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  • Hey Quetzi
    I have a small problem after downloading the modpack I can't press on Launch, I don't know what to do, you think you can help me??
    idk who else to ask but when opening enigma 2 expert sky block i get this ... a Java hotspot (TM) 64 bit server warning.... it won't let me open the pack
    You should add the mod that kicks you from the bed when it glitches it out to Pyramid. It happened to me earlier. Also, there is a better way to do it, that doesn't kick you. I had commands enabled and I was able to /gamerule keepInventory true, /kill to reset myself out of the bed.
    Please delete the list of plugins in my post, as that is somewhat of a private nature as a server operator.

    I only revealed it to try to get you to see the value of this effort. Since you do not, there is no point continuing to have that listed there.
    I've amended your post for you. As for your request, the effort required to support MCPC+ does not reflect the reward for doing so. This is the reason MCPC+ was not supported when it was relevant, now it is no longer relevant there is even less of a case for supporting it.
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