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Discussion in 'Launcher Feedback' started by unv_annihilator, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. MobiusOne

    MobiusOne New Member

    Ok i had a suggestion a long time ago but i think it got buried: It was to suggest that we add an option to "download" CONFIG packs... So server owners can send out configs to their players without them having to do anything... I am a small, private server owner and I have found people do not like to edit config files... If it could be done automatically, however, it would eliminate this problem. Thanks for reading this, hope it helps
  2. JWaggz

    JWaggz New Member

    I kind of always had an idea for how I would like the launcher to look and feel. So I decided to make this as just a thought for everyone. I know it prob wont be used but maybe some elements or ideas from it will work for something.

    Let me know what ya think :)
  3. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    And a skin could be to change the cube in the background to Slows face [​IMG]
  4. leetmindz

    leetmindz New Member

    I'm sure this has been posted already but I feel if enough people request it, it may actually happen.

    There needs to be a FTB Launcher version for Mac. It's ridiculous that i have to go through like a 5 step process just to open FTB on my Mac, Vanilla minecraft and the Technic Launcher both support mac, why not FTB?

    PLEASE make a Mac version of the launcher or make your current launcher support OSX!!! PLEASE!
  5. Jinbobo

    Jinbobo New Member

    there will be one for mac, and launching ftb on a mac is just like launching ftb on any other computer.
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  6. JWaggz

    JWaggz New Member

    Ok.. SO .. I was playing around with some more ideas.. and.. well.. I made some improvements.

    (would have put the images in "spoiler" tabs but I'm not sure how yet.)


    So (above) you can see that I borrowed the images for the modpacks. XD anywho, As you can see I added a "search custom packs" search bar.. played with the logo (just for fun).. and made it look as if when you roll over a modpack it comes to 100% opacity from 25% and lights up a respective color to that particular pack.

    And then when you click on it:


    The modpack menu slides to the left under the buttons and you get that modpack's overview. complete with an icon for the modpack and a banner.

    Just some more ideas :)

    P.S. I love feed back. Even if none of this is ever made or implemented. I love to play around with this stuff.
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  7. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Um, what are you talking about? I run OSX and can launch FTB Monster just fine.
  8. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    I can assure you: we currently have a .jar version for mac.
    Whatever you're doing presently: you're doing it wrong.
    Read this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SWWezem_klMVPLjswIkG-_lWQl8278w5ddH3BFs0Y-I/edit
  9. leetmindz

    leetmindz New Member

    Thank you, I was actually having the issue noted in the google doc (where it'd stop after the Mojang screen). I Remember having to go through a fairly lengthy process that involved a bunch of things I don't remember in order to get it to work. Now I open it with a custom .command script that was recommended when I researched how to fix the black screen of death issue.

    I wish i would've heard about this sooner, opening FTB would've been much simpler lol. So again, Thank you. I appreciate your help.
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  10. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Spoiler 101
    [spoiler]Stuff goes in here[/spoiler]
    Stuff goes in here
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  11. JWaggz

    JWaggz New Member

    Awesome! I should have figured it was a BBC code of some sort.. >.<

    Now I can post the large images and not eat up so much space when I post something.
  12. JWaggz

    JWaggz New Member

    I could make an "unofficial" 48x FTB icon for you if you like.
  13. Gotolei

    Gotolei New Member

    Already done :p it's just a bit of a pain to manually put it back in the .jar every time it updates.
  14. chadlupkes

    chadlupkes New Member

    I haven't been able to read all of the previous comments, so please forgive me if these are duplicates.

    I had this problem yesterday and lost a world: I clicked the Version button on Monster to see what the latest number was, and then put it back to 1.0.5 where I had some extra mods installed, and hit Launch. The launcher immediately started downloading a new version of the modpack, and when it was done all of the extra mods I had added were gone. It would have been nice to be asked when I hit Launch whether I really wanted to download the pack again. I'm not sure what happened. Now I've lost a world that I don't really know how to get back.

    I've gone into a few of the private packs, and now they're just cluttering up the list. I wish there was a way to delete "instances" from the pack list. I'm sure if I went into some config file I could figure out how to delete them, but it would be much easier to click one of the packs and hit delete.

    Also, in parallel to the last idea, I wish there was a way to create a copy of an instance and disable automatic updates. That way I could add mods to A pack, but not THE pack. I've tried MultiMC to create a copy of an instance, but none of the mods load so I obviously don't know what I'm doing there... :)

    Love the game, love the launcher, wish I had more understanding of the configurations so I wouldn't lose worlds like that...
  15. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Give the launcher themes, like when you click on the FTB Monster Pack you get a red, torn/ripped leather looking background covering the whole launcher, or for Magic World 2 purple swirls and wands.
    Also maybe a different style? Instead of tabs on the top, have them...um...on the side, yeah.
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  16. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    You can stop the modpack from downloading, just force close or end the process and it will stop.
  17. Grovert11

    Grovert11 New Member

    When I go in offline mode, because the Login servers are down, my email is used as username, instead of my username. When logging in I need to use my email as I migrated to a Mojang account. It would be nice if you could fix this :)
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  18. Paul17041993

    Paul17041993 Active Member

    problem is that this is actually the minecraft code itself that does this, and after yay version it was they "fixed" it by letting it grab the actual playername from the account, of course if the servers are down then you're stuck on your email. Not sure if you can still override the playername at offline launch though, they may have removed that with the addition of the default numbered names...
  19. techno156

    techno156 New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm not sure where else to put my idea: Perhaps a status indicator to show the status of the Minecraft servers (logins etc.), and the FTB ones?
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  20. jikuja

    jikuja Launcher Dev Launcher Developer

    Is it possible to add command line argument to override installPath directive to partially achieve this feature? I wanted to do some regression tests but downloading ~130Mbytes every time I want to change modpack version is something I really do not want to do. (Current net speed: max 30kbytes/s)

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