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Private Pack Somaren: 1.5.2 With Nerfed Gregtech! 50+ Slots, Whitelisted! Simple Frames Beta!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Shalashalska, Jan 17, 2013.


Do you guys want to keep your inventory on death?

Poll closed Jan 27, 2013.
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  2. Turn it off

  1. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    General Information
    • The Somaren server is a relatively small server, with many mods. It runs on the Feed The Beast Ultimate pack, with quite a few additional mods.
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Mob Griefing: Off
    • Keep Inventory On Death: Off
    • Gamemode: Survival
    • Banned mods/items: Golden Bag Of Holding (It causes the server to crash every once in a while)
    Additional Mods
    • Electric Fishing Rod 2.0.2: here.
    • Immibis' Core 55.1.4, Microblocks 55.0.4, Peripherals 55.0.4, Infinitubes 55.0.6, Advanced Machines 55.0.3, LiquidXP 55.1.4, Redlogic 55.2.1, and TubeStuff 55.0.3: Here.
    • Dartcraft 0.1.17: Here.
    • Secret Rooms 4.6.0: Here. Added to FTB as a disabled mod.
    • ExtraBiomes XL 3.13.4: Here.
    • Biomes-O-Plenty 0.5.5: Here. Added to FTB as a disabled mod.
    • Gravisuite 1.9.3: Here. Added to the vanilla FTB pack.
    • Advanced Reactors Alpha 8: Here.
    • Ars Magica 5.52_013: Here.
    • Simple Frames Beta 0.0.1: It will be PM'ed to all who are whitelisted.
    • Extra Trees 1.7.0b: Here.
    • Logistics Pipes Dev #568: Here.
    Having trouble with the install? PM me and I'll help.

    1. No griefing or stealing. However, pranking is allowed, as long as it's not overly destructive. "Overly destructive" is based on an admin's judgement. F.e. Tier V zombie soulshard+mystcraft portals is not overly destructive, but using TNT on someone's base is.
    2. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting.
    3. PVP and stealing are NOT allowed, neither is griefing.
    4. Don't use vertical autominers (quarries, mining wells, etc) in the overworld less than 5000 blocks from spawn unless you cover the hole.

    Whitelist Applications
    1. Your minecraft username. This must be accurate, otherwise, even if you do get accepted, you will still not be able to connect.
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? (Being banned does not disqualify you necessarily, particularly if it was a ban because of admin abuse, but lying will)
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before?
    4. Why do you want to join this server?
    Server Specs
    12GB Ram (10GB dedicated to the server)
    3.1 GHz Quad Core Processor
    2 TB 5600 RPM HDD

    7/3/13- Updated configs, makes powersuits and MFR recipes easier. Also added two mods, logistics pipes and extra trees, however, you must delete extra bees from your mods folder.
    7/1/13- Updated to FTB Beta 0.8. The server is now on esper.net on the channel #Somaren
    6/25/13- Updated to FTB Beta 0.6, updated mods, added Simple Frames. The configs did not change.
    6/21/13- Server is back up, running 1.5.2 and a new world.

    Older News
    4/2/13- Yet another IP change. I have no idea what's going on, but my IP is changing super often.
    4/1/13- IP changed, yet again. This is not an April Fools joke.
    3/26/13- IP changed again. Sorry!
    3/25/13- Did a ton of whitelisting, and reset the end.
    3/21/13- I realized that the IP changed. The new IP is now up.
    3/10/13- Updated everything. Again. Now using FTB Ultimate.
    2/28/13- Finished updating everything. Also updated the configs.
    2/27/13- Restructured the news section.
    2/26/13- I'm back. I'm working on updating to DW20 5.1.1, and when I'm done, you will need to rebuild your entire modpack because of how many changes there are.
    2/18/13- Added Xeno's Reliquiary v1.0.5d.
    2/16/13- I will be gone from 2/17 until 2/15. TheLoneWolfling is now in charge of whitelisting.
    2/14/13- Improved server stability, and reset the end.
    2/11/13- Installed TickThreading, which improves server performance. Purely server-side, no need to install. The good news about this: It fixes the nether. The bad news: It breaks the accelerated symbol (It won't crash or anything, it just doesn't work)
    2/10/13- Updated configs to fix GregTech recipes not being configured correctly.
    2/7/13- Added Modular Powersuits.
    2/5/13- I decided to put timestamps on the news. Also, updated Minefactory Reloaded, Power Converters, and Nether Ores. Also, I am going to set up a teamspeak server as soon as I can get port forwarded. In addition, please note that Block Breaker does not work ATM, as I do not have time right now to set up the configs, if someone would like to do that, I would appreciate it very much.
    New version, new mods, new world!
    Spawn is mostly built, and is a Nexus and shop combination thing, with mystcraft portals to all the major dimensions (The actual nether is broken, so we have a messed up mystcraft pseudo-nether and shops)
    Updated Nether Ores, Minefactory Reloaded, and Power Converters.
    The server is now updated to 1.4.7. In the process, I also updated Logistics pipes, redownload.
    Removed Crafting Table III, added the server-side of Damage Indicators.
    New: Added Block Breaker, and along with it, updated Treecapitator, (Use the dev build now) adding block breaker caused treecapitator to crash. Remember to delete your treecapitator config when you update!
    New: Updated Condensed blocks to 2.0.2, with fixed IC2 support.
    Also, I may be re-adding millenaire, as it appears to be more stable in the new versions. We'll see.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Open up the FTB Launcher and add the private pack "152wgt" which is the 1.5.2 beta pack with gregtech. Then select it and switch the "Recommended" at the top of the screen to "0.8". Then run it to download the files.
    2. Optional: Open up MultiMC and hit the arrow next to add new instance, and then hit import from FTB, then navigate to your FTB installation directory, singleclick on the folder that has all of your packs, and then hit select folder. Then choose 152wgt. This will prevent you from having to completely reinstall when FTB updates.
    3. Install all the mods. Immibis' microblocks is the only coremod, everything else goes in mods. Then, go into mods and delete extra bees. It is included with extra trees..
    4. Go through your coremods and mods folders looking for things that end in .disabled. Delete the .disabled so that they end in .jar, .zip, or .rar, depending on what was before the .disabled, except for deathtimer, leave it as .disabled.
    5. Download the configs, and copy them into your configs folder.
    6. MultiMC users: Hit settings, then go to Java, then in the "JVM Arguments" section, type "-XX:MaxPermSize=128M" without the quotes. FTB launcher users: Hit options, then advanced options, then in "Additional Java Parameters" type "-XX:MaxPermSize=128M" without the quotes. If you don't do this, you will crash because of an out of permgen space error. This is because each class uses a small amount of permgen space, and we have so many mods that it uses up all the default permgen space. (I think it's 64M by default)
    7. Launch, and connect to
    How do I rename spoilers?

    Configs: Version 4.2.2

  2. Rashaveran

    Rashaveran New Member

    1. Your minecraft username: Rashaveran
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? never, at least I dont about it
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? yes about 3 weeks
    4. Why do you want to join this server? you have two of my favourite modes installed, Mo creatures and milleinare, that is great, pitty you didnt use big trees to generate the world, the world look great with that. There are tons of servers that use the same packs so I am happy someone goes for a different settings, it is still far from what would be my dream (mods and settings) but it is maybe the best I saw so far.
  3. ScorpionsBane

    ScorpionsBane New Member

    1. ScorpionsBane
    2. I have once, but it was because my brother let one of his friends know the password of my account, since then, I'm the only one who knows it.
    3. I have been playing FTB for about 1-2 months.
    4. I love that you have mo' creatures on, can't make descriptive books, you have to buy them, and pranks. I love the idea of playing on this server, especially since the one i play on usually crashes every so often and it's off for hours on end. I love FTB and Minecraft, and they're pretty much the only things i play, and i think i could be a great addition to your server. Hope to see you soon!
  4. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    1. Ember2528
    2. I got blamed for griefing
    3. yes it is what I normally play since official launcher release
    4. I want to join a server with a decent community that wont lag and crash all the time plus it has my favorite mod addons with it and I get to prank people lastly will you let my brothers on they are tshadd and zolo37
  5. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    I would also suggest fixing the configs
  6. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    The configs are fixed as of now.


    Edit: The server has been crashing a lot ever since I created a Gros Bourg in spawn. I'm going to try removing millenaire and seeing if that causes the crash.
    Edit2: Millenaire was causing the crash. The server is now on a temporary world until I can fix the issue with millenaire.
  7. NickD95

    NickD95 New Member

    1. Your minecraft username. This must be accurate, otherwise, even if you do get accepted, you will still not be able to connect. NickD95
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? (Being banned does not disqualify you necessarily, particularly if it was a ban because of admin abuse, but lying will)Nope
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? Yes
    4. Why do you want to join this server? Sounds awesome and I would like to play on it.
  8. NickD95

    NickD95 New Member

    There is a id conflict it seems with twilight forest and Millenaire.
  9. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    I just fixed that, try redownloading the configs.
  10. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    When is the server normally on
  11. ScorpionsBane

    ScorpionsBane New Member

    I can't find the Post Message thing, so i'm putting this here.

    I get a black screen whenever i try to turn on the pack after putting the mods you said in the correct places. This usually happens when I try to put Mo' Creatures on, do you know why this does it.
    I also do not know what to do with the config file. :/

    I appreciate the help you can give me.

    EDIT: I put a pastebin link to the console's log
  12. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    You put the config folder thats inside the zip into the minecraft folder
  13. NickD95

    NickD95 New Member

    I'm attempting to join but it's down.
  14. Rashaveran

    Rashaveran New Member

    never saw this server up in last 3 days
  15. ScorpionsBane

    ScorpionsBane New Member

    But do you know why i get a black screen?
  16. Ember2528

    Ember2528 New Member

    you get the black screen because you crash the configs fix it
  17. Fizzgigg

    Fizzgigg New Member

    1. Your minecraft username: fizzgigg1
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why?: I have never been banned.
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before?: Yes, I have done quite a bit SP and hopped on some servers but have never found one I really like.
    4. Why do you want to join this server?: Because I am interested in joining a new whitelist server with the exact mods listed. It also has a good set of rules which are perfect to allow freedom but keep a playable server. I cannot wait to see if I get the chance to join this server
  18. Shalashalska

    Shalashalska New Member

    Sorry about the server being down, I've been gone all weekend. It should be up again, and I think I found the issue with millenaire, the villages are placed too close to spawn, and are chunkloaded as a result, which they don't like for some reason. As a workaround, I will simply have spawn be above a mystcraft portal which teleports people to the village.

    Edit: Please note that I updated millenaire to 4.0.2
    Edit2: Just realized why nobody could join, the server wasn't actually down, but I restarted it anyways. However, I had the wrong IP, it was just very similar, so I didn't notice.
    Edit3: The crash is actually caused by millenaire, it has to be removed. It is no longer on the server.
  19. ScorpionsBane

    ScorpionsBane New Member

    Nope, the config file did nothing.
    I get a blackscreen every time i start it up after putting all the mods in there
    EDIT: It is MoCreatures that causes the black screen.

    Am i the only one with this problem? :/

    I would also like to point out that changing the buildcraft thing messed up all my pipes. :(
  20. iKickYellow

    iKickYellow New Member

    1. IGN: maxymax1123
    2. Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? No because i usually play on small modded white list servers like these.
    3. Have you ever played with FTB before? Yes, as soon as it came out i created a server and played with some friends. I have lots of experience with all of the mods as i like to stay up to date with them and utilize all of them whenever i can.
    4. Why do you want to join this server? It has the perfect amount of mods, if i was to make a mod pack i would make what this pack includes as of now. I want to contribute to the community my ideas and see what we can create.

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