RWTema Obscure Crafting strikes again!

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by BarbasTheDog, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. BarbasTheDog

    BarbasTheDog New Member

    During the development of the latest version of ExtraUtilities, RWTema teased several times (as usual) about features added to the mod. One of these additions was the sword displayed on his back but as an actual sword item. He then tweeted that there was a way, deep into the code, of crafting it.

    Now that he has released ExU 1.2.0, here's a step-by-step on how to craft it:

    In order to start, you're going to need the following items: A full set of pink-dyed Leather Armour, one Pink Tulip, an Etheric Sword (will be consumed in the process) and an Anvil in order to rename some items.


    Now, first thing to do is make sure you're not the only player logged onto the world. For demonstration purposes, I'm using a dummy player.


    Now place down the anvil and rename the exact items these exact names (I'm pretty sure it's case-sensitive):


    In the next step, you must hold the item on your hand and have the sword in your inventory while you sprint. It may take a while, since every tick it has a 1/800 chance of succeeding.


    After you do some excercise, a message should pop up in chat and you should receive your propper reward.


    The sword itself is quite powerful, and this ritual was deffinitelly much easier than the stabilisation ritual for the Pseudo-inversion sigil - a bit too easy in fact. Probably will see nerfing very soon, so craft it while you can!

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  2. DarkIron987

    DarkIron987 New Member

    This [Breaths Heavily] is [Breaths Heavily] amazing.
  3. pancakemaster24

    pancakemaster24 New Member

    Why does the ritual need a another player?
  4. DarkIron987

    DarkIron987 New Member

  5. Advance

    Advance New Member

    Now i have to wait for my server update :/
  6. BarbasTheDog

    BarbasTheDog New Member

    Because Tema is evil.
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  7. DarkIron987

    DarkIron987 New Member

    It also sorts out all of the lonely players and makes it exclusive to people with friends. :p
  8. Zandorum

    Zandorum New Member

    I love this. I also am skeptical about the balance however but I still love this, its amazing.

    But... But what if I like being alone? Kidding but still. The main reason it needs another player is to demoralize the player creating it.
  9. BarbasTheDog

    BarbasTheDog New Member

    Also, the message that says "%username is the Prettiest Pink Princess" transmits across the server :)
  10. Zandorum

    Zandorum New Member

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  11. DarkIron987

    DarkIron987 New Member

    Purely Amazing. Once again [​IMG]
  12. RenzosNips

    RenzosNips New Member

    Does this mean Tema is a pretty pink princess as well?
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  13. Zandorum

    Zandorum New Member

    I bet it says something else for Tema to demoralize everyone else instead.
  14. BarbasTheDog

    BarbasTheDog New Member

    The Prettiest.
  15. sProg

    sProg New Member

  16. llloyd

    llloyd New Member

    Or using NEI to cheat it in or, like the poster, load in a dummy player for those who prefer Single Player.
  17. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse New Member

    Because only the supremely self-confident may wield it. You have to prove that you have enough self-esteem not to give a damn what others think.
  18. Veggetossj

    Veggetossj New Member

    So how does a extra player play in all this then? Just for the message?

    Also what is the damage on that thing? can you show an image with the cursor hovering over it?
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  19. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Balancing at its finest.
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  20. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Also, this is why I need to watch One Piece(Tema is a big One Piece fan, which is where the sword is from.)

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