Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Rebirth Gaming, Jun 2, 2015.

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    I actually took a look at that one.

    Both do more or less the same thing. I guess it's a toss up between the two. Might get a vote. AA is easier to manage and probably much more aesthetically pleasing. Now that I think about it, I can still do hidden treasure maps with AA. Hmm. Decisions...

    Oh, bit of an update.

    Realistic Terrain Gen got a significant update!

    Seems a little more buggy than the previous, but I love what they did.

    Maintaining world gen configs is kinda messy right now.

    With the previous version of RTG, world gen handling went something like this:

    You have biome-adding mods like Highlands and ExtraBiomesXL.
    Now, normally, these two mods are standalone, and you must use one OR the other.

    Then there's RTG. RTG doesn't actually add any biomes or blocks. All it does is overhauls the world's generation patterns. It makes mountains taller, rivers widers, sand dunes more realistic, etc.
    RTG is its own world type "Realistic"
    Therefore, the dev made RTG compatible with biome mods.

    The way this works is RTG looks for other biome mods installed, and passes those mods through it to populate the world with those biome mods' biomes. (Which is cool, because that means I can use both Highlands AND EBXL. Neat!)

    Confused yet?

    Now, there's another layer to this! ClimateControl.

    CC allows me to configure things like biome sizes, frequency of certain biomes, land merging, biome climates (like hot, cold, PLAINS, etc), and other stuff.

    It gets yet even more confusing. There's yet another layer on top of all of that, which is NatureOverhual. This mod has even finer tuned control over the climate of each biome, by setting the humidity and temperature of each biome.

    As a side note - I believe mods like EnviroMine only reference vanilla biome climates, like snowy, PLAINS, etc, and NOT NatureOverhaul's climate control system. NO's climate system is purely for determining growth/death rates, so it's more or less stand alone from CC and RTG.

    Ok. Whew. Now, previously, RTG and CC configs were stepping on each others toes. They both had some overlapping control.

    Well, with the newest version, RTG got smart and decided to make CC (or another similar mod) REQUIRED to run RTG. Good! This means that RTG now hooks into CC (or vice versa, idk), and I can now use CC's configs to manipulate my world.

    Also, biome transitions are much smoother, and there should no longer be any mixing of hot and cold biomes.

    World gen is still super RAM hungry. Still working on solutions to bring that down.
  2. Enviromine may not hook into NO, but you can completely fine tune and customize the ambient temperature and whatnot of each biome through their profile configs. I'm sure I've tweaked my biomes in TWBB.
  3. Rebirth Gaming

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    Finalized ore unification!

    Here is a breakdown of ores and their sources. This is NOT the biome specific list, as that is still in progress.
    ** Metalforge doesn't yet have a config to disable ores. I noted those with asteriks. They will be disabled as soon as the mod is updated to implement configs. Until then, they spawn in world gen.

    Primary - vanilla
    Secondary - Quartz veins (when mined, drop gold nuggets. Quartz veins are found in the overworld)
    Tertiary - placer deposits in sand in rivers. Basically, you can pan for gold.

    Primary - SGU's Banded Iron Formations. You mine it just like iron ore. It just looks different.
    Secondary - SGU's Skarn

    Primary - SGU's coal in sandstone/limestone. Mine it like normal, except mining level is affected by the material it's in.
    Secondary - Metalforge's brown coal. A lot more common, but very "dirty". Doesn't burn very long.
    ** Rich Coal Ore

    Primary - SGU's Marble with lapis
    Secondary - Railcraft's geodes
    Tertiary - chance to drop from mining SGU marble

    Primary - SGU's kimberlite pipes. Don't know what those are? Google it =)
    Secondary - Railcraft's geodes
    Tertiary - Placer deposits in sand. Pan for it in rivers.

    Primary - SGU's Gabbro with redstone
    Secondary - Skarn

    Primary - Railcraft geodes
    Secondary - Pegmatite. Chance to drop when mining it.

    Simply from overworld quartz veins.

    IE's copper ore. Only source.
    ** Copper Ore

    BAUXITE (Aluminum)
    SGU's bauxite. Only source, and found in tropic environments. May CoFH more locations, depending on rarity.

    Primary - SGU's Gabbro with titanium
    Secondary - Mariculture's rutile ore
    ** Rutile Ore

    IE's nickel ore. Only source.

    Primary - Steamcraft2
    Secondary - chance to drop from SGU's marble

    Primary - Metalforge
    Secondary - Skarn

    Primary - Forestry
    Secondary - Pegmatite

    Primary - IE
    Secondary - SGU quartz with silver
    ** Silver Ore

    Shadow ore (Jewelrycraft2)
    Wootz ore (Forgecraft)
    Cobalt ore (Metalforge)
    Doomsteel ore (Metalforge - nether only)
    Satanite ore (Metalforge - nether only)
    Dead Iron ore (Metalforge - end only)
    Uranite ore (Steamcraft2)
    Brimstone ore (Steamcraft2)
    Phosphate (Steamcraf2)
    Weak Rubium ore (Metalforge)
    Meteorite ore (Falling Meteors)
    Frezarite ore (Falling Meteors)


    As for biome specific ore gen, I may have a method... at least, how to group my biomes. One of my mod I'm using, CliamteControl, lists biomes as Hot, Cold, Deep_Ocean, Warm, etc. From what I can tell, there are a total of 7 groups. This is a hell of a lot better than trying to distribute ores across 250.

    So, what I think I'll do is reference CC to compile my list. All biomes that are registered as HOT will have ore distribution A, COLD will have B, etc.

    What is A, B, etc? Well, it'll be a list of ores and their weights. So, group A would be something like "Iron is common, coal is common, tin is rare, titanium is rare, gold is none existent, etc". Group B would be different.
    Then, I assign, for example, group A to all cold biomes, B to all hot biomes, C to all deep_ocean, etc.

    Seven groups, each with different ore weights.

    I then go into each mod's configs and turn off ALL ore gen, and, using the list above, distribute ores by using CoFHCore to include all biome IDs that fall into their respective category.

    Some ores I may just not even worry about, since SGU handles some of them quite nicely.
  4. Coco12570

    Coco12570 Active Member this could be very valuable when you want to change different aspects of biomes such as...

    • Their Type
    • Their Color
    • Their Temperature [Used by EnviroMine for several things]
    • Their topblock
    • Their filler
    • Their Actual Filler Block
    • You can replace all blocks in a certain Biome with different ones
    • You can remove Biomes you dont want
    • And many other things I can't list in this post

    comprehensive guide can be found here
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    We're already using Climate Control, which does something similar. In fact both CC and BT are now dependencies for RTG (either or, not both)
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    Welp, I've hit a snag and can't for the life of me figure this out. Calling all CoFHCore experts!

    I derived a list of biome IDs and which ores to restrict to certain biomes.

    Using CoFHCore, I created this config, but for some reason, it's just not working. The ores don't spawn, at all, in my world. I even used some of the included cofh commands to check the world.

    Hmm. Might be a mod interfering with it, but I've disabled my biggest suspects (SGU, CC, RTG...) and still no go.

    Hopefully I can figure this out. Probably the last big thing I need to implement prior to my first public beta =)
  7. Coco12570

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    When specifying multiple materials (Or really multiple anything relating to WordBased values), do it like this

    "Material": [
    {"name": "minecraft:stone", "metadata": 0},
    {"name": "minecraft:dirt", "metadata": 0},
    {"name": "minecraft:gravel", "metadata": 0}
    In which it will generate the ore in regular stone, regular dirt, and regular gravel.

    Because the way you wrote the script, COFH core is trying to read it like a massive string of letters and :'s and linebreaks and it has no idea what that means. When you seperated them in to their own mini "classes" CoFH core knows that it needs to separate the values which the ore is generating in.
    Also, I'm unsure of whether you need to include the MetaData part, but it certainly couldn't hurt to do so.

    Also, this is only based off of the Gold Ore at the beginning, I'll look it over for any other errors but it might take a little bit.
  8. Rebirth Gaming

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    Between this, and using actual biome names, I was able to get it to work, so thanks!

    Update time.

    A week or so ago, I had opened up the pack to private requests for an early alpha version.
    One of the biggest complaints was the sheer amount of load times for new worlds. This was expected, as my new worlds were taking several minutes to generate and start.

    With that in mind, I have created a test server. This puts all the world gen load on the server so that clients simply need to run the pack. Most testing will probably be carried out on a server from here on out, especially since I need to start confirming mods will run smoothly on a server.

    In fact, I ran into a problem with 2 mods, both had to be disabled or downgraded, and the issues have been reported to the respective devs.

    I'm preparing the modpack for a public beta. Details will follow when I'm ready to make it public.

    Aside from that, world gen configuration has nearly reached completion. Still waiting for a couple mod updates, and extensive testing will need to be done to determine how balanced and feasible it is, but the initial groundwork has been completed.

    As such, I have started to shift focus into other parts of the modpack. Doing some more work on the Tradecraft mod, like making boat models, and going to recruit some beta players to help me make structures for Recurrent Complex.

    We will also probably start creating another mod to overhaul the death system. More details on that later.
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    For the death system, you could force people into spectator mode when they die, and then after either a period of time or they go to a certain location, they ressurect? That would be a cool mod, could even add a meta about 'deathwalkers' or something.
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    I have an idea that I've already hashed out, based on an old mmo I used to play.

    Since the server will have pre-built cities and outpost towns, this will be a great fit.

    This idea will also punish the unprepared, reward those who are, and emphasizes the need to obtain currency to purchase death protection.

    Currently, the idea for the mod is as such.

    There are 4 primary aspects of the death system.
    Corpse and decay, restricted respawn locations, item loss protection, and xp loss protection.

    Corpse and decay:
    When a player dies, a corpse with their skin is left behind.
    The corpse goes through 3 stages. Stage duration is configurable. Each stage can also be turned off individually.

    Stage 1 - When the player dies, the corpse enters this stage. The corpse will contain all loot the player had, unless protected via the item loss protection system.
    The corpse can not be opened. If a player other than the owner tries to open the corpse, a chat message appears, identifying the corpse by name, and stating that it can't be opened/looted.

    Stage 2 - After X amount of time, the corpse enters stage 2. At this point, the corpse can be looted by anyone.

    Stage 3 - After X amount of time after stage 2, the corpse enters stage 3. At this point, 1 of 2 things can happen, depending on the mod's configuration.
    Option 1 is the corpse decays into a pile of bones. Breaking the skeleton simply causes a random number of bones to drop.
    Option 2 is a zombie. This zombie will scale in difficulty based on how many unprotected levels the player had upon death. The zombie will also grab one piece of random loot from the corpse, and will drop it upon dying. If that item is a weapon or armor, the zombie will use it.

    Restricted spawn:
    This mod will come with a config to disable bed respawning, which will enforce this system to be used.

    Map makes will be able to place down a special creative-only block that acts like a bed in regards to respawning (but can't be slept at).
    A player can right click any of these special blocks placed in the world to set their respawn location. So, when they die, they go there instead of their bed or the default world spawn.

    This will be useful for map makers who want to designate things like graveyards or temples, or other kinds of restricted respawn locations, and give players some freedom over which of the limited locations they can respawn at.

    Item loss protection:
    This part of the mod will add 3 gems. Map makers can either set crafting recipes for the gems, or restrict them in their own ways like making them dungeon loot, or sell them via NPCs, etc.

    Each gem has a function. Each gem must also be crafted with a ring or amulet to create a Ring of Loss or Amulet of Loss. When worn, it protects a certain part of your inventory from being lost when you die. The amulet/ring is destroyed as a result (configs to make it permanent or not)

    Gem 1 - Protects your hotbar
    Gem 2 - Protects your armor
    Gem 3 - Protects your inner inventory

    The gems can also be crafted together to create an omni gem. Simply put, it protects everything as a single amulet/ring, instead of having to wear 2 rings and an amulet.

    Whatever items were protected obviously won't be found on your corpse.

    XP loss protection:
    This part of the mod will add 5 items that each grant a Blessing potion effect.
    Each time you consume one of these 'holy items', you gain a stack of Blessing... so, Blessing I, II, III, IV and V.

    There are two approaches to this, and I'm not sure what's best, but...

    Method 1 - Each stack protects 20% of your XP. So, if you have 100 levels, Blessing I protects 20 levels. V is all 100.
    Method 2 - Each stack protects X amount of XP. If X is, say, 10 levels, then having Blessing III will protect 30 of them.

    Might see if both methods can be added with a config, and for method 2, be able to determine what X equals.

    The idea here is that either a crafting recipe can be set for the holy items, or map makers can sell them from NPCs, villagers or add them to dungeon loot, etc.

    Now, if you have, say, 100 levels, and you have Blessing V, and you die, the zombie in stage 3 from above's example will have zero levels, making it very weak... because, ya know, you kept your XP when you died. Otherwise, the zombie will have gained all 100 levels.

    Oh, and I made a boat! This is the boat players can craft to carry up to 9 tradepacks.


    And here we have a pass of how the terrain gen looks.
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  13. 4oh4error1

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    Is there a movement mod installed in this pack? I tried to play it but movement, I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's making me motion sick. It's almost like floating, sort of? The camera drifting maybe? Not sure what's causing it.
  14. Craig bruyson

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    played for a bit, struggled to get started. i think the animals need to drop bones in the better beginnings mod, but i'm either very unlucky or this is not happening.
    i am unsure how to select a profession too. Love the low tech, low magic theme of the pack, all the best with it development
  15. Rebirth Gaming

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    In our latest version (0.0.3), we've allowed all vanilla animals to drop bones. Zulu animals still don't drop bones - I'll have to configure that separately, but bones should be easier to get now.

    There's no profession system (yet). This is something that's still being discussed and planned out - not sure how I want to approach it. Likely, it will be a soft profession system, meaning no one is forced into it. Instead, different lines of crafting progression will be difficult enough that players will benefit from sticking to a certain type of playstyle, like fishing vs farming. Also, I will probably add kits players can purchase that help them get started with certain trades. For example, if you want to be a blacksmith, you can grab a kit with stuff like tongs, some crucibles, fire box, forge and anvil. It's enough to get you jump-started into a certain progression line, but you're still free to do something else.

    What I'm getting at is that there will be enough of a level of difficulty in craft progression that it will be difficult to be a jack-of-all-trades.

    There isn't. Can you describe or screenshot what's happening? It might be hypothermia or something from EnviroMine. They cause nausea
  16. jellevanhemert

    jellevanhemert New Member

    i could play version 0.0.2, could you maby say which mods u added to version 0.0.3 because i keeps crashing for now.
  17. RealKC

    RealKC Popular Member

    Do you have view bobbing off/on? That may be the problem.
  18. DireChyymeras

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    Hi if your still looking for recurrent complex builders I would love to help, pm me if you want examples of stuff I've built in it
  19. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    You're more than welcome to submit builds. I've created a flat world on the test server for players to make builds, and then save them directly to our server. Alternatively, you can submit your builds here or on our forums.

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