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    Any bugs found with this pack can be posted here:

    This pack development is accredited to my ever so useful beta testers. My greatest thanks goes out to GustoniaEagle, Mechalith, ConfigsPlease, Franklin413, 0Bheka0, Turmfalke2, and anyone else I may have missed! You guys rock!

    Now on the Curse launcher.

    Description: The High Court declared me a danger to the Society of Magic. A traitor. Destroyer. Arrogant beast. They didn't think I could do it, corrupt magic. It was actually quite easy, as it seems that magic has an equally strong dark side that we seemingly choose to ignore in the forsaken mentality of ethics. I turned the purest of substances into the darkest of evil...the taint. At the beginning this held valuable research. I was known as one of the greatest researchers of the time. Until someone let it loose. It was a simple mistake really, you forget to switch the valve as you head off for the night and you wake up to a broken jar with the specimen nowhere in sight. A simple mistake. It wasn't long before the council heard of my mistake, and punishment came swiftly. Had they given me time to find a cure, I may not be in this mess. Instead of giving humanity a chance, the council created a dimension solely as my jail. While I am unsure of the ability to escape, I will survive.

    Banished will feature a few key distinctions from other packs:

    Heavy use of the HQM Reputation system. Slaying certain types of mobs grants you "dark power" which can be spent on early game items ranging from a sapling to entire ars magica spells. Specific quest chains will have their own dark power uses such as AM2 bosses, aura nodes, or thaumcraft bosses.

    You are living in a caveworld through the caveworld mod. The cave world dimension adds in huge cave systems, 200 block high chaos ravines, major veins and mineshafts. You will also find that biomes exist in the cave world as each biome has its own respective top block. Mesa biomes will have hardened clay, hell biomes will hold netherack and quartz ore, tainted biomes will have fibrous taint and regular biomes will have a top block of grass.

    Early game progression tree through Aura Cascade. Banished will use Aura Cascade as the core mod that is used to progress through other mods, and even a great focus on the mod itself. Aura cascade adds in tons of items that are very helpful in a cave world such as a way to teleport between layers of terrain, spawning passive mobs, or even mining with explosions. This mod is fantastic and I know that an HQM quest line will really showcase the mod to its full potential.

    The pack focuses on the trifecta of magic mods, Botania, Am2, and Thaumcraft. Much like Hubris in that there will be quest lines for each mod, however this time it is much more condensed from Hubris. Very useful for players who have little to no knowledge of magic mods while having enough advanced material for magic experts.

    The use of the mod Silent Gems. This is a mod that adds in an interesting tool customization as each gem has its own advantage and disadvantage. It also adds in special items that grant passive potion effects for a limited time. More information can be found in game or here

    EE3. Banished will be using Pahimar's EE3 (accessible mid-game) as a new form of magic. I have tried to balance this out as much as possible, and there are currently no easy-cheesy free EMC methods that wouldn't take a bit of complex set-up or late game items. I have also added in EMC values for items such as thaumcraft shards and Silent Gems items. However, as the nature of EMC and mod interaction, I am sure I have missed a few cheaty ways(which can be reported in the github below). Server owners can adjust EMC values through the world data folder if necessary.

    A few minor key points:
    • Banished will be using the Vanilla food system. I feel it is time we take a step back from food grinding and look at the core features of a pack. Survival by food is important and thematic, however it is simply overdone.
    • The performance is slightly better than what Hubris was. You may experience lag spikes while generating new chunks due to the many falling blocks, however you shouldn't suffer from creeping performance issues.
    • This pack is great for small servers, but will take a little bit of tweaking for large public servers. I have included an item that grants 5 reputation on consume. This is intended for server owners if they experience issues and have to reset their HQM data, they can give this item out as a way to progress through the book again.

    Mod list
    Version 1.4.0
    • Updated the following mods: Botania, Automagy, Epic Siege Mod, Forbidden Magic, HQM, Special Mobs, Tainted Magic, Lycanites Mobs
    • Updated forge to 1614
    • Removed lycanites events
    • Increased wither skeleton spawn rates from 9% to 12%
    • Mobs should spawn further away from you. Sorry fam.
    • Added clarification on gaia guardian spawning. It can be spawned, I tested it.
    • You can now obtain wither skulls as a Dark Power reward
    • Updated Template
    Version 1.2.4 - Now Listed
    • Updated Aroma Core
    • Updated Botania
    • Updated Bibliocraft
    • Updated Carpenters Blocks
    • Updated Special Mobs
    • Updated Thaumic Infusion
    Version 1.3.0
    • Diamond armor/swords are now only one durability. This is to create an incentive for late game armor through a magic mod.
    • Buffed Shadow Mobs: Chupacobra and Phantoms now do more damage and are tankier.
    • Nerfed early game dark power gain. Also rebalanced.
    • Nerfed access to EE3 - now requires manasteel and an aura cascade gem instead of just an ingot.
    • More botania quests
    • Template should now properly spawn you in a new world on recreation.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Updated Botania
    • Updated Epic Siege Mod
    • Updated Thaumic Infusion
    • Updated Aura Cascade
    • Purple Fantasy Blocks are no longer worth 29k EMC >_>
    • Nature Guardian/Lightning Guardian spawn egg quests now actually give you spawn eggs...
    • Can now obtain Kami/TT shards.
    Latest EMC changes are not applicable unless you manually change them from the instructions.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Nearby mobs should no longer cancel sleep.
    • Obsidian quest repeatable
    • Updated: COFH Core
    • Botania
    • Bibliocraft
    • Thaumic Infusions
    • Thaumic Horizons
    • Storage Drawers
    • NEI Integration
    • NEI Addons
    • Lycanites Mobs
    • Forbidden Magic
    • Epic Siege Mod(less lag!)
    • Another One Bites the Dust
    • Doom Like Dungeons
    • Chisel 2
    Version 1.1.4 - I hate myself update.
    • No more free obsidian.
    • More fuzzy detection
    Version 1.1.3 - Late game DP usage
    • Projectile Light Spell and a mining quarry spell have been added to the dark power list,.
    • Can now obtain soul bound books for dark power
    • Can now obtain Affinity: None books with dark power, this is used to reset your affinities from AM2 if you don't like them.
    • Mob inhibitors added - dark power obtainable only. These will stop mobs from spawning in a 10 block radius of a cube wherever you place them. Thanks @Lethosos
    • Added a clock to beginning quests for primitive day tracking
    • Changed all botania items to fuzzy detection - should fix them not detecting properly.
    • Essence for dark power quest has been nerfed.
    • Updated Automagy and Botania
    • Updated scripts folder to reflect the removal of recipes for mob inhibitors.
    This update is targeted at late game dark power usage with the ability to reset your affinity or provide permanent protection against mob spawning with a little bit of diligence.
    Version 1.1.2 - Less death than before!
    • Mobs will no longer intentionally grief chests or beds.
    • Breaching Creepers disabled.
    • Can now obtain obsidian with dark power.
    • Sugar cane no longer requires the seed quest
    • More documentation across the board
    • No longer need iron helmet or boots, just leggings and chest.
    • Disabled derpy irrelevant events.
    • Added Dynamic Lighting - Can be disabled client side with no issue.
    • You will now receive a ton more dark power for completing the base quests - enough to get a spell or two.
    • Clink mob quest.
    Version 1.1.1 - Slightly less death
    • Mobs now spawn super often every 8th day instead of every day. On the 8th day they ignore light levels.
    • You now have 7 days before More Spawning kicks in when mobs can spawn 8 blocks from you rather than 24.
    • Zombies now require proper tools to grief and can no longer break obsidian.
    • Phantoms no longer spawn when trying to use the bed.
    • Clarified how to use the bed.
    • Geonach no longer spawn from breaking rocks, they naturally spawn underground now.
    • EMC Value for Vinteum - This will not apply to existing worlds. See the FAQ on how to update your EMC values.
    • Template updated - you should have a random world every time you go through the portal.
    • Added Aroma Backup
    Version 1.1.0 - Even more death!
    • You will now actually find mobs! \o/ In fact, hordes of mobs. Epic siege mod has been added back and you will no longer be stumbling in the dark looking for mobs to slay for that delicious dark power.
    • Dark power has been revamped. You now must only kill one of each mob and the rep reward has been reduced to compensate. This is to fix the awkward half completion of multiple quests at the same time.
    • Geonach and Phantom now have quests!
    • Fixed the botania line demanding a mana pool before you actually have mana.
    • Less stalactites and stalagmites
    • More cobwebs!
    • Updated Aura Cascade
    • Removed Recurrent Complex - This was not used.
    • Slightly buffed silent gems, lapis, clay and diamond spawn rates. Clay has a higher rate of spawn across the board through height 0 - 225. Lapis, diamond and Silent Gems can now spawn slightly higher in the world than their vanilla defaults.
    • Spell book quest is now instant cool down than one time completion.
    • Clarified that you must close and reopen your book to register the reputation.
    Version 1.0.2
    • Disabled easy find in the Doom Like Dungeons, it was breaking bedrock. Thanks @karmarcharger
    • Spell book quest now has a reputation task. @ConfigsPlease was right all along!
    • Disabled Aquamarine tools from Caveworld mod. They still exist in silent gems.
    • Fixed the golemancers bell quest.
    • Mobs and animals now aggressively spawn a minimum of 8 blocks away from a player instead of the vanilla default of 24. Thanks @VikeStep
    • Hopefully fixed the server files world?
    Version 1.0.0

    Lets Play Series

    By Mikhaila666:
    SRV records don't seem to work for 100% of people so if the above sends you to the wrong server use the port directly instead:

    It isn't meant to be easy. It is balanced and constructed to fill a base defense niche with difficult PvE from the packs reputation system. Feel free to disable Epic Siege Mod or tweak the lycanites configs if you feel it is too difficult for you.

    My EMC values didn't update on this patch!
    Unfortunately EE3 handles EMC values by world data so updating the EMC values in the template does not update to your world. However, you can manually update them if necessary. Go to the template folder - Data - EE3 - Energy Values. Now go to your save world to data and replace the Energy Values folder with the new one and you are good to go. Take a backup of the world before doing this.

    How do I get X resource?
    First, consult NEI. Second, consult the quest book. If what you need is a mod specific world-gen, chances are the pack already has it added, but here is a quick list.
    Clay is found randomly in stone, grass or hardened clay.
    Dyes can be obtained by using growth spells on grass or bone meal.
    Any kind of wood is obtained in the quest book.
    Hell biomes naturally spawn in the world including nether quartz.
    Sky biomes also naturally spawn, however this will soon be replaced.

    Please PM me if you create a lets-play series, I would love to list it on this thread!

    Any bugs found with this pack can be posted here:

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    I don't often point out things but packs like this that focus heavily on Main Mods (In your case, then trifecta mods) are great for new users who are getting into mods. I'm an old school kid myself, Tekkit Classic and what not before I left and played League for most of my free-time. I got bored of that although I still play, when I came back all I could see were new mods, heavily modified modpacks, unbearable lag spikes and just a general lack of understanding for any mod in a popular modpack (FTB Ultimate was what I came back to, I think) and I was honestly puzzled.

    Personally I disliked watching videos or reading wiki guides and helpful tips to gain knowledge, I was one of those people who wanted to just figure it out themselves but I was and still am too stupid to know how.
    I'm not going to lie, I've got my general knowledge of most of the mods modpacks use to this date but I'm still bewildered as to the changes that have occurred over the recent time period.

    And then it came out, HQM, the answer to all my problems. modpacks that revolve themselves around questing and focusing on a core/core mods to progress further will leave a long lasting general knowledge based on the author of the HQM's Quests added information and still leave a solid impression to the user that they're discovering this by their selves rather than being lectured, that's how I honestly feel when I play HQM Modpacks anyway.

    But even so, when there's many modpacks revolving around certain mods I still often don't play them as I'm just a lazy guy in general, and you know, can't afford another Drive to install all of these modpacks on, man I need to clear my computer of the junk it contains someday.

    But congratulations on launch, sorry for the ramble on but that's just how I feel when I see modpacks like these.
  4. Raverist

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    First impressions:

    Lycanite mobs are scary looking things, but not as rough as I anticipated. The entire cave world system would make setting up a strong base either really easy or quite hard, but from what I see the pack seems balanced.
  5. wmcmahon

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    Had a really weird bug already... Doing quest "Wood" where you hand in the player focus for 1 wood and -1 rep. I manually submitted the player focus, then it turned into a reputation quest, where the guide was just telling me my reputation status. I alt-tabbed a few times, opened the main menu, moved around a bit... then when I checked my guide again it said I had one unclaimed quest and I could redeem the quest reward... just a little confusing.
  6. BaileyH

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    It would allow you to reclaim them without submitting anything?
  7. BaileyH

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    Ah I understand. There is a desync with the HQM book and the reputation detection. You are meant to be able to immediately claim the reward however it does not detect the proper reputation until you exit and reenter the book.
  8. SeaWind5982

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    i'm kinda confused is it possible to get negative rep? after doing a quest and that i had -13 rep so but i did die twice so i don't know if dieing affects rep or what.
  9. BaileyH

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    You can obtain a negative reputation if you claimed a second player focus or managed to submit the player charm into multiple quests, which you can only do if you have more than one charm. Death has no effect on reputation.

    Did you claim another focus?
  10. Mechalith

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    There are a couple quests that unintentionally let you complete them even if you're at too low a rep level, and since the quest reward includes a reduction of rep (because it's used as a power meter here, and not actually reputation as-such) you can potentially drop into the negatives. We still haven't been able to pin down which ones are consistently doing it and why.
  11. SeaWind5982

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    aww ya i did claim another focus because the first 1 i kinda lost since i wasn't paying attention and instead of getting wood i got the book quest which was a pain to do right away.
  12. xMisterTurtle

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    Would you recommend playing through Hubris first??
  13. BaileyH

    BaileyH New Member

    It doesn't really matter.
  14. Zarifeke

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    Are normal vanilla mobs supposed to be really rare? Or do they only spawn in certain areas? All I've found so far are Lycanite mobs and a zombie and a creeper.
  15. Dylz101

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    I spawned in Tainted Lands Biome, what kind of sick joke is this :p
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    I must say this has got to be one of the better packs I have seen in a while. I love the use of Are Magica, a mod that I had never played with before. The use of the reputation system is something innovative, if a but buggy It is original and innovative and I like it!
  17. Mechalith

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    $%@&!#! Thought this one was finally dead.

    Could you do me a favor and do a /cofh killall * and check to see how many Afrit and Lobbers show up in the log? We've been wrestling with the 'nilla spawn rates for the whole development cycle of this pack. It's supposed to be much higher than it is, and we still haven't quite worked out why. My running theory, based on a bunch of trial and error, is that some of the Lycanite mobs are essentially overflowing the entity limit, and the Lycanite Infernal mobs are the worst culprit in my experience.

    I've also had some success with turning off the stalactite/stalagmite worldgen in wildcaves3.cfg.

    Meantime, the best source of vanilla mobs is the nearish-by mineshaft. It's SE down the canyon thing and up at around y70. If you're really lucky, sometimes a Doomlike Dungeon will overlap it and you'll have more zombies and skels than you know what to do with.
  18. Mechalith

    Mechalith New Member

    The rep system is mostly just a result of the HQM processes being a little hiccup prone as far as I/we have been able to tell. If it's not registering your rep for a quest, close the book and re-open it, should force it to recheck and let you complete the quest.
  19. Dylz101

    Dylz101 New Member

    Its not that, its the skeleton killing quest (3 for +5 DarkPower). A few times it keeps on saying invalid time, or something similar.
  20. Mechalith

    Mechalith New Member

    Oh, that's not a bug. The power generation quests are set to be repeatable after 3 'hours' of in game time, which is about 3-4 minutes IIRC.

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