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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Myrathi, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    Thanks for your work on this Compendium! I downloaded and installed it the night before last and I am loving them so far. Switches are so simple but so beautiful! FlatSigns is also absurdly useful.

    So thank you, Myrathi!
  2. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    Just curious, has anyone gotten these mods working with 1.5.2? Yes I realize that they are listed as 1.5.1. I have also heard about the srg-naming that was implemented in 1.5.1. I just want to know if I am installing something wrong or if I need to wait for them to be updated. Thanks :)
  3. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    I haven't checked them all but I know ChargePads and Switches work from self-testing and ObsidiPlates seems to be running just fine on ForgeCraft. No idea about FlatSigns, yet, but haven't heard anything to the contrary. :)

    Edit: HerpaderpIshouldlearntodoublecheckmyforgeversionsbeforeposting. ¬.¬

    In summary: only Switches seems to work with 1.5.2, without alteration (though its modinfo is borked).

    Working on it. -_-
  4. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    Okay, just tested these on a fresh MultiMC instance using MC v1.5.2, MC Forge v7.8.0.689, IC2 1.115.308-lf, and the currently available versions of your mods. Here are the results.

    Flat Signs: Wouldn't even let MC fully startup.

    Obsidian Plates: When I click on the creative tab for redstone to find and test the plate. I got this error.

    Charge Pads: Everything seems to work fine. That is until I either step on a powered plate or try to access it via right click. (In this case it was a right click)

    Switches: Works beautifully! No errors. :) Could you tell me what the difference is between the gold one and the iron one other than appearance?

    Please help! Please tell me what I am doing wrong. :( Do I need to downgrade to IC2 #304? Do I have the wrong version of Forge? I really love these mods and want to get them working with my 1.5.2 pack.
  5. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Urgh... that'll teach me to (not) double-check my forge versions! Will be poking at these over the next couple of days. Thanks for the effort and the pastebins! :S

    As for switches: the difference is purely aesthetic (and recipe, of course). :)
  6. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    Sweet. Well I like both switches. :)

    Glad to help out. Good luck. :D

    (Will now sit patiently and repeatedly press the F5 key for the next several days)
  7. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    As a side-note: I updated the Switches b13 jar file to include a fixed - so, it should now show properly in the mods list. -_-

    Can't update it (properly) to 1.5.2 until we have a working CodeChickenCore, though. :\
  8. poisax

    poisax New Member

    Such a simple mod, obsidian pressure plates, but so handy!

    (I don't know if it's simple to code, but still)
  9. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    Cool. :)

    Is this not the version of CodeChickenCore that you need in order to update "properly"?
  10. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    As it happens, it is - but it was throwing scary class transformation injection errors with the latest forges. Reverting to pre-690 forge builds fixed the issues (Lex included stencil buffer goodies in 690+, so CCC is failing at injecting its own version). ChickenBones is aware of the issue - so a new version should appear soon™.

    On my end: I just pushed a new build of Switches and doing some testing before uploading. :)
  11. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Switches updated to v1.1.0.19 to support MC 1.5.2 (and CodeChickenCore Minimum supported Forge is 685+.

    NOTE: If you're using CCC, you will NOT be able to use a Forge of 690 or higher (yet). You're restricted to 689, at best, until CCC updates (ChickenBones is aware of the issues).

    Added: New diamond and emerald switches. Same recipe format but with diamonds and emeralds in place of ingots. :)
    (switch designs are purely aesthetic - they all act similarly)
  12. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    LoL! Nice! You just had to add my favorite two colors to the switch roster didn't you? ;)

    Also that explains why I've had trouble using anything higher than Forge #689 as it is. :)
  13. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    You can thank/blame King Lemming... he asked for them. ;)

    Indeed. Probably wouldn't have realised the issue quite so quickly if Lex hadn't reminded me of the new stencil code. I'm just waiting on a new CCC, now. :)
  14. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    ObsidiPlates updated to v1.4.0.12 to update it for Minecraft 1.5.2.
    Switches updated to v1.1.1.20 to fix a bug where they had no hardness (instant break in survival).

    Edit @19:00: FlatSigns updated to v1.2.0.8 to update it for Minecraft 1.5.2.

    Edit @21:58: ChargePads updated to v2.7.0.86 to update it for Minecraft 1.5.2 / IC2-1.115.308+.
  15. TigersFangs

    TigersFangs New Member

    Awesome! And THANKS KING LEMMING FOR ASKING FOR THE EXTRA SWITCHES!!! let the mayhem commence! ;)
  16. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    ObsidiPlates updated to v1.5.0.13.

    Added: smelting recipes for converting silent/shrouded plates back to noisy, visible ones.
    (by burning off the wool and/or shrouding layer)
  17. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    New mod called InfiniBows that is simpler than it may sound: all it does is one tiny thing and that is to "fix" the requirement for at least one arrow in the pack when you have a bow with Infinity-1 enchant - meaning you don't need to waste a pack slot for a single arrow!

    Note that it goes into the /coremods folder! (and is for 1.5.2)

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  18. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I love that :eek: I have been thinking about the same thing, how it's stupid to keep 1 arrow on you with the infinity enchant, so this makes the enchant so much better :D
  19. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    FlatSigns updated to v1.3.1.10, adding the ability to edit signs in-place via sponges and sponge wipes (multiple use sponge).

    To get sponge, throw yellow wool into water or the rain.
    To get sponge wipes, place sponge and cactus green into a crafting grid (shapeless recipe).

    Enjoy. :)
  20. Daniel5143

    Daniel5143 New Member

    Where is the IC2 1.115.308-lf

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