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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Myrathi, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    You can get the IC2 test versions here. Note that, unless otherwise stated on the IC2 site, latest builds are BETA builds and should be treated as such. You have been warned, heh! :p
  2. Daniel5143

    Daniel5143 New Member

  3. DreamingSheep

    DreamingSheep New Member

    Hi Myrathi,

    Firstly, thank you for the fantastic mods!! Second, I've just added Flat Signs to my MC but the Sponge Wipes are showing the 'Missing Texture' white box when crafting & holding in my hand. Otherwise all seems to work perfectly.

  4. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Wow! That would be due to the graphics not being packaged in with the code. The JAR in my test instance (of does have the graphics... what the hell? o_O

    Will get right on that. Thanks! (though you should've used the issue tracker! ;D)
  5. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    FlatSigns updated to v1.3.1.13, fixing the missing item texture (derp) and the typo in the config that put the sponge wipes in the block ID range (derpderp).
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  6. DreamingSheep

    DreamingSheep New Member

    Yeay, thanks for the fix, will test in when I get a chance. I thought it was just the missing textures when I had a look through the jar, but then also thought I could be stupidly missing something, like I missed the issue tracker, sorry :(.

    Edit, just did a quick test and it's working perfectly. Thank you!! Can't see any other problems so far.
  7. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    FlatSigns updated to v1.3.2.14, fixing the server-side crash on trying to edit a sign with a sponge!

    (Thanks to Wyld for bringing this to my attention so quickly ^^)
  8. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    ChargePads updated to v2.7.1.89 (requiring Forge 705+ and IC2 1.115.325-lf), fixing a slight GUI issue and ISidedInventory support.

    This build's been out for a while; I just somehow managed to completely forget to update this and my IC2 threads - derp! -_-

    Also, this is probably the last update for 1.5.2, as the latest IC2 LF builds have been for 1.6.

    La la la!
  9. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    ObsidiPlates updated to v2.0.0.15 for MC 1.6.2 (requiring Forge 779+).
  10. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    New mod for 1.6.2: Finndus Fillies (v1.0.0.7)

    This mod may be a tiny bit satirical in nature (okay: maybe a lot - and you may not "get it" unless you're from the UK).

    It also makes horses provide food (yum!) and a renewable source of glue (slimeballs).

    Check out the wiki page for infos. ;]
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  11. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    people around here often say that horse meat is actually more healthy and cheaper to eat then other meat
    maybe for fun you should change it so when you're eating horse meat you'll heard the faint sound of a horse
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  12. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Assuming the horse is healthy (and hasn't been injected with lots of meds), those people are entirely correct. :)

    Sounds when you eat would get exceptionally tedious, though, and annoying... and not really the intent of the mod. Cheers, though!
  13. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    well, you could also change it so eating the meat gives you a 5 second run boost or something useless as that, just for fun xD
  14. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    "Beef: tastes like horse; makes you run like horse." ;P
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  15. Roady

    Roady New Member

    Ok, so I really need to get my mind out of the gutter. Let's just say I read a different word than run in that sentence.
  16. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    FlatSigns updated to v1.4.0.15 for MC 1.6.2 (requiring Forge 790+).

  17. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    InfiniBows (Infinity Bow Fix) updated to v1.1.0.12, for MC 1.6.2 (requiring Forge 790+).

    Note: the .jar now goes in the /mods folder, just like every other mod. The /coremods folder no longer exists.
  18. TheCountChuckula

    TheCountChuckula New Member

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for updating to 1.6.2 I can't wait to set traps with the shrouded and silent plates... lol Such Fun!
  19. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Switches updated to v1.2.0.21 for MC 1.6.2. Minimum supported Forge is 790+. It's a coremod, now, so CodeChickenCore is no longer required. :)
  20. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Switches updated to v1.2.1.24 (MC 1.6.2). Minimum supported Forge is 834 (due to FML changes).

    If you need the old version, it's in the "Older Versions" spoiler tag. :)

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