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Whitelist Server StrawHats • Ultimate Pack • 18+ • Dedicated • EU

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by tolana, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. RoosterInASuit

    RoosterInASuit New Member

    IGN: RoosterInASuit
    Age: 20
    Where are you From?: Scotland UK
    why do you want to join us?: My last feed the beast server went down so I'm looking for a friendly community to start out again!
    How much do you play?: Random times really but more than 4 times a week
    Favorite mod?: RP
  2. tolana

    tolana New Member

    all whitelisted.[DOUBLEPOST=1363199134][/DOUBLEPOST]
  3. CZJasen

    CZJasen New Member

    IGN: CZJasen
    Age: 19
    Where are you From?: Czech Republic
    why do you want to join us?: I want to play with friends and my last FTB server ened
    How much do you play?:4 hours a day
    Favorite mod?: IC2, TC3, grechtech
  4. tolana

    tolana New Member

  5. XimeZ

    XimeZ New Member

    IGN: XimeZ
    Age: 20
    Where are you From?: Belgium
    why do you want to join us?:I prefer whitelisted server cause i like having a smaller community and using enderchests!
    How much do you play?:4 hours at least 15 hours max
    Favorite mod?: Thaumcraft 3 and Buildcraft
  6. rodolpho97

    rodolpho97 New Member

    IGN: rodolpho97
    Age: 18
    Where are you From?: Brazil
    why do you want to join us?: Because it's way better than playing alone. I want to have people to build with or just to see/show nice projects.
    How much do you play?: Averagely 4 hours/day
    Favorite mod?: I do like de pack, the way that it completes itself. But this question changes from time to time. Right now I'm interested into Xycraft, Extrabees and Mystcraft before everything.
  7. tolana

    tolana New Member

    both whitelisted.

    Whitelisting is set on Hold for now. it might get opened up again.
  8. Ruskey

    Ruskey New Member

    Updated my client now i cant log in :'(
  9. Emiloow

    Emiloow New Member

    IGN: Emiloow
    Age: 21 (22 the 20th of March)
    Where are you From?: Denmark
    why do you want to join us?: currently playing alone, but obviously more fun with others.
    How much do you play?: not all that much, sometimes i go crazy and play a ton.
    Favorite mod?: probably buildcraft or IC

    oh i didnt notice the on hold on whitelist, nvm then.
  10. Plasma

    Plasma New Member

    IGN: Plasma_Elf
    Age: 16
    Where are you From?: America
    why do you want to join us?: Looks like an exciting server
    How much do you play?: 4-5 hours a week
    Favorite mod?: Twilight forest
    I know the whitelist is on hold, I would just like to apply anyway so I don't miss it when it's off of hold.
  11. RoosterInASuit

    RoosterInASuit New Member

    Server been down for a few hours now, any eta?
  12. Pandemoneus

    Pandemoneus New Member

    When tolana is back.
  13. MynameisAK

    MynameisAK New Member

    Or Victor
  14. coolfocks

    coolfocks New Member

    Eternal wait
  15. Ruskey

    Ruskey New Member

    Pressing the refresh button is my new favourite thing!
  16. coolfocks

    coolfocks New Member

    I know right? But, in all seriousness, I've never been more productive. I've already wrote couple of programs, cleaned entire house, studied for all the tests and did some workouts. Looking back I think that Minecraft is taking large portion of my life and autocrafting it into useless chunks of wasted time. But it's so much fun yaay :)
  17. eXilir83

    eXilir83 New Member

    Wasted time that is enjoyed, is not wasted at all..

    But srsly... where are those Guys?
  18. tolana

    tolana New Member

    Server is back up.
    Please don't fight the hydra. it caused the crash.
  19. eXilir83

    eXilir83 New Member

    its down again
  20. xPainFreak

    xPainFreak New Member

    IGN : xPainFreak
    Age: 17
    Where are you From?: Greece
    why do you want to join us?: Because playing alone is very boring.I really want to play with other people and have fun.
    How much do you play?: I can play from 1 to 5+ hours a day.It's up to me or my day program.
    Favorite mod?: I like almost everything on modpack.Right now my favorite mods are xycraft,thaumcraft,grech tech,ic2

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