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Whitelist Server Phun Server | Direwolf20 v5.1.1 | 20 Slots | Whitelist | No Lag | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Neilios, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    Please Read ALL The Information Here

    Teamspeak 3 server now available at: ts.zoot-house.net

    With all the issues over the last few weeks, we are starting a fresh map and server instance with everything as it should be. So no additional mods to be installed.


    You will need to download Mindcrack 8.1.1 and transfer GregTech, advancedmachines & adv_solars to the mods directory in your DW20 5.1.1 install folder to join the server. We also have logistics pipes v90 installed so please use the following link to download that LogisticsPipes. You will also need to copy these files into your config folder within your DW20 install folder. Configs. MAKE SURE TO DISABLE COMPACTSOLARS IN THE FTB LAUNCHER "EDIT MODPACK".

    More updates to come..

    Hi everyone, Starting a fresh Direwolf20 v5.1.1 Server and looking for regular/fun/responsible players to join in. Ideally minimum age of 16+. Will be a completely fresh map. We're pretty relaxed Admins, and don't ask for OP.

    Basic Rules:
    • No Griefing
    • No Stealing
    • No Racism
    • Read the Rules
    • No Building too close to other players
    Server Info:
    • IP: mc.zoot-house.net
    • Location: London, UK
    • Performance: Quad-Core with 3GB dedicated RAM
    • 20 Slots
    • PVP Disabled
    • MystCraft age books disabled (admin only)
    • Moon Portals Disabled
    • All Standard Direwolf20 Mods
    • Gregtech (hardmode recipes disabled)
    • Advanced Solars
    • Advanced Machines
    • Logistics Pipes
    • TPS

    To join the server, please reply to this thread with answers to the following questions. I will edit this post with accepted names. Hope to see you online soon!

    Previous Mod Experience?:
    Additional Info?:

    - - - - - - - - -
  2. Blazze909

    Blazze909 New Member

    IGN: carsontig3567
    Age: 14
    Previous mod experience: all of them in this pack especially Redpower and buildcraft.
    Additional info: I love to cooperate with other players and play on servers. I also like to build things that benefit the community.
  3. Conor Hanvey

    Conor Hanvey New Member

    IGN: xyo821
    Age: 14
    Previous Mod Experience?: ya i have been playing with mods for about 2 years and i have lots of experience with the mods in the DW20 pack
    Additional Info?:no not really
  4. Mist13

    Mist13 New Member

    Previous Mod Experience?: I've worked with each mod before the pack was put together. I'm plenty experienced.
    Additional Info?: I'm a big fan of the community experience, and I've had bad experiences with griefers. I know how to deter most griefers as an admin, but as a player I can do little. I'm just hoping the admins know their stuff.
  5. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    old, older than all 3 ages above combined
    I know most mods how they work interact or don't with each other.
    build stuff that does stuff then automate or tweak to suit.
  6. thenoobtube

    thenoobtube New Member

    IGN: thenoobtube
    Age: 16
    Previous Mod Experience?: yes i can build complex builds and make them look nice
    Additional Info?: N/A
  7. Moltakkk111

    Moltakkk111 New Member

    IGN: moltakkk111
    Age: 14
    Previous Mod Experience?: since 1.8 with the old ic and bc since then i just follwed dw20
    Additional Info?: I have skype, teamspeak and mumble
  8. Lord0fHam

    Lord0fHam New Member

    IGN: Lord0fHam (the o in of is a zero)
    Age: 15
    Previous Mod Experience?: I have a lot of experience with all the mods.
    Additional Info?: I'll work with xyo821 because we are friends.
  9. Racer193

    Racer193 New Member

    Previous Mod Experience?: 2 months worth
    Additional Info?: mega builder
  10. AcidFish2013

    AcidFish2013 New Member

    Previous Mod Experience?: about 1 month worth with FTB still learning stuff
    Additional Info?: Still kinda new to the FTB mod pack, looking for a server to help me learn
  11. MinecraftMart

    MinecraftMart New Member

    IGN: MinecraftMart
    Age: 13
    Previous Mod Experience?: All the mods. I played tekkit. I played since BC and IC and thaumcraf came out. I played all the mods that are in the modpack
    Additional Info?: I am an mature player. I like to play in a nice comunity with some people. I am laso going to record if hats right. And i hope i get accepted :D
  12. pkmaxmaxmax

    pkmaxmaxmax New Member



    Previous Mod Experience?:
    I've started watching Direwolf20 late in his first ssp season, and I've played with the mods alot.

    Additional Info?:
    I'm fairly experienced with the mods, and I like small minecraft comunnities

  13. Chili_HD

    Chili_HD New Member

    IGN: Chili_HD
    Age: 15
    Previous Mod Experience: I have never played FTB/Tekkit, therefore looking for good community to play.
    Additional Info: Been playing Minecraft since Alpha days. BTW I'm friendly 15 yrs old, not those you find nowadays. :)
  14. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    White-list updated 1300 GMT
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  15. Spork71

    Spork71 New Member

    IGN: Spork71
    Age: 27
    Previous Mod Experience?: Was heavy into Tekkit. Recently started FTB. I learned most of what Mystcraft and Thaumcraft have to offer. Started forestry before my single player world corrupted.
    Additional Info?: I love fresh servers and helping build community projects.
  16. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    IGN: Ryan784
    Age: 16
    Previous Mod Experience: Well, I started with Tekkit about a year ago or so, have been playing Minecraft with Mods ever since. When I first learned about Tekkit, it was amazing, so much to do! It was like learning the game all over again, and just like with Vanilla, after a while I grew to know all the Mods like the back of my hand and thus, became bored. That's when I learned about FTB, and have been playing ever since. I have experience with CC, Thermal Expansion, Redpower 2, IC2, Buildcraft, Forestry (though I haven't messed with Bees too much), Mystcraft, and still waiting to try out Thaumcraft 3 :)
    Additional Info: I am looking for a nice community of players, hopefully one where everyone is friendly/knows eachother ;)
    If you check with Whitelist Checker, you will see two previous bans - now before you jump the gun, here me out! Both involved abusive Admins/Server Owners, from about 6 months ago on two different Tekkit Servers. The first one, an Admin would not leave me alone, and me asking him to politely leave my property was against the rules (Admins had the last say). The second ban will say it was for Griefing - without going into too much detail, an Admin "challenged" me to a Redstone competition, got frustrated halfway through, destroyed my creation with World Edit and killed me, when I obviously got upset at this, I was banned. If you would like a much more in-depth story of the two incidents, I would gladly oblige :)
  17. Mist13

    Mist13 New Member

    I was just saying that I have recently been on a server where I set up some public access machines, and they were gone the next morning. I was, and still am, pretty annoyed with that. Fair enough though, you make the calls.
  18. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    white-list updated 1430 GMT
  19. Cyansnake

    Cyansnake New Member

    Previous Mod Experience?: Tekkit, yogbox and of course feed the beast
    Additional Info?: I love to play minecraft, I play it for multiple years. We (Martinflipper and I) would like to play together on this server.


  20. Marin

    Marin New Member

    IGN: Martinflipper
    Age: 16
    Previous Mod Experience?: I've played Tekkit and FTB
    Additional Info?: I like playing minecraft alot and hope to find some cool people on this server to play with. :D

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