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Whitelist Server StrawHats • Ultimate Pack • 18+ • Dedicated • EU

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by tolana, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. tolana

    tolana New Member

    About us:
    Hello People!​
    We are a small group of friends, that have been enjoying ourselves playing FTB on a small server. but we want to play with others, and share the enjoyment and passion for the game.​
    our goal with the server is to build a small community with competent and passionate people who enjoys playing the game as much as we do, and have fun together. in a mature environment.​
    Banned Items:
    Nukes, iTnt etc,​
    everything else is on.​
    No Griefing/Hacking/Exploiting
    Nearly nothing is disabled, so build respectfully!
    Respect others
    Do not use chunkloaders irresponsible
    Do not kill other players, PvP is only allowed if both players have agreed to it.​
    The Server is on Hard.​
    With PvP on, but the playstyle is till PvE.​
    we use GriefPrevention, to Claim Areas. (only while we settle down)​
    Where are you From?:
    why do you want to join us?:
    How much do you play?:
    Favorite mod?:
    Tolana aka Lars
    Pankzor aka Victor
    Mat007 aka Mathias
    Server Specs:
    Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 4 Cores (8 HT) 3,4ghz
    16GB ram
    120gb ssd
    Located in France.
    Server IP:​
    Whitelisting is set on HOLD
  2. leej89

    leej89 New Member

    IGN: metalbuster101
    Age: 23
    Where are you From?: US
    why do you want to join us?: im looking for a server to play on that supports ultimate pack, there seems to be a lack in them and i really want to find a good one
    How much do you play?: quite often really, on a normal day probley around 3 hours or so, on weekends in much more, college does take up a large portion of my time tho
    Favorite mod?: i would have to say gregtech, im always up for a challenge and gregtech feels like it just expands the game so much more, and makes getting quantum suit a challenge not something u get in a day and half
  3. expl0s1ve

    expl0s1ve New Member

    IGN: trexpl0s1ve
    Age: 22
    Where are you From?: Istanbul, Turkey
    why do you want to join us?: The current server that I'm playing in is closing, so I'm looking for a new server to hang out and make new friends. :)
    How much do you play?: Depends; pretty much every day, 1 hour to 2-3 someties 5-6 hours.
    Favorite mod(s)?: TC3, BC, Forestry, Logistics Pipes, Railcraft, Gregtech
  4. Dozix

    Dozix New Member

    IGN: dozix
    Age: 24
    Where are you From?: Sweden
    why do you want to join us?: Im tired of playing solo, so im looking for a server with mature people on. Mostly to build nice co-op projects.
    How much do you play?: Depends on what im currently building, if its interesting i can play for up to 8/h per day.
    Favorite mod?: Thaumcraft 3
  5. tolana

    tolana New Member

    both whitelisted.
  6. grinkor

    grinkor New Member

    IGN: grinkor
    Age: 40
    Where are you From?: Spain
    why do you want to join us?: I am looking for a small group of mature people i can live with.
    How much do you play?: Couple of hours after work, a little more on weekends.
    Favorite mod?: Computercraft.
  7. tolana

    tolana New Member

    Both of Whitelisted.
  8. Marbla

    Marbla New Member

    IGN: GroggDog
    Age: 19
    Where are you From?: Sweden
    why do you want to join us?: I'm looking for a nice server with a good amount of people to start playing FTB again after a short break because of school.
    How much do you play?: I try to play every day but because of school I don't always have time. I try to play at least 1h/day but often around 5h/day when I have the time
    Favorite mod?: Buildcraft. It was the first mod I played with and love all the additions (Forestry, Thermal expansion etc.) I also enjoy IC2 and have basic knowledge in most of the mods
  9. tolana

    tolana New Member

    both whitelised!
  10. eXilir83

    eXilir83 New Member

    IGN: Elixilir
    Age: 29
    Where are you from: Switzerland
    Why do you want to join us: After all my friends stoped playing they left me all allone on our Server and i dont like playing Singleplayer. I dont want to play on an overfull Server either and everything You wrote about your server sounds lovely.
    How much do you play: Well, i try not to play to much, but i allways fail... its a few hours every day, even more.
    Favorite mod: I love Railcraft and Steves carts. Also interested in Applyed Energistics.

    I whould love to hear from you soon. Greetings
  11. Flyin_spaghetti

    Flyin_spaghetti New Member

    Where are you From?: Turkey
    why do you want to join us?: I have been playing DW20's pack for quite a while now and was considering switching to the ultimate pack. I believe the complex nature of gregtech will be most enjoyable on a multiplayer environment as it adds many complicated aspects to the game, which makes it harder and will promote teamwork in a way vanilla minecraft or less complicated packs never could. Along with actually playing the game, watching the community grow and work would also be quite interesting for me.
    How much do you play?: 1-2 hours most days if not more.
    Favorite mod?: Computercraft
  12. tolana

    tolana New Member

    both whitelisted.
  13. meach69

    meach69 New Member

    Where are you From?:US
    why do you want to join us?:my roomate metalbuster101 joined and he seems to be having a good time so i wanted to come and have some fun and get along with all of you and have a nice good time
    How much do you play?: as often as i can usally a couple hours or so
    Favorite mod?: probley i would say computercraft or anything along those lines, its really fun to mess with all the codeing
  14. tolana

    tolana New Member

  15. Pandemoneus

    Pandemoneus New Member

    IGN: Pandemoneus
    Age: 23
    Where are you From?: Germany
    Why do you want to join us?: I'd like to join a small community in which trust and fairness between each other exists. I also hope for a responsible staff that does not nuke other people and their buildings for fun (believe me, there is such a server).
    How much do you play?: Usually 3h but up to 8h, depending on how much I love to play. :)
    Favorite mod?: GregTech and Applied Energetics
  16. tolana

    tolana New Member

  17. N0rthic

    N0rthic New Member

    Where are you From?:Montpellier, France
    why do you want to join us?: Well i want to switch over to Ultimate. This server is located in France and that is great. I'd like to play with a small and mature community, maybe do some projects together. And to have fun.
    How much do you play?: well i try to play every day.
    Favorite mod?:Redpower
  18. Jussi Kuusiniemi

    Jussi Kuusiniemi New Member

    IGN: Verdat
    Age: 25
    Where are you From?: Rovaniemi, Finland
    why do you want to join us?: My last FTB server closed so i'm switching to ultimate. Also i liket to play with mature players.
    How much do you play?: Depends on the day, but usually couple hours and more.
    Favorite mod?: Redpower or railcraft.
  19. tolana

    tolana New Member

    both whitelisted!
  20. MynameisAK

    MynameisAK New Member

    IGN: mynameisAK
    Age: 18
    Where are you From?: UK - England
    Why do you want to join us?: I'd like to join a new, Ultimate pack server with a small mature community
    How much do you play?: Daily (couple hours each day)
    Favourite mod?: I would love to say Gregtech, just because it makes the game so more expansive. Saying that though I would also love to say Redpower, because windmills and Pneumatic pipes. But I can't say either of those purely for the fact of how Thermal Expansion is just so lovely to the player :p

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