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Open Server Team Vortex | Friendly Players | Grief Prevention | 90 Slots| TeamSpeak | Minimum Restrictions

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by mnbvc655, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Hello! We, the folks over at CraftBeast have just started up our own Ultimate Pack server!

    mc.clanvortex.com or
    Craft Beast FTB is a new Ultimate FTB server, and we are looking for great people to join in and help us make this server really amazing! CraftBeast FTB is a 90 slot server for now although we can make more slots depending on how large the community gets. Join us today for endless fun, and to get involved in a great community!

    - Twilight forest is disabled, but will be re-enabled

    Other than just playing the ultimate pack, If you get bored.. There are a few things that can be done to pass the time
    The Arena:
    We have a mob arena that can be joined by typing
    /ma join
    It used the mobarena plugin, but we have added many custom bosses and events.


    -No Griefing
    -No Stealing
    -Be Mature, Be Respectful
    -No use of mods that give you an unfair boost (xray/hacks)
    -No Nukes
    -MystCraft ages are Donor ONLY, if found they will be deleted and you will be banned.


    What players have said:
  2. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

  3. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Users that register on our forums will recieve the [Member] rank ingame, alllowing them to use some extra features
  4. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    The first player town has been established!
  5. HouseMD75

    HouseMD75 New Member

    The IP here and the one on the website are different, which one do I use?
  6. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Use the one here, thanks for informing me!
    ill fix the website up as soon as im home!
  7. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Website has been updated
  8. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    upgraded server!
  9. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    Pretty good Server, 5-14 dollars for basic commands such as /sethome and /home however; and a whopping 20 dollars for /tpa!
  10. arox45

    arox45 New Member

    Server down?
  11. Conguy97

    Conguy97 New Member

    must be, its been offline for over 2 hours.
  12. Argenteus

    Argenteus New Member

    It's definately down for me.
  13. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Yes, sorry about that.. It was made under poor judgement
    Ill be working on our command system soon, so do not buy those packages as they will all be made default
  14. spam5000

    spam5000 New Member

    Servers down agian???
  15. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Server is set to restart every two hours, the warning system is.. buggy but your stuff should save spam5000
  16. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Server had downtime, but it has been fixed
  17. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    twilight forrest temporarily disabled as some users couldnt join
  18. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    we are now known as clan vortex
  19. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    we have moved to our new site!
  20. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Twilight forest was disabled, but will be re-added in the next version

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