Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

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  1. Okay ill try and get on the server asap, any specific builds you want?
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    I would imagine the likes of town buildings, of around 1800s or earlier.
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    Ok, so how do we get V3? It's not through Dropbox, it seems.
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    All of the links I can find to the rebirth gaming website aren't working for me. How do I get the pack, as the technic launcher isn't finding tradewinds either and I can't work out how to install the file you posted in the comment above.

    -Edited for details
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    You really should change it to say Alpha 0.0.3 not Beta...this pack is definitely alpha :)
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    I would like to suggest to whoever is developing the Tradecraft mod, that a config option to change the currency to some other minecraft/mod currency or item would make it more viable to mapmakers :)
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    Hello everyone!

    Sorry I've been gone for a while. I kinda got hit a brick wall with development with several core mods, but there's been enough updates to them to continue development.
    I've also been busy IRL, and got side tracked with a lot of things.

    I think in order to really pull this off, though, I'm gonna need a consistent and reliable development team. People who are willing to submit meaningful feedback, etc.

    I'll start collecting my thoughts and reviewing my notes this week to pick back up where I left off.

    One of the biggest changes to the modpack though is that Better Beginnings now finally has Minetweaker support! This means BB can now officially be a core component of Tradewinds, and I'll be able to edit recipes as I see fit!

    The current version should be in the OP, but I will be pushing an update soon once I gather all the updated mods, etc.
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    Updated to Beta V4

    Added Project:Red
    Added Ex Compressum
    Added Ad Aqua
    Added MineFantasy 2
    Added FTB Utilities

    Removed Cogs of the Machine

    Updated Tradecraft - added the trade boat
    Updated Better Beginnings - Minetweaker Support

    The test server is ONLINE!

    More info here:
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    Ad Aqua has apparently been discontinued for Ex compressium, I can only find mention of it in an FTB post from feburary.
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    Yea, I noticed. I'll have to remove Ad Aqua, then. I had Ad Aqua laying around, so I stuck it in alongside Ex Comp
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    Updated to V5.

    Added CustomStuff.
    Quadrum seemed to be outdated and no longer being maintained. Looking at CustomStuff, it seems way easier to use and more feature rich, letting me add custom items to the pack, which will be necessary for creating custom NPC-sold items and trade ingredients.

    Removed Quadrum.
    Updated SGUBetterGeo

    Removed Ad Aqua - redundant against Ex Compressum. The mod allowed you to extract water from plants, and is part of Ex Compressum now.


    Adding some certificates for crafting trade packs! Certificates much be purchased from an NPC. There are different certificate grades, with higher grade certs being more expensive.

    Here's how certificates will work:

    Making a trade pack requires 4 ingredients, as defined by the map maker.

    Two of the ingredients will:
    - Almost always be a certificate.
    - Will always be a pack frame.
    The pack frame is something you can craft using fabric, wood and nails. You may also buy frames from NPCs.

    Certificates can NOT be crafted, and are always bought from an NPC.

    The purpose of the certificate is to allow the player to have some control over the base price multiplier of the trade pack.

    So, when you visit a pack crafting station, it may for example allow you to craft FOUR variations of, say, an steel trade pack.

    In this example, the recipe for crafting a steel pack would be 32 iron ore, 32 coal, 1 pack frame and 1 certificate.

    Now, there's four types of certificates. Low, standard, choice and pristine.

    Low grade is the cheapest, and pristine is the most expensive.

    Likewise, packs crafted using the low grade certificate will have a very low distance multiplier, meaning that even if you travel a really long distance, your profits will be quite low. This would make low grade certificates ideal for cheap packs, like basic wood and stone packs, and for travelling shorter distances for quick money.

    Pristine certificates, however, will have a very high multiplier bonus. If you travel very far, your profits will be great. BUT! If you use a pristine certificate and only travel a short distance, you may actually end up losing money since the certificate is expensive. Likewise, if you use a pristine cert on a cheap trade pack, like a basic stone and wood pack, it may have such a low base value that the multiplier can't make up for it, and again, you would lose money.

    This makes players have to decide what certificate is best for their packs. It also would make players have to learn trade routes. Which packs are best with which certificates, and what travelling distances/modes of transportation are best? It may not be worth making, for example, an iron/coal trade pack with Choice Grade certs if you're travelling by foot to the next town over... however, it may be EXTREMELY profitable to do the same if you used a 9-slot trade boat and sailed across the ocean.

    I will also be adding other types of certificates later on for other purposes.
    One type of cert will be the boat construction certification. It will be used in crafting, you guess it, boats. Likely, you will have to visit certain port-cities, and talk to a warf manager NPC to buy this certificate. Combine it with other hard to obtain materials to craft your boat.
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    Now on V7

    Updated Tradecraft to fix an issue with boats not rendering on servers.


    Removed Smallboats. It's way too buggy on servers. Boats appear to teleport/spaz out. We will be adding our own boats to Tradecraft anyways, and should be better optimized for servers.

    Added the certificates. For now, you can find a chest at spawn with certificates and pack frames to begin constructing your first trade packs for testing and feedback.

    [We also installed Dynmap and added the beta server map to our website.]


    This map is ONLY for beta/testing purposes. I do NOT intend on using Dynmap for the final, live server.

    The purpose of using Dynmap for the beta server is so testers can see where trade stations are to help speed up the testing process. The live server will feature a more difficult exploration system, but for now, just find a trade station on the map and go. Additionally, feel free as a tester to build more trade stations/crafting stations, but be sure to let the staff know so we can mark them on the map.
    Note that only OPs can actually place down pack crafting stations and pack delivery stations, and only OPs can configure them.
    Rebirth staff on the server have OP, so ask one of them to place down a station if you want to test it out.
    Also, feel free to ask any of the OPs for anything else, like items or machines, for testing purposes. Or, just ask us to set you to creative mode.

    You can choose your method of transportation as you please - mule, boat or by foot. Just be sure to provide feedback on the methods of transportation, any bugs or concerns with trading, etc (like, is using a mule too glitchy? Is using a boat too overpowered? Is travelling by foot too difficult in certain biomes?)

    The map indicates TURN IN locations with coin icons, and PACK CRAFTING locations with a hammer, as shown here:



    To craft a trade pack, first visit a pack crafting station. These will tell you what packs are available for crafting, and the ingredients required.


    Open up the pack crafting station:


    From top to bottom:

    The 'chest' slot simply shows you what's currently equipped in your chest slot. This is because once you craft the trade pack, it will AUTOMATICALLY be equipped to your chest slot, and force whatever you are wearing in the slot to be placed in your inventory. Be sure you have at least one free slot for this action.

    Trade packs can never be placed in an inventory. They must either exist in your chest slot, or on the ground. Attempting to remove a trade pack from your chest slot will drop it on the ground.

    The only exception to this rule are special inventory slots on carts and ships that are part of the Tradecraft mod, specifically designed for carrying trade packs.

    Under the chest slot is the name of the pack. In this example, it's "Stone & Wood (D)"
    The (D) indicates the grade of the pack. In this case, it's a low grade (D) pack, with only a 2x distance multiplier.

    Underneath the name is a pack selector. Pack crafting stations can craft multiple packs, so click the left and right arrows to browse other trade packs to craft.

    This shows you what is required to craft the pack. These ingredients must be in your inventory. You can mouse over each item to see the tooltip. Please note that at this time, pack crafting does not support ore dictionary values, and you must use the exact ingredients listed.

    Most of the time, trade packs will have the same two ingredients - the pack frame and a certificate. In the above image, it's the two items on the left side of the ingredients. The top left is the frame, and the bottom left is the certificate.

    Certificates can never be crafted, and must be purchased from NPCs for a fixed price.

    Frames can also be purchased from NPCs, but may also be crafted. They will be relatively easy to make, but your first trade packs may require NPC-purchased frames while you set up the infrastructure needed to make your own frames.

    Here's the currently implemented method of crafting frames (subject to change based on feedback - it's all done via Minetweaker, so I can change the recipe quite easily)

    First, you must have a Better Beginnings advanced crafting table. Simply craft 2 crafting tables and place them next to each other. BB overrides the default, vanilla crafting table, but you can still obtain vanilla crafting tables by placing a BB crafting table into the crafting grid.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Once you place down your two crafting tables to make an advanced crafting table, prepare the materials for the frame.

    Here is the overall recipe for making a pack frame:
    (Catalyst) 4 Nails - MinefantasyII
    7 Timber - MinefantasyII
    2 Tough Fabric - ImmersiveEngineering
    These materials are pretty 'early' in terms of progression, so it's something I hope most people can make easily.


    To get hemp, you simply grow it.
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    Now on version 10.

    Added Minetweaker support for Minefantasy2.

    Also, WE NEED BETA TESTERS! We need people to play the beta and provide feedback. No, there's no trading yet - we are focusing on play testing mods and ensuring they work well with one another, and implementing balance and progression.
  15. Rebirth Gaming

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    Version 17!

    Here are the current and upcoming changes:

    Buildcraft has been removed, and instead only included the BC Core and BC Energy modules. This essentially means that the only BC components in the modpack are the engines, the gears, and the oil and fuel.
    Our decision is behind this is this:
    - BC machines, like the quarries and fillers, were going to be disabled anyways. They are either overpowered for this modpack, or they cause crashes due to changes to our world gen.
    - Immersive Engineering already includes methods to transport items and fluids.
    - We still wanted oil and fuel to be a resource, so using those two modules accomplishes just that.

    We've made a recipe using the IE refinery to process oil into fuel, which can then be used with the IE generator or the BC combustion engines.
    The refinery recipe is 1 part steam + 4 parts oil = 2 parts fuel.
    The idea is that steam is used IRL oil refining (to super heat the oil), and will give more usage to ingame steam.


    Gany's End and Gany's Nether have been added.
    As a reminder, the End will be disabled completely. The Nether will have limited/controlled access. Since this modpack involves travelling, unrestricted access to the Nether could lead to players making shortcuts and exploits (since the Nether is 1/8 of the overworld when travelling).
    Instead, Nether portals will be disabled and placed in specific locations in the world. The Nether will act more as a dungeon scene/quest objective rather than a world players can freely roam around.

    Because of this, acquiring materials from the Nether and End could prove to be difficult or outright impossible. Gany's mods will step in to help with this.
    Both mods add crops/seeds that can be used to get stuff like blaze rods and ender pearls. I'll be incorporating these seeds into the farming profession, with a crossover into the magical/archaeology system (more on this below!)

    Some examples of this would be using Agricraft to cross breed seeds to acquire quartz seeds, blazing rod seeds, and even ender lily seeds. These crops will require specific conditions to grow, such as a block placed underneath the soil.

    Millenaire is being removed on the next world reset. Too buggy on servers, and methods I've implemented to overhaul core systems in the world affect the growth of Millenaire villages in a negative and unexpected manner, such as furnaces not being able to smelt glass, therefore villages can't get glass to expand.

    Chocolate Quest was removed. Didn't offer anything particularly useful. It's a great mod, but doesn't suit this modpack like I thought it would.

    Added Ancient Warfare. This is more in line with the modpack. You have a progression system which allows you to hire and manage workers. Trade will still be integrated, one way or another. I haven't become familiar enough with the mod yet.

    JewelryCraft2 was removed. Lots of issues with is.

    Added GrowthCraft. Not sure how it will play out with Pam's and Agricraft, so more testing it needed. GrowthCraft adds the ability to make alcohol, which is something I want, but it also adds its own plants and crops, which might not fit well alongside Pam's and Agricraft. Agricraft needs to stay for sure, but there may be some more tweaking between Pams and GrowthCraft. If I can find a stand alone brewing mod that hooks into Pam's, thought would be a better option...

    Now for the...


    We've come up with an archaeology system to help fix some balance issues and substitute some things we removed. This system will do the following:
    - Make exploration and dungeons interesting and require NPC trading/interaction
    - Allows us, the map makers, to nerf dungeon loot overall to prevent players from finding loot that skips progression, but still keeps loot fun and rewarding.
    - Allows us to tweak the recipes for Artifacts and Reliquary items so they are balanced.
    - Gives the modpack an extra 'thing' to build trade packs from and to trade with players.
    - Gives players a method for acquiring Nether and End items, even though the End is disabled and Nether is restricted.

    In a nutshell, the archaeology system works like this. You explore the world and find dungeons and dig sites. You find something called a Relic Fragment.


    Next, visit an NPC archaeologist and purchase Archaeology Tools. Combine the tools with 8 Relic Fragments to produce an Unidentified Relic. Archaeology Tools have 10 uses before it breaks. (may change this)


    After getting an Unidentified Relic, visit an archaeologist NPC to have it identified. The NPC will return 1 of 9 random items.
    The 9 possible items are the Weapon Fragment, Staff Fragment, Nether Rune Fragment, Ender Rune Fragment, Armor Rune Fragment, Phial Fragment, Tool Fragment, Tablet Fragment, and the Crucifix Fragment.

    Now, here's where it gets interesting! These various identified fragments must be put back together. You will need multiple of a single fragment type, so lots of digging will be required!

    In order to put fragments back together, you need a Mystic Binding Agent. To get that, you need to infuse glowstone dust into clay using the infusion table.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For this, we are using a custom mod which changes how the enchanting table functions. Simply put, enchanting no longer requires bookshelves. Instead, it requires a combination of items AND experience. Not only will default enchanting require this, but so will many components of magical items from Reliquary and Artifacts!

    Here's the genius part! Glowstone is going to be a major component for enchanting and making magical items. However, since the Nether is restricted, players must use another method to get glowstone... using the Altar of Light from Reliquary!
    If you're not familiar with this item, here's how it works. You place 3 redstone dust into the altar, wait 2 days, and a glowstone block will appear on top of the altar. This will make redstone an essential resource for making enchanted and magical items.


    Once you have the Mystic Binding Agent, it's time to start repairing those relics!

    This is where the system is still WIP, but here's an example of one item you get from fragment repairing:
    Combine 6 staff fragments and 1 mystic binding agent to get the Ancient Staff. This recipe might change to require the table...


    This is the final product of fragment processing. Once you have this, you are ready for the next step, which is imbuing, in this example, the staff with other items in the modified enchanting table to get one of the Reliquary staves, such as the Sojourner's Staff (which lets you place torches from a distance) or the Pyromancer's Staff (shoots fire).

    One last thing. Falling Meteors. Creating items from Reliquary and Artifacts will not only require these finished relics, but will also require items from the Falling Meteors mod. I've added cores - the Meteor Core, Frezarite Core, Kreknorite Core and Red Meteor Gem Core, which you acquire by binding meteor stuff with the mystic binding agent. This means that not only will players have to explore to get relic fragments, but they also have to explore to get meteors (and get to them before they cool off!).

    All in all, this should make exploring and looting more of a process of resource gathering and processing, rather than just getting lucky and getting a powerful item that skips progression or breaks the game. Don't worry - dungeon chests will still include an assortment of other loot that should be fun and interesting, like useful materials and even unidentified treasure maps and lore books (which can help you discover new trade locations, NPCs, and more!)

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  16. Rishenda

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    This pack is sounding amazing, though I am sad that Millinaire has been taken out.
  17. EmyLightsaber

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    I am running into issues with getting sharp stones, all of the chisel stone blocks damage me when I punch them (to get sharp stones), but don't actually give me any sharp stones on the second try.

    Edit: Specifically, the Diorite, Limestone, Adenosite, and Basalt ones.
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  18. Rebirth Gaming

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    Yea, it's an issue with mod conflicts regarding early game progression. There will be a fix soon, but for now, you will need to skip this step in early game progression via creative or something.

    Here's what's happening:

    MineFantasy adds sharp stones, which you're supposed to get from punching stone. This is an issue in itself because we don't have vanilla stone spawning in the world (instead, we have materials like limestone which oreDict as stone, along with chisel blocks like diorite, etc as you mentioned.)

    Normally, you would be able to punch blocks by fist. However, we have another mod called Better Beginnings which adds a mechanic that forces players to use the correct tool to harvest and destroy blocks.

    The intended progression for Better Beginnings is to find gravel, punch it to get flint, make a flint knife, punch leaves to get saplings, craft the saplings with the flint knife to get sticks, kill animals to get leather, craft the leather with the knife to get leather strips, then craft a flint axe, chop wood, kill animals to get bones, make an advanced crafting table (just two crafting tables next to each other), then craft the bones leather and sticks to make a bone pickaxe. THEN from there, you can start getting stone and other materials like normal.

    Just ignore most of that for now. I plan to gut out most of the crazy steps involved in early game progression, and to make it more streamlined. Also, players will be given starter kits, which will include a basic set of tools and some money, which they can use to buy a couple more starter kits, like a blacksmith kit, survival kit, etc, from NPCs. This will not only allow players to skip the super early progression implemented by BB and MF2, but also get a head start in specific vocations, like tailoring, blacksmithing, mining, etc.

    Still, I will be making sure early game progression is easier to understand, just in case players find themselves in an odd situation where they have no tools, items or money.

    Just know that the whole 'getting hurt when punching stone and wood' thing is an intended mechanic.

    One last thing - if you're on our test server, you have access to the creative/survival gamemode command.


    I've been playing more with world gen settings. I'm almost happy with my settings. Might turn islands down a little bit, and implement climate banding to ensure I have both hot and cold biomes within X distance of spawn.


    Note that each grid square is 6000x6000 blocks. It would take a player about 20 minutes to cross one square on the grid by foot.

    The red squares are just ideas for where to put trade ports. Although, if you look at 'The Bay' at -36000, 0, I think I might base the initial spawn around there, and limit the world to a 5x5 grid square radius around it (so, from -48000, -12000 to -24000, 12000)

    The only problem is that area wouldn't include any cold biomes, which is why I want to mess with settings some more to get climates to band along certain latitudes. The seed for this map, however, is pretty good. I'm very fond of that bay area.
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    Looks like the rebirth server needs Steamcraft, the /AcceptRules chat thing doesn't work, and Spawn is at the bottom of the Ocean.
  20. not sure if you accepting mod suggestions anymore but ye gamol chattels has a really immersive carpentry system which might be an interesting trade/profession

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