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Private Pack TahgCraft [Closed, Can't pay for it]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Tahg, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    Server: 3.4Ghz, 32GB ram, s.tahgcraft.com (Survival)
    Pack: Enter 'tahgcraft' in the Private packs section. Despite the section name, this is a public pack and anyone using the FTB launcher may download it and run it on their clients or servers. See below for download.
    General Rules:
    • Absolutely no griefing. Any reasonably confirmed griefing will be met with a ban, no refunds.
    • Mystcraft ages can be made by any group of people, but may be deleted with warning if they are found to be unstable.
    • Streaming and/or filming of the server is allowed, so chat should be kept relatively clean. Audio content can be whatever maturity level the filmer desires.
    Survival Rules:
    • This is a legit server. Anyone caught duping or otherwise exploiting Minecraft or a mod with be dealt with on a case by case basis. Penalties may range from deletion of duped items to a ban.
    • Please do not strip mine the overworld. This includes but is not limited to quarries, frame machines, and/or turtle excavation programs. If you feel you must, either restore the surface afterwards, or do so in a secluded area. One or more Mystcraft ages will be provided suitable for mining.
    Creative Rules:

    Application process:
    Currently, just PM me, and tell me your username if it's not the same as the forums.

    The server is running a personalized pack currently downloadable from s.tahgcraft.com:
    http://s.tahgcraft.com/TahgCraft_3_Update4Partial.7z (Just the mods since Update3)
    http://s.tahgcraft.com/TahgCraft_3_Update4Full.7z (all the mods and configs)
  2. harmy7

    harmy7 New Member

    I PM'ed u !
  3. nick493

    nick493 New Member

    I PM'ed you too
  4. Hops

    Hops New Member

    Dito what they said ^^
  5. Bombboa

    Bombboa New Member

    Ditto ^^^
  6. Laslon

    Laslon New Member

    Pm'd :) I will donate too :)
  7. harmy7

    harmy7 New Member

    anyone heard from tagh?
  8. Shivy011

    Shivy011 New Member

    Well I believe the post has only been up about a day, so I guess Tahg wants to leave some time to collect a fair amount of applications before deciding who to whitelist.
  9. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    It's been all of less then 24 hours. Stay calm everyone. I've been working on setting up the server. Open testing server is available at t.tahgcraft.com . Feel free to use this if you are considering donating, but want to test a connection to my box first.

    You will need to grab Mystcraft and its config from the DW pack for the time being.
    The testing server will not be backed up or monitored, it may be wiped at any time.

    I've checked all your applications, and I haven't seen any I've disapproved yet. Anyone who wants to donate can do so at http://twitch.tv/tahg . Please include your Minecraft name in the notes so I can crossreference. I'll probably randomly pick some people tonight / tomorrow from those who can't/don't want to donate.
  10. GoRoy

    GoRoy New Member

    Looks like I need SoulShards on the server. No problem, but I thought MindCrack added that by default. :0
    EDIT: Looks like I just need a newer version of it.

    EDITEDIT: Nono, the server needs version 1.14, but the newest Mindcrack has 1.15. Hrrrm, I need to download the older Mindcrack version now and replace the Soul Shard. :0

    EDITEDITEDIT: Hrm, even the first version of Mindcrack doesn't have version 1.14. Hmm....

    EDITEDITEDITEDIT: Ah, the DW20 pack had the version of Soulshards that was required! Yay!
  11. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    Oops, did I grab an older version of Mindcrack? Sorry about that.
  12. GoRoy

    GoRoy New Member

    Well, even the oldest Mindcrack has the new Soul Shards (v1.15), but still the server required v.1.14. :0
    Maybe thats why everbody gets kicked instantly when they try to join...
  13. harmy7

    harmy7 New Member

    i donated 30 $ tagh ! :D
  14. harmy7

    harmy7 New Member


    The server still says that is needs Soul shards 1.14 ;)

  15. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    Meh, seems like the MindCrack server pack is screwed. I think I fixed the version of SoulShards on the server now.
  16. GoRoy

    GoRoy New Member

    Yup, now the right SoulShard is on it. Wohoo! \o
  17. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    I Pm'd you
  18. NimeniAltu666

    NimeniAltu666 New Member

    PM'd you :D! Hope i will be accepted, my first photo is kinda lame, but i didn;t kinda build things, cause i find single player a bit boring :(
  19. ~Havoc

    ~Havoc New Member

    Hey, I haven't had any problems with SoulShards yet, but when I join I get a message saying that the server is missing mystcraft.
    (Mystcraft :
  20. ntmark

    ntmark New Member

    Add it manually as stated in OP, and further down for the config to use from the DW20 pack.

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