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Private Pack Somaren: 1.5.2 With Nerfed Gregtech! 50+ Slots, Whitelisted! Simple Frames Beta!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Shalashalska, Jan 17, 2013.


Do you guys want to keep your inventory on death?

Poll closed Jan 27, 2013.
  1. Leave it on

  2. Turn it off

  1. Invaders

    Invaders New Member

    That happens if oyu use outdated Bukkit plugins on FTB (or 1.5 for that matter), the only way to rectify this is to remove said plugins.
  2. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    How far from spawn are you? The world border is 3k blocks from spawn in a circle.

    Edit: The not being able to open most GUI's is probably because that when you joined, the server was generating every chunk within the 3000 block radius, so it was lagging pretty bad.

    What happens?
  3. klb2001

    klb2001 New Member

    1. nerdygamer1o1
    3.Yes, for the past few days.
    4.I can't find a server that has friendly players,and i enjoy all the mods.I also love to make different things that require lots of resources
  4. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

  5. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    I'm at at least 10k but I suggest removing that plugin I cant be accurate because I cant go to my house
  6. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    Why are you so far away?

    Also, switched permissions plugins from YAPP to PEX. Pex is a lot more user-friendly and less buggy.

    Edit: Due to the fact that I can use other people's homes, I disabled the world border and teleported to your home (it's called bed, right? Got a diamond ender chest, a sorting system and some machines. I'm hoping that's the right one). It's a bit over 6000 blocks away, and so I set the world border to be 7000 blocks from spawn (I don't want people getting too spread out, and I'd rather that you be considerably closer, but that is a rather nice spot you have there) and now the server is slowly generating every chunk within that radius. It doesn't seem to be causing a noticeable performance drop, but it may cause the server to be slower if you try doing some other intensive thing at the same time.

    Edit2: Kind of random, but don't use REP's. They will crash your client. Wireless jammers however do not.
  7. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    I was way off I'm only about 5.5 thousand blocks from spawn also I found this mod that adds aspects from other mods lastly Im still having GUI problems and can only open my inventory the tinker table and the forge lexicon

    edit: I cant eat either
  8. torpdeo

    torpdeo New Member

    Could you fix the config? I have a id conflict
  9. Invaders

    Invaders New Member

    Crafting bugs out, as in nothing can be crafted, I also think that every mode of travel (Including Portals) stops working.
  10. Benissbored

    Benissbored New Member

    1. IGN: Benissbored
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? Never!
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? Always. Since I first started playing mine craft I have used FTB.
    4. Why do you want to join this server? I love a small community of players! being able to work with everyone is awesome!
  11. sshawnsamuell

    sshawnsamuell New Member

    IGN: sshawnsamuell
    Banned? Once, due to bugs between Red Power and a mod added called TickThreading.
    FTB? Plenty. I know my way around most all the mods fairly well.
    Why here? Just looking for a nice Ultimate server to play on and the added mods seem like a fun change.
  12. Wisdoms

    Wisdoms New Member

    Does this server still exist? I'm whitelisted, but haven't been on it in forever- nor do I still have the private pack code.
  13. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    There never was a private pack code you have to set it up yourself and Shal destroyed the server by adding mcpc+ theres no reason to log in the servers dead
  14. jeviuss

    jeviuss New Member

    1. Your minecraft username: xEtnies
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? : No, I haven't.
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? Yes, I've had about 6 months experience with mostly Mindcrack and some Ultimate, and have experience with many other mods.
    4. Why do you want to join this server? I am looking for a fun community to play with and this seems like a fun one!
  15. DiamondKing489

    DiamondKing489 New Member

    Whitelist Applications
    1. Your minecraft username. DiamondKing489
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? No. Look: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/1545f93a343b62458284d256c486e7bdf84c9720
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? Been a long time and some private packs (which my friend adds mods that isn't compatible that makes it crash XD)
    4. Why do you want to join this server?Less grief, Better community, no PVP and safe building
    *Do we have raidcall or teamspeak cause I want to to voice chat instead. :)
  16. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    Ok, I recently got the server back up and running for 1.5.2, now based off of the 152wgt pack. I will be updating the OP, whitelisting people, etc. soon, expect everything to be updated in a day or two. I'm also going to be adding beta versions of electric fishing rod and Simple Frames. (probably a couple weeks until a beta version of simple frames is ready though)
  17. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    I will be setting up a TS server sometime after I get the server completely back up.

  18. DiamondKing489

    DiamondKing489 New Member

    Yey, I'll be joining later on (Maybe, Because I'm studying.).[DOUBLEPOST=1371890493][/DOUBLEPOST]Do we have any plugins on the server?
  19. DiamondKing489

    DiamondKing489 New Member

    How do we get FTB Ultimate to be 1.5.2 I have 1.4.7 only.
  20. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    Read the new installation instructions. Use the private pack code 152wgt

    Edit: Just finished recording an installation tutorial video. It should be up in a couple hours.
    Edit2: Never mind, the video was just a bunch of white dots on a black background. The audio was fine though. I'll try to get an installation video up soon.

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