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Sky Factory 3 and Chickens Mod

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Jreid27, Jan 11, 2017.


Should Chickens Mod be Nerfed

  1. Yes....ASAP

  2. No....it's fine

  3. Too soon to say

  4. Remove the Mod

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  1. Jreid27

    Jreid27 Guest

    Ok just spent a week on Sky factory 3. Very disappointed with Chickens mod. It took me two days but I got every chicken available and in return that gave me Unlimited resources from those chickens at pretty much an unlimited pace. Let me be very clear. Chickens are overpowered to an extreme point. In all my years playing minecraft this is by far the most OP game breaking mod ever allowed to exist in a pack. Chickens completely crushed the fun of the game by basically putting you into creative mode. That, without exaggeration, is really what chickens does for the amount of resources it HANDS you(remember it only took about two days to get all the chickens bread and if you wanted you could do it faster). The moment I got all the chicken done and realized the resources I now had, all I could think is whelp....why do Botania, why do crops, why ever sieve, why do anything to gather resources or produce resources when I'm basically in creative mode. I'm sorry but Chickens mod needs just about the biggest nerf bat to ever exist.

    PS: Please do not tell me I don't have to use chickens. You play any pack the way it was designed. If they give you a million dollars to use, what do you do? You use the friggen million dollars.
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  2. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    So disable it in your copy of the pack. Chickens is there because Bacon Donut put it there... He obviously thought it would be fun, and the whole point of the pack was to give streamers a fun pack without a whole lot of grind to dive viewers away.

    BtW, you don't have to use Chickens... As stated in my first sentence you can always disable it in your copy. Don't try to remove it from mine.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  3. Jreid27

    Jreid27 Guest

    Since the money reference seems to have escaped you. You're alone on a deserted island, there are 10 pigs. You can eat the pigs and survive another day or you can starve and die. What do you do? People will use what they have on hand. That's just human nature and asking anything else is asking people to step outside the box. The box is warm, it's comfortable, it makes sense. You won't ignore someone giving you a brand new car for free. You won't ignore the advances of a beautiful women/man. You won't stand there watching a pot overflow in the stove. These are all truly the same thing. If you can ignore a mod in a pack that is obviously meant to be used then more power to you. I cannot, nor do I think most people will.

    Don't get me wrong, Chickens is an awesome mod. There just needs to be some limits. There is no legit reason that I should have 1000 blocks of emerald or diamond or any precious resource 2 days into a pack
  4. Nedrith

    Nedrith New Member

    To say that most of the major modpacks are balanced would be wrong, sky factory 3 is just towards the insanely unbalanced part, which for the most part seems to be what it is meant to be. Mystical agriculture IMO seems to be the worst balanced.

    However I would also say your money reference is terrible. If you had a million dollars to use and spending it would make you unhappy would you spend it? I can ignore the advances of a beautiful women if I know she isn't in my best interests. Same for a new car if I wouldn't enjoy having it. I know I wouldn't. If I find a mod unbalanced I don't use it. If big/extreme reactors is in a modpack I generally didn't use it for example. It seems from your post you hate the chickens mod and it makes your playthrough of sky factory less fun, then don't use it.

    Remove the mod if the temptation is that big, it's no different than not adding a mod that exists! In that same effect it's no different than just going into creative mode and giving yourself the items you want.
  5. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I 100% agree with this. It can be difficult to immerse yourself with a big Win Button in front of your face the entire time.

    I also agree with this in most respects. The OP is not required to play the exact same pack as everyone else, and disabling the mod essentially removes the Win Button concern.


    This gets different when we start to talk about server play and communities, at which point the OP *IS* required to play the same pack as everyone else if he wants to play and discuss with other people.

    The whole point of feedback and polls and discussion and whatnot is to get a feel for whether we should remove chickens from your pack. Just as its logical (although somewhat silly) to discuss whether we should add Gregtech to your pack. Hypothetically (though unrealistically) you could be the only player who actually enjoys the mod.

    No, its still totally an exageration dude. 2 days of work is a far cry from instant-click. Would I tolerate it? No. But is it "without exaggeration" virtually creative? No to that too.
  6. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    The purpose of my reply, in fact the main sentence in my reply:

    Many things were included to minimize "grindy" activity, such as the mod that functions like Veinminer (I forget the mod name) because the last thing live streamers want to do in front of their followers is the same silly little thing over and over for hours. It also adds the possibility of accidentally destroying their platform, which some watchers apparently root for.

    There is also a Cobble generator that can be relatively quickly acquired. Should that be removed as well?

    My primary issue with the idea behind this thread is that someone, in this case Bacon Donut, built a pack that his stream viewers would like to watch, and many other streamers seem to enjoy playing as well. Why should anything be "nerfed" or removed from the pack when an individual can do that himself?

    I respect the original pack's intention but will disable anything I don't want to use myself simply to speed load times if nothing else. I do this with Biomes O' Plenty in all the packs I play, for example, but would never entertain the thought of trying to have Bo'P modified or removed via some poll.
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  7. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I don't have any real specific problem with any of this. I'll mention an anecdote though.

    There's a pack I played that was popular in its niche. When a new major iteration of the pack was created, it included things like Hunger Overhaul, etc, that were popular at the time due to certain popular survival packs. This was a great move for some players, but I complained at the time that it wasn't suitable for the intended niche crowd. The mod was eventually removed.

    I don't know anything about this pack or what its intentional target crowd is. It may be you. It may not be you but you may think it is because it currently suits you. The ideal result of the poll is that only people who play the pack will respond and will respond honestly and get the real answer.

    I have zero intention of responding to the poll because my answer would corrupt the results.
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  8. Quetzi

    Quetzi Jack of All Trades Team Member Director of IT FTB Mod Dev

    Chickens are just another method of getting resources, how is it different to sifting or crops? Once you get both set up you have limitless resources so I'm not sure where the distinction comes in, it is a Sky Block pack after all. That said, I think there are some implementation issues that make it super easy to get maxed chickens, but even then, it fits.
  9. I don't see a problem with the chickens at all... finally those little buggers are useful for something! This is a modded pack! There are loads of other mods that may seem just fine to some people when others find those same mods "too OP"
    Also, dude who's complaining about chickens,... did you miss out on sky factory 2 and 2.5 ? There were fluid cows in those packs, and they just spawned randomly, so I guess the chickens mod is not as "OP" because you have to collect something before you can have the chickens.
    I'm loving this pack so far! At first I was like, this sucks cause the fluid cows weren't added, but chickens definitely make up for that!
  10. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    As someone who watches streamers, I can say that just watching someone power-game their way through things like chickens or magical crops is pretty damned tedious.

    That said, if you don't like the mod, don't use it! If it really bothers you that much, unlock the pack and disable it. If you don't like this pack, find one you do like. If you can't find a pack that suits your play style, make your own (I am).

    The people who get to decide what balance is are the ones who put the time and effort into making mods, developing packs, and setting up servers. Config options exist so that you, as an individual single player, can adjust things to better suit your play style.

    Modded Minecraft is a world of endless wonder, all provided at no extra charge! Make choices for yourself, and stop trying to tell other people how they should have to play the game. I find the very idea of Infinity, expert mode appalling, but I'm not telling FTB to take it down so no one else can play it. I appreciate the extreme amount of time and effort they are willing to put in to make any pack publicly available.
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  11. Black Light

    Black Light New Member

    If we compare Chickens to Mythical flowers, I'd say that Chicken is the least OP of them. Given normal sieving, a mob farm, and a working auto-crafting system from Refined storage it took me ten minutes from I started with MA before I had three Draconium crop flowers. It took me two evenings to get to Terra steel chickens.
  12. Jnelso99

    Jnelso99 Well-Known Member

    Chickens would be less OP if they pooped nuggets instead of ingots.

    Edit: Might be easier on the chickens too...
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  13. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    Fewer corners, anyway :D
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  14. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    This makes sense in theory, but infinite resources is infinite resources no matter the speed at which infinity is acquired. Once you have any sort of renewable form of ores and/or their processed outputs, your worries about resource scarcity ends completely.

    I learned this unequivocally in Regrowth. The world had no resources in it, so everything had to be grown. The instant we had the ability to grow any crop, we were instantly swimming in it. In this case Magical Crops was handing out ore which we could run through whatever processing we seemed highest yield, but even if it was outputting nuggets, we simply would have planted more of specific crops or simply waited a bit for a stockpile to build while doing something else. End result is the same. Such is the nature of this sort of resource acquisition.

    I agree that even an automated sieve system and a mob farm do the exact same thing. The only difference is timing, and the only nonrenewable resource is time. If the pack was intended to be watched by an audience with a 26 second long attention span, taking the grind that everyone has seen before (auto sieve) and replacing it with a new way to get infinite resources (in this case Chickens) is a logical move. Besides, having infinite resources is a complete nonfactor if you aren't going to actually do something with them.
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  15. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    Are you sure you didn't intend to say an attention span as long as a typical animated GIF or perhaps one required to read and decode a twitter message? :D
  16. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    Depends what monkey sent out the tweet
  17. Posivated

    Posivated Guest

    Really find it interesting when people complain about something and the only solution they offer up is to nerf it? What specifically would you like done Jreid? You are obviously new to FTB modpacks because nearly every single one has some way to get infinite resources with a few hours of work as you did with chickens.
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  18. wingnut601

    wingnut601 Guest

    Changing all the ingot drops to nuggets would help balance chickens out some. I'm not sure why Terrasteel and Gold chickens are the only two that poop nuggets whereas the rest poop ingots. That being said, I've amassed more Draconium ingots from Mystical Agriculture in a shorter amount of time than I've collected a single resource from chickens, even with multiple chickens of that type without going insane. Insane being more than 10 of that chicken type fully leveled up to 10/10/10. This is in part to the Growth Crytals, that were cheap to get started with and whose effects stack so you can instantly grow your entire farm. I have an automated wither boss spawner set to 25 seconds. I can maintain this with a 4x8 farm of Wither seeds surrounded in Tier 2 Growth Crystals. Not only does it support the Wither Boss spawner, but it slowly builds an excess inventory of skulls for crafting over time. Even though the Draconium Chicken was removed from the pack I still have an infinite supply of Draconium. In a week I've harvested nearly 200K ingots for Draconium from a 9x9 farm. That seems a bit more OP than the chickens.

    There is a downside to the amounts of resources you can attain. Storing them. Granted you could set up a detector system that dumps anything of x amount but if you want to keep it you're likely going to set up an array of Quantum Storages to try and hold it all. Then you're going to find that the Priority system for External Storage doesn't work right and resources are, once again, being stored on your disk drives. Quite annoying. So then you have to export them all again and in doing so you get the idea of two Refined Storage systems but when you start trying different ways of connecting them you get tired of one controller breaking... *bangs head on desk* While chickens are OP, they are fun and an interesting twist in the game. They also require you to be on top of your storage-game. If you're not and you have loose chickens with drops being picked up via vacuum chests/absorption hoppers you'll end up causing massive lag on the server from all the entities on the ground. BTW, absorption hoppers are the way to go as they will pull items through blocks unlike vacuum hoppers.

    There are other benefits to the mod aside from massive resources. The eggs and manure can be composted in barrels to make more dirt. Manure and dirt make fertilized soil - speeds up crop growth. this is especially good early on for growing food faster if you don't have an apple tree. Obviously the OP hasn't fully explored Chickens and Hatchery as he would have noticed how OP vanilla chickens in a Nesting Pen are. Yes, they are OP. Why? Amass a ton of nesting pens, put vanilla chickens in and they output a TON of feathers and eggs. These items can be placed in a Loot Recycler. Output the LR to an RFTools crafter and you have yourself a TON of Legendary loot bags. For free. From vanilla chickens. Perhaps we should also remove vanilla chickens ;)

    Overall, I like the Chickens mod. On our server: Not everyone uses it. Some use it as it suits them. Some go hog-wild with it. At the end of the day it's up to each individual player to use the mods in a pack as they see fit. There are always mods I never touch because I either don't they are there, don't know how to use them, don't want to learn them, or don't need them. For the longest time I've played in packs with Big Reactors and I never used it. Take Infinity Evolved. I had a massive lava farm with Blazing Pyrotheum (ugh, the fire spread on that stuff) feeding a field of Magmatic Dynamo's. Yeah, a reactor would've been easier now that I've made one but I just couldn't be bothered. SF3 is also my first time getting into Botania and Mysitcal Agriculture - not just Chickens.

    FWIW - I got delayed on my chickens for a while because certain chickens were attainable only through natural spawning and I was in a Deep Ocean biome. The Nether Quartz chicken took a long time to find and then capture without dying. I had to go to other players islands and trade with them to get the Flint and Bone Meal chickens.
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  19. sad_dog

    sad_dog Guest

    chickens are no more overpowered then the rest of the pack. If you nerf chickens you need to nerf void ore/recourse miner, quantum query, mystical agriculture, the beneath, the builder, and rftools dimensions. it's no more op then all that. IF you don't like OP stuff play terrafirmacraft or minecraft classic.
  20. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    I don't know anything about SkyFactory or this mod, but you have to see how hilarious it is for an outsider to see someone complaining about how OP chickens are, lol.

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