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Open Server Team Vortex | Friendly Players | Grief Prevention | 90 Slots| TeamSpeak | Minimum Restrictions

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by mnbvc655, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    we hit the most users we have ever had today!
  2. leftler

    leftler New Member

    I have been playing on this server for the past week and it has been a blast! The community there is very welcoming and helpful.
  3. WarDave

    WarDave New Member

    For me the server has been getting lag spikes over the past 3 or 4 days thats making it unplayable. Today its kicking everyone off after a few mins. Guess I will have to end up running my own server again at some point.

    For some reason the server is getting 50% packetloss but when you do a traceroute to the IP the server is running on it I show no packetloss.

    3. tge7-1.dllatx38-er01.texas.rr.com 0.0% 416 15.8 12.0 8.5 48.9 5.0
    4. tge0-8-0-8.dllatx34-tr01.texas.rr.com 0.0% 416 19.3 17.8 11.8 52.4 3.3
    5. agg23.dllatx1k-cr01.texas.rr.com 0.0% 416 12.5 18.2 11.6 52.4 4.4
    6. agg21.dllatxl3-cr01.texas.rr.com 0.0% 416 21.5 17.8 11.8 39.5 3.4
    7. ae-8-0.cr0.dfw10.tbone.rr.com 0.0% 415 20.3 18.5 12.5 55.2 3.9
    8. 0.0% 415 12.0 15.4 11.7 95.0 6.4
    9. te0-7-0-15.ccr21.dfw03.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 14.3 15.0 12.1 45.8 3.1
    10. te0-2-0-4.ccr21.dfw01.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 15.8 15.3 12.5 34.9 2.8
    11. te0-2-0-1.mpd21.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 24.0 25.1 22.4 42.6 2.5
    12. te0-3-0-3.mpd21.sfo01.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 64.9 64.1 61.6 79.4 2.0
    13. te0-5-0-5.ccr21.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 78.0 63.9 61.8 94.9 2.9
    14. te4-2.ccr01.sjc07.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 415 64.2 84.5 62.2 274.0 47.4
    15. 0.0% 415 65.7 66.6 61.3 458.3 23.3
    16. 0.0% 415 64.4 68.0 61.7 399.7 28.9
    17. 0.0% 415 63.9 68.8 62.4 342.1 25.0

    But the TS server is getting 50% packet loss and the MC server is dropping people a lot. Is the server overloaded?
  4. Qwertz

    Qwertz New Member

    This is an excellent server! 15/10!! :p
  5. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    This could have been due to a mod that we had to remove from the server..
  6. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

  7. damunzy

    damunzy New Member

    I can't seem to talk on it or use anything at spawn including portals
    Never mind, it seems that it was my internet connection at McDonalds. :D
  8. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    ah! lol
  9. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

  10. Advance

    Advance New Member

    As a new player on the Vortex Ultimate server i can say thats the best server i have played on, never had lag issues, %99 of the items are available to everyone, friendly, active and helpful staff.
  11. Zach

    Zach New Member

    Well i logged in today to find most of my chests destroyed along with abunch of town, mnb is there anyway you could rollback the server to fix the dmg that has been done?
  12. Zach

    Zach New Member

    should only have to roll the server back, or use a backup to fix the dmg
  13. KJ_

    KJ_ New Member

    Played on the server for a couple of hours, and when I bought a protection block and tried to build a little house half of the veteran players on the server attacked me with portals to the moon and stole all my stuff. They also broke through my wall and stole everything from my chests even though I was inside of a protected area. Not a very nice community, and there aren't any moderators or admins on.

    edit: Also, as an fyi, the server admins have done nothing to prevent the well-known dupe glitches (such as the canvas bag dupe) and their town protection doesn't work against anything added by the modpack, let alone a player with an iron pickaxe.

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  14. UltraTurboPanda

    UltraTurboPanda New Member

    Any word on the status of the server? I logged on a few hours ago to play, and the whole town was a mess of grief and people accusing others. I try to log on again now and I'm not white-listed. Anything anyone has to say is appreciated.

  15. Zach

    Zach New Member

    Im guessing since the whitelist's up that they are working on fixing the griefing.
  16. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    We were griefed by another server! How Immature!
    We are working on a solution to this issue, we dont want to get into a fight
  17. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Griefers, please don't waste your time here; We are just a friendly community and we can log and rollback your damage
  18. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Its fixed now
  19. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 New Member

    Downtime was the result of a broken mod
  20. Danlupe

    Danlupe New Member

    Hey mnb, whatever you tried to do to restore my player doesn't appear to have worked. It is fine if you aren't able to restore it, I just want to know whether I should start rebuilding or wait for the possibility of it being fixed.

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