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  1. kevincraft

    kevincraft New Member

    i just want to be able to run FTB without having to run a terminal file. (Im on Mac, sadly) I also want to be able to play without constant crashes every 5 minutes. It gets extremely annoying.
  2. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in any of the posts above [sorry if it has] but I'd like to see some list that compares the mod packs. Some of them i'd like to see the difference and it'd also be nice if optifine was already in with all of the packs.
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  3. 0NightHawk0

    0NightHawk0 Member

    Optifine being already in will never happen, the dev never gave out permission so you got to add it yourself, for yourself.
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  4. jjw123

    jjw123 Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    also there's the fact that optifine causes issues for as many people as it helps
  5. ImNate

    ImNate New Member

    Sometime this week I will come up with a nice design for the launcher. It may not be the best because I haven't done graphics in a few months but it will still be a great design.
  6. serialtasted

    serialtasted Active Member

    Read First:
    I made this design for a launcher that i was making for my server, then i started using ftb and this project stopped being usefull. The news are in portuguese (just to clarify).
    There's no FTB logo or anything anywhere because i just ran the app (build on C#) to take some screens and show here, you don't need to mention that (please).
    Thank you for your time!

    And now... the screenshots:

    Main window:

    Mod packs manager window:

    Downloads window:

    Other windows:





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  7. MaryuZ

    MaryuZ Active Member

    first and foremost.....after adding a mod to a pack there should be a done button just because clicking x won't cut it....
    add a vanilla mod pack ( all the mods that don't add blocks: rey's minimap, treecapitator, invtweaks, iron chests and maybe extrabiomes just because all the blocks it adds are visual only....I'm sure there's others i'm missing.....a looooool.....omfg....NEI of course)
    Find a way to get FBL working with the launcher....I still can't get it to work with the works perfectly when installed by hand but the launcher breaks it. (Flat Bedrock Layer)
    Having the launcher as an installable aplication in the Ubuntu software center would help a's a pain to turn it into an icon on the unity dash.
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  8. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Also... Maybe a page for in the launcher for running a server? Some sort of GUI for setting up and running a server...?
    I think this would be nice.... :D
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  9. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    i agre with MaryuZ i cant get ftb to work it all + i have a mac os x. so slowpoke101 and the rest of the ftb team you guys should make a mac ftb launcher to ok got it the ftb team
  10. MaryuZ

    MaryuZ Active Member

    that's not such a good ideea...servers are like command blocks....mojang didn't make a command block entry in the creative menu ... so to get one you need to use a command....the idea being that in order to get one you should know how to use commands (one).
    Servers are kinda the same...if you're having trouble setting up a server....then you're probably gonna suck at running a server.....servers are good the way they are now.
    Having to configure the server before you run it is a good'll help you later when things start breaking.......oh and they will...:))
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  11. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Mac OSX users must use Java 6 to get any sort of modded minecraft launcher to work properly. This is an issue with the Apple re-write of Java 7.
  12. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    i have java and i think it is java 6 but i could be 7[DOUBLEPOST=1362535622][/DOUBLEPOST]
    i just updated my java and it still does not work:(:mad:
  13. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    why is it that my minecraft works but my ftb and technic launcher do not
  14. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Modded Minecraft Launchers must be using/used with Java 6.
  15. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    omg this is so hard
  16. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

  17. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    what do i do know
  18. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech Popular Member

    I'm having the same problem...had to delete a world and redownload the launcher and mindcrack pack on my mac. I always play with the error log closed after it comes to MC homescreen. I would reccomend watching Direwolf20 and seeing his SMP series. In there some of the coders for some of the mods talked about memory leaking into the world or something and this caused instability...? HOpe this helps :D
  19. benfang322

    benfang322 New Member

    well what do i do know
  20. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

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