed blend, or something new)
    Every X ticks, the mod checks to see if the animal grows to the next stage, based on their growth stat.
    The second stage is young. They can eat normal food, but can't be harvested for products (meat, eggs, milk, etc). Killing them at this stage drops nothing but bones.
    The third stage is adult. They can be harvested for products, and eat normal food.

    What's normal food? Well, in the mod's configs, pack makers can add into a list what animals eat what foods. There could be a list for adult food, and another list for baby animal food. Oh, and grass is considered a food source (tall grass, not grass blocks) - this should allow for wild animals to somewhat survive long enough to be found. Of course, wild animals still spawn as normal.

    The fourth stage is old. This stage takes a long time to reach, but it is a thing (no more immortal animals)
    When an animal reaches this stage, all of its stats are cut in half, which means it can get sick more often, yields less products, etc.
    The fifth stage is... death. The animal just dies after existing too long.

    Stages 4 and 5 should be able to be turned off via configs imo.

    The last stat to cover is gain.

    Simply put, gain determines how much product an animal yields. How often chickens drop feathers and eggs. How often cows produce milk (yep, this mod would have to limit how often cows can be milked). How much meat animals drop when killed. Etc.

    Sick animals will have their gain stat temporarily halved, meaning it yields half as much product as normal. When cured, the stat returns to normal.
    Famished animals yield nothing.

    One last thing that the gain stat determines. Each time an animal transitions between growth stages, there's a chance one of their stats will increase by 1. Which stat gets increased is purely random, but the gain stat determines the chance this happens at all.

    For example, when an animal goes from baby to young, and had 1/4/1 to begin with (4 being gain), then there's a 40% chance that when it becomes young, it will gain +1 to one of its stats.

    Lastly, this mod adds a few new items.

    One of them being a feed trough - a block you make and place down, and fill with feed. Animals should be able to 'detect' and eat from any trough in an X radius (perhaps 7 blocks? 9?)

    The other item, most importantly, is one that lets you check an animal's stats. It would have to be something you right click an animal with to get its stats output in chat or something.

    A couple other potential, but not necessary items...

    A new potion that temporarily increases an animal's stats by 1, 2 or 3 (depending on the potion strength). This puts the animal in a temporary state where all of its stats are increased (useful if you want to get more product from killing it, need to breed it, etc). Once the potion wears off, the animal immediately gets sick (configurable?)

    A bell, shepherd crook, or some other item(s) that can be used to herd animals. Sorta like having wheat in your hand to get cows to follow you.

    Perhaps other additional items to assist with husbandry... chicken coops? Water troughs? Special gates that don't allow animals to pass thru when open? Etc...
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    I've created a resource pack for Tradewinds, loaded via Resource Loader.

    ALL textures in Tradewinds are true to their original versions, but are 32x32 versions, upscaled using the xBRx2 algorithm.

    I used a highly automated process to do this, so chances are there's a handful of textures that may have broken or ended up looking weird due to this. If you're helping test this pack out, take note of any textures that look strange, or if you notice a 64x64 texture (some mods textures might be 32x by default, which means this algorithm turned them into 64x64, in which case I'll just remove the modified version and let the mod use its default 32x version)

    Why did I do this? Well, I wanted a unique look to this pack. Additionally, a prefer making textures using a 32x format, since it gives me more pixel space to work with. However, my approach in working with 32x is to try to maintain that pixelated feeling, avoiding things like hyper realism or blending of colors.

    The Tradecraft mod, the enchanting mod, and a lot of other new items/mods that I've created textures for are in 32x, so I wanted to create a feeling of uniformity among everything.

    Here are some samples:




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    Made some changes to the HUD. Cleaned up some of the default hud elements from the upscaling process. Also modified the EnviroMine thirst and temperature indicators to make them easier to obtain info from. I found that giving players pure numerical data (thirst % and temperature in F/C) was too confusing and didn't convey information to them in an easy to understand manner.

    So, what I did was strip away any numerical data from the thirst and temp indicators. I kept the default EnviroMine thermometer icon, since it changes color/fill based on how hot/cold you are, modified it for the x32 upscale, and positioned it in an easy to glance at spot.

    For the thirst indicator, I utilized the 'bar' indicator EnviroMine comes with, but changes the texture of it to appear as water drops, so it can be read in the same fashion as health or hunger, giving players quick, useful and easy to understand info about their thirst.

    I still want to make a modification or two to this, such as highlighting the thirst bar in some way based on if you've drank dirty, cold or salt water, but other than that, this is pretty much what I've decided upon:

  15. Rebirth Gaming

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    Player inventory has been changed!


    The top left displays your name and title.

    Top right displays your health, armor, speed and strength. Under that is your XP. Don't worry, XP is still also shown above the hotbar.

    Center right is the crafting grid.

    Bottom is the hotbar and internal inventory.

    Then there's the armor paper doll area. What you see in the image is with nothing equipped - those greyed out icons are part of the GUI to show you what each slot is for.

    The left three slots, from top to bottom are:

    Title scroll. Placing a title scroll in this slot will cause a title to appear below your name, both in this GUI and above your player's head and will be visible to other players. Titles are special achievements you can earn in various manners, such as completing long, difficult quest lines, achieving high reputation levels with factions, progressing far into a tradeskill/mod, loot from difficult bosses and dungeon, completing certain difficult trade routes, and many other methods.

    Back item. We still need to tweak various mods to make this happen, but, the plan is to make this the slot for equipping cloaks, backpacks and tradepacks.

    Ring 1.

    The 4 middle slots, from top to bottom, are your standard 4 armor slots. Nothing special here.

    The 3 right slots, from top to bottom are:



    Ring 2.

    This GUI includes anything and everything you need to see regarding your inventory. There's no additional tabs or windows (such as needing to click the Baubles ring to access the Baubles window) - all the information you need about your inventory is in one single GUI, making it easy for players to access and manage.

    I plan to do all GUI windows using this same stone texture... and may even create alternatives as resource packs for players to have access to switch to if they don't like this one.

    Some thoughts on jewelry:

    Mariculture seems to have its own jewelry system, including its own method of enchanting (something about a mirror and pearls). That's most likely going away, and I'll be merging Mariculture enchants with the current Tradewinds method of enchanting. This means disabling mirrors, removing crafting recipes for Mariculture enchants, and repurposing Mariculture jewelry and pearls to be aligned with all other methods of enchanting.

    For example - Tradewinds has a new enchanting table that doesn't require bookshelves thus having no upper limits to levels. This new table also requires both items and experience to not only enchant items, but to craft certain magical items. Anything that deals with Minecraft 'magic' (enchanting and such) will use this new enchanting table in some way as part of the crafting and enchanting of magic items.

    So, Mariculture adds its own enchants and items (like pearls, coral, etc)... so, Mariculture enchants can be applied to things, would require them to be made via this table, and would require some Mari items as ingredients, such as pearls.

    Additionally, I'm toying with the idea of not allowing any and all crafted armor and weapons to be simply enchanted. Crafted armor and weapons can have unique properties, but magical armor and weapons might need to be obtained in a different manner. Not sure yet, and open to suggestions on this...

    But, one thing I certainly want to approach is the functionality and magical classification of jewelry.

    Currently, there's 3 types of jewelry. Ring, amulet and bracer.

    I kinda want each type to serve a different classification of purpose. Such as, rings provide powerful yet temporary buffs. Amulets offer finite protection. Bracers... maybe offensive effects?

    For example. You can craft a 'blank' ring. You can stick the ring in the enchant table and apply a limited range of potion effects and enchants to it, such as health regen, absorption, invisibility...

    The ring only applies the effect when you place it in a ring slot. Once you place it in the ring slot, it begins draining. There will be a durability indicator on the ring, the slowly drains while equipped. Once it drains completely, the ring breaks, and you no longer get the potion effect.

    There will be different kinds of rings, as well, like silver, gold, etc, with each one having different base durations (silver could be 5 minutes, gold 10 minutes, etc)

    Next is amulets, which can be enchanted with defensive effects, like protection, blast resistance, fire resistance, etc. Amulets aren't duration based like rings, but instead work off of individual hits. Anytime you take damage from the damage type the amulet provides protection for, the amulet's durability is reduced. So, a fire resistance amulet will only lose durability when you take fire damage.

    Bracers provide offensive capabilities, like strength, wither, bane of anthro, etc. Bracers take durability when you deal damage, just like weapons.

    Not sure how I want cloaks to function. Perhaps make them purely aesthetic and as rewards for things like mastering a mod (kinda like Runescape skill cloaks for maxing out a skill - if you get far enough in, say, Forestry bees, you get a bee cloak)
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    Beta Version 30 out now.

    Server world has been reset and ready to be explored!

    We've made big strides lately, with the biggest update being that we've added over 100 structures that will generate randomly in the world. These structures range from simple decorative objects to dungeons with traps and loot.

    We also removed subsistence, as it was causing spiders to litter the world with webs, no option to disable, and no longer maintained.

    Mods such as mariculture, RTG and Streams have been updated. Streams should no longer cause cobblestone streams, which was another major bug with this pack.

    Another big bug squashed was sea oats causing high entity counts on beaches, leading to time outs. If we encounter other plants that cause performance issues similar to sea oats, it's as simple as dropping their dropped entity count to 0 (mostly a reminder to myself)

    We've begun working on a new set of custom mods that aim to add content and features to Tradewinds, with the first of these mods being a Death Overhaul mod. This mod will remove the ability to set your spawn point at beds. It will add a new block which I can configure and place in the world. The intent is to place this block in main cities - players will be able to interact with this block and set their respawn point at that block's location. Basically, it's like setting your spawn point at a bed, except it's a block and not a bed, and the map makers (myself) will determine and restrict the locations of these blocks.

    This mod will also make death more meaningful, but also add methods of keep inventory and keep XP.

    Dying will cause you to lose all your items and XP, but is stored in a corpse which you can go back to and retrieve. You will have a limited time frame to do so, after which the corpse will turn into a zombie, whose strength is scaled based on how much XP you lost when you died.

    The mod will add items that you can craft and wear in jewelry slots that allow you to keep certain parts of your inventory as well as a percent of your XP. The jewelry item will be destroyed on death.

    We also plan to make and add a mod that creates a system similar to Agricraft but for farm animals.

    Moving forward with testing and development, our goal is to get our hands dirty with playing through mods and exploring the world to discover balance needs, issues and bugs, and continue working (more heavily) on recipe and progression tweaking.

    If you would like to hop on in and test & develop with us, let me know! The more people playing on our beta world, the more quickly we can discover and fix bugs, balance issues, etc.

    I don't plan to squash *every* bug and balance *every* recipe right away, but rather want to hit a solid baseline from which we can release on, then implement further, minor tweaks and bug fixes through post-release updates.
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    Updated to V33

    Steel production has been overhauled and streamlined
    Producing steel now only uses as few mods as possible, removing redundancy.
    The process is as follows:
    Obtain coal
    Using bricks made from kaolinite (obtained by combining clay and sand, or mined), craft and assemble an immersive engineering coke oven
    Produce coke using either coal or prepared coal (minefantasy recipe that allows charcoal to be used as well)
    Craft and assemble an IE blast furnace or a MF2 blast furnace
    IE blast furnace is more efficient
    Place iron in the blast furnace. MF2 accepts both coal and coke, but IE only accepts coke
    This produces pig iron
    Blast the pig iron once more to create steel

    Along with this, railcraft blast furnace and coke oven are disabled, as well as many of non MF2 steel armor and tools

    We changed enviromine temps across all biomes. Temps are now uniform and streamlined
    Cold, cool, warm and hot biomes
    Warm biomes have a fairly stable temp, and you should no longer get too hot or cold when standing outside in the sun in these biomes. Rain and night still have temp drops, but night drops may be removed due to a UX conflict with too much time

    Hunger overhaul has been added. This is not to be confused with spice of life, which will never be included in this pack. The intent with hunger overhaul is to assign foods hunger and saturation levels based on complexity of the recipe, giving players incentive (but not forcing them) to eat something more complex than toast. However, hunger overhaul still allows you to live on a pure bread diet if you wanted to.

    Reliquary recipes have all been disabled. Altar of light has a new recipe. Reliquary recipes will be readded via different means, mostly involving the archaeology system, and the new enchanting table.

    Iron chest recipes have been disabled. New methods of getting upgrades will be added later.

    Stick recipe overhauled. Getting sticks is aligned with MF2 planks and use of a hatchet. Simply put, you now need to place a single log and a hatchet in your crafting grid, and you get 2 MF2 planks. Do this again with the planks to get sticks. Obtaining normal planks will remain the same, but turning those planks into sticks will also require use of a hatchet.

    Tradecraft got an update.
    Coins no longer crash the client when used. (This was a major bug, so now we can work on NPCs and shops using these coins)
    Boat crafter has been added. This is a special block that is required for assembling your boats. You must craft each component individually, then place the components into the crafter in a specific configuration depending on the type of boat and modifications you want to the boat.
    Currently the only boat available is the trade boat.
    Boats can be customized in various ways.
    You can change the color of the hull, attach custom images to the sails (limited to ingame item sprites), and upgrade your parts around stats such as durability (determines how long your boat remains in the water) and speed, as well as boat specific upgrades. For example, you can modify the number of trade pack slots on the trade boat. The fishing boat will allow for fishing pole slots.

    Upcoming changes:

    GUI overhaul. I'm working on a complete resource pack for all guis and interfaces. No more boring grey.

    Removal of natura. Redundant and doesn't offer anything unique.

    Flour and bread production will require a quern

    A ceramics and jewelry profession arc will be implemented. This will mostly require then use of a kiln and furnace, plus moulds.

    Agricraft as it relates to magic crops is getting an overhaul. Most things magic will be tweaked and streamlined through its own system, making use of special NPCs, factions and magical crafting. Magic crops via agricraft will be enabled, but will be difficult to obtain and reach. Special underblocks will be required for magical crops, and obtaining these underblocks will require the use of enchanting and relics.

    ProjectRed ores were somehow overlooked, and need to be disabled and readded via CoFH. Speaking of PR, I need to remove frames.

    An engineering and tinkerer profession arc will be implemented. This relates to gearworks, gearboxes, mechanical drives, machinery and most importantly, automation. Tradewinds is all about getting your hands dirty, moving around the world, and not parking your butt in one place a la "your base"
    Automation is what kills the need to explore and work with other players, and thus will be very limited and require higher levels of maintenance and costs than usual.
    The primary method of achieving this is to require a new item called "blueprints" in the final crafting recipe for blocks, items and machines that automate.
    For example, Foresty farm blocks or Ancient Warfare farms.
    These machines will not only require a plethora of machined parts and gears, the final recipe will also require the use of a specific blueprint, an item that can only be purchased from select NPCs. This allows us, the map makers, to set base prices for these blueprints, effectively giving your machines a base cost using money you must earn from trading. Essentially, you gotta do a lot of manual work to get to the point of automation, making automation late game.

    Additionally, NPCs may require certain levels of faction standing before accessing their shop to buy these blueprints, and in some extreme cases, blueprints may be limited to 1 per player, or 1 per time frame (like 1 per week), depending on what the blueprint is for.

    Blueprints will also have durability. Each craft with them reduces the durability, and once it hits 0, you must buy another to make more of that automation item.

    Blueprints may be required for other machines as well, but if we feel players are OK with having a lot of that machine, like the Arc Furnace, then those blueprints will be easier to obtain and have higher durability. But when it comes to things like the excavator, we want to severely limit how many of those are used on the modpack.

    Fast Travel:
    Something I want to reiterate is that Tradewinds is designed to have an expansive and lush world, and players are meant to explore it in as natural of a way as possible. Methods of fast travel such as /tp, /home, teleport items beyond the traditional ender pearl, flying, etc are primarily disabled and inaccessible. That's not to say there won't be a few methods of speeding up your travels beyond boats, horses and minecarts, but these methods may still not be enough to quickly travel across a continent.

    Therefore, we came up with a compromise - a method of fast travel that still requires exploration, but allows players to get from city to city fairly quick, using a method very similar to that of Skyrim via custom NPCs.

    It works like this. There's two cities, A and B. In each city there will be a fast travel NPC. You must talk to the NPC at least once to 'unlock' it (we may have to do some clever faction linking to pull this off, where talking with an NPC raises your rep so that all other NPCs allow you to travel to it)

    This means that if you want to get from city A to B using fast travel, you must have at least visited city B already and talked to their NPC. This then lets you travel between A and B using the fast travel NPC. And, yes, doing so will cost money.

    Cities with much greater distance between them will have outposts between the cities. These outposts will also have travel NPCs, and will be 'attached' faction wise to their nearest city, and you may travel to one of these outposts using fast travel.

    There may be some exceptions to the unlocking thing, such as taking a boat passage from city B to C.

    You can't fast travel with trade packs.

    We've begun working on world content! We're refraining from building complete cities and towns, due to a scheduled world reset prior to final release, but we are moving forward with NPCs, quests, lore and lexicon structuring, and getting a sense of direction we want to take with our world.

    Here's a few teasers:

    Cities and towns will be part of prefectures. A prefecture is a region containing a primary capitol city (which the prefecture is named after), plus satellite towns, farms and whatnot. Unlike real world prefectures, the ones in TW don't connect borders. In between prefectures will be the wilderness.

    The wilderness is defined as any area in the world which we map makers haven't modified or created tangible content in, and where there are no laws. This means mobs spawn as normal, players can modify, mine, build, pvp is enabled, etc.

    Prefectures though will have 'laws' governing them. In a more technical sense, we map makers will place MyTown claims over these prefectures, and split them into regions.

    The base prefecture region will have pvp enabled, building and world modification enabled, but mob spawning off. This gives players a bit of a safe zone around major cities to explore risk free. However, this is not to say prefectures are totally danger free. We may still implement custom NPC enemies such as bandits and thieves. Prefectures will also not be very large, and only cover the immediate areas around cities and related towns, farms, etc.

    Within prefectures will be capitol centers (that contain primary NPCs like bankers, vendors, etc), farms, and various districts, such as a port district for prefectures near water, trade districts (where pack crafting is located, and players can setup trade booths, plus a plethora of trading NPCs), worker/farm districts (where players can hire workers) and even player housing districts. Many of these districts will have stricter laws, where building and world modification is off, and these zones are 100% safe.

    More so on the side of lore and magic, we split magic into 3 schools, and magic in TW uses the pronoun of "Twisted"
    The school of the twisted mind, body, and blood, and they relate to different things, such as blood relating to potions, body relating to healing and resurrection, and mind relating the enchanting.

    Throughout the world, you will find various "Miin", or, academies of the Orsha (Body), Doro (Blood) and Ura (Mind). These Miin are where you can learn about the Twisted arts of Tradewinds. Visited the Miin and interacting with the NPCs there is necessary for learning how to progress through magic.
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  18. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    V36 out now.

    Further tweaking to EnviroMine temps. Biome temps no longer fluctuate based on day/night and weather, thus will remain a constant temp.

    We also warmed up temperate biomes a lil more, and disabled frostbite. Hopefully this will make it easier to maintain your body temp, and getting cold will be less frustrating.

    Work still needs to be done to configure items with temp offsets, such as giving lanterns some heat.

    Added Paint Buckets, and changed Open Blocks paintbrush recipes!

    Players can craft paint buckets using oil, dye and a bucket. This gives you a paint bucket with 10 uses. Use the bucket with a clean brush from Open Blocks (crafted using sticks, wool and string) to get a paint brush of that color, using up 1 use of the bucket.

    You can then use the paintbrush for various things (more recipes coming in the future as we see fit), such as painting blocks. Doing so removes durability from the brush. Reaching 0 durability on the brush resets it to the clean brush, and can be used with the bucket again to reapply paint.

    We will look for other ways to use the brush/bucket, such as getting colored wool by crafting it with the paint bucket instead of just dye.

    REMINDER: Our test server is open! You simply need to apply for whitelist (just ask us and we will add)

    Two towns have been established - the port town of Shunlaul, and the town of Bulsa to the south.

    Players can craft trade packs and trade them between the two towns.

    There's also a handful of NPCs to interact with.

    Note that this is a test world, so it will feel very incomplete. Still, you are free to explore and play through the mods. And as always, send us feedback!
  19. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    Updated to V39.

    EnviroMine temps have been tweaked (again). Temperate biome temps increased to ~82F. Speed multiplier for body temp increased to 3.

    Added Mob Properties

    Added glassblowing and glass crafting!

    Creating glassware items (bottles, vials, lenses, etc, but not glass blocks themselves) now requires the use of silicate blend, moulds (depending on the item you want to craft), and a glassblowing pipe.

    Obtain sand and soda ash. Soda ash can be obtained from mining limestone or burning kelp in a furnace. Players will also be able to buy soda ash from a glasscrafting NPC.

    Combine soda ash with sand to get silicate blend.

    Fire the blend in a kiln to obtain molten glass.

    Craft the molten glass with a glass blowing pipe and a mould to get the finished item. Doing this will reduce the durability of the mould. Moulds have 64 uses.

    Moulds can be crafted by crafting clay with the item to 'imprint' the shape of the item into the clay. Then, fire the soft mould in a kiln to get a hardened mould. You can also buy moulds from NPCs.

    Glassblowing pipe has unlimited use, and can be crafted with any tier 2 metal (iron, copper etc) via Minefantasy. Can also be purchased from NPCs.
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  20. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    V45 is out.

    Removed AntiqueAtlas in favor of Bibliocraft's Atlas.
    Removed Recurrent Complex, RTG and Climate Control from the client *only*. These mods are still used on the server, and are now in lightweight mode. (We're trying to cut down on the client load times and size as much as we can)
    Added Rails of War and RoW Automation. Basically, REAL trains!
    Added BC transport. We realized there was a severe lack of viable item and fluid transport. Even though we had IE conveyors and fluid pipes, they weren't very good for some applications.
    Added Power Converters 3. Some of the machines, such as Railcraft steam turbine, still produce only EU, and since we don't have IC2, players may need a way to convert power to RF in some cases.

    Began creating the first city, Rookington, which is a tutorial island.
    Players will spawn on a boat docked in Rookington when joining the server for the first time.
    Players will not be able to leave Rookington until they've raised their reputation with Rookington to Friendly.
    Reputation is earned by completing the tutorial quests throughout Rookington.
    Once rep is Friendly, players will speak to the captain of the boat they spawned on, and choose a city to travel to.
    This will bind the player's respawn point to that city, and will not be able to return to Rookington.

    This allows us to guide players through the initial steps and introduce them to the mods and systems of Tradewinds, and will allow us map makers to spread players out over the first few cities when this pack opens up.

    Then, in the future, we can change the available cities offered to be transported to by the boat captain to help put new players in cities and areas of the map that aren't as old/advanced, helping to ensure players feel like they're in a part of the world that still needs to be progressed and explored.
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