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  1. Myrathi

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    Instead of having separate posts for all my (current) mods, I figured I'd compile them into just one, single post, so that people have it easier for tracking updates. Additionally, it means I only have one post to update, even when I release others! ;-)

    Installation and Configuration
    Unless specifically stated otherwise, the zip/jar files go into the /mods folder of your Minecraft (or MultiMC) instances.
    Every mod creates a configuration file in /config the first time it's loaded and run, with the name of the mod. Open and alter those files to update block IDs, item IDs or whatever other settings are there.

    Errors, Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Wiki Pages
    Alongside each mod, there are links to both a GitHub repository issue tracker and a wiki (they're struck out if they don't exist [yet]). You should go there and check existing issues to see if something is already known about and, if not, add a new issue. Always remember to include error log files, as appropriate, and - if possible - describe how to reproduce the error. If it's a feature request (AKA an "enhancement"), try to be as descriptive as possible. Bug reports in this thread could very likely be ignored (and possibly removed) - you have been warned. The wiki pages will hold recipe and functionality information.

    The Mods (1.7.10)
    Note: Recipes for all these mods can be seen via the creative inventory or ChickenBones' NEI. If you open the JAR files in WinZip, WinRAR, etc, you can extract and look at the README.???.txt file for things like recipes and such, prior to the wiki entries being available.
    • FinndusFillies :: (see 1.6.2 release)
    • FlatSigns :: (see 1.6.2 release)
    • InfiniBows :: v1.2.0.14 :: Forge 924+ (coremod)
    • ObsidiPlates :: (see 1.6.2 release)
    • Switches :: v1.3.0.25 :: issue tracker :: wiki :: Forge 924+ (coremod)
    • ChargePads :: v2.7.1.89 :: Forge 705+ & IC2 1.115.325-lf
    • FlatSigns :: v1.3.2.14 :: Forge 684+
    • InfiniBows :: v1.0.0.10 :: Forge 684+ (coremod)
    • ObsidiPlates :: v1.5.0.13 :: Forge 684+
    • Switches :: v1.1.1.20 :: Forge 685+ (CodeChickenCore
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  2. jlp1528

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    Hello Myrathi! Glad to see you've not only updated your mods but also "finally written the post" like you said on Morvy's live stream. I for one must admit that I'm a sucker for the little things, so your ObsidiPlates make me very, very happy indeed. Keep up the good work!
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  3. Kane Hart

    Kane Hart New Member

    Great mod!
  4. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Updated ObsidiPlates to v1.3.1.10 - which fixes a bug where plates insta-break on hit (in gamemode 0). Thanks Soaryn. ;)

    Edit: Also updated links to issue trackers for all the mods. If you have a bug-report or a feature request, please post them at the issue trackers. I really won't be paying attention to either of those types of things in this thread. :b
  5. JHoliness

    JHoliness New Member

    I apologise if this is a stupid question, but I tried to find information on your "Flat Signs" mod - but to no avail. So I was just curious, what is the mod about? (I'm assuming quite literally, flat signs)
  6. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    It's not stupid. :] I just don't have an overview for it, yet (it'll be on the wiki for it).

    Basically, you can use a normal sign (item) and place it on the underside of blocks, facing in such a way so that you can read it from the direction you placed it. Or, if you sneak, you can place it flat on the floor like a doormat.
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  7. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Updated ObsidiPlates to v1.3.2.11 - adding shrouded versions of all the plates (that are really hard to see) - just surround any of the four other plates, in the centre of a 3x3 crafting grid, with glowstone dust top, left, right and underneath and nether quartz chunks in the corners.
  8. welshtony

    welshtony New Member

    Just to let you know mate I have edited the other thread telling everyone to come here :)
  9. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Much appreciated. Cheers, Tony! :)
  10. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    New mod available for y'all. Called "Switches." Requires Forge 659 or later for the switches themselves (see the readme inside the jar for recipes without NEI). For the full experience, you'll need to have v0.8.6.1 of CodeChickenCore installed - at which point pistons will activate the switches if they "extend" directly into the face of the switch AND they'll both flip levers if they hit the handle straight on or will pull levers back if they retract away and are a sticky piston!

    Enjoy. ;)
  11. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin New Member

    I can only see applications for this in a Rube Goldberg machine, was this the design intention? A piston is switched by a redstone signal, a lever gives out redstone signals. Why not simply put the original signal to the line activated by the lever? For use as a diode, simply use a 1-tick repeater?
  12. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    #BlameSethBling ;) Both the general design (watch BSM2) and (after re-watching it) the "pistons click switches" (watch BSM1) came from watching his Bite-Sized Minecraft machinimas (see the links). :D

    The initial mod was purely the switches but someone watching the stream (I often code live) commented that it'd be cool if extending pistons could click the switches. Some wrangling and use of CCC later, it worked. Then I considered lever flips, remembered the switch-clicking from BSM1 and 2 and just had to do it. :D

    The only activated lever direction that seems to "mess" with piston retraction is actually a disabled lever above a sticky piston (facing up). The switch is in the up position (off), the sticky piston retracts and turns it on but because upward facing pistons retract slightly slower than others (it's the only thing I could deduce), the head catches the "on" redstone state and re-extends, pushing the lever off... which causes the head to retract and... you have this really funky little spazzing out setup that caused much hilarity on the stream when it occurred (much to my surprise). :p

    Otherwise, extending/retracting sticky pistons happen to face the right way to always interact properly with levers in such a way as they can extend/retract just fine - so long as the switch isn't already on when the piston is extended (in which case, it doesn't allow it to retract). Try it and see. :)
  13. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    • Added: forge and mod requirements after download links.
    • Added: a Mod Overview spoiler section.
    • Changed: moved old version links to their own spoiler section.
  14. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Updated Switches to build 13 because a certain Forestry Warden was arbitrarily hard killing peoples' clients due to a jar being left unsigned (because of an issue with FML).

    Certain individuals should stick to policing their own code and leave others' the hell alone: as the only people getting hurt or inconvenienced are innocent players.

    Sorry if people were having crashes because of this nonsense and thanks to Amazong for bringing this to my attention and helping to test fixes so quickly.
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  15. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    Thank you for mentioning this Mythrani. This is hitting me with EE3 and Forestry itself, as Forestry is hard stopping if those mods are loaded because of code signing or something. (ARGH!)
  16. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    Glad it helped, Vaygrim.
  17. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    Well the issue I'm running across now is how to communicate this issue to him. He seems near impossible to get ahold of, doesn't even respond to Twitter messages.

    Ah well, thanks again for your information!
  18. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    As far as I've been made aware, his code is deliberate and is working as intended
    As for the EE3 issue, I vaguely remember seeing a discussion about code-signing issues on the github (for people self-testing builds), so you may see a work-around solution, from Pahimar, at some point (take that with a pinch of salt - I only skimmed the discussion, in passing).
  19. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim New Member

    I poked at Pahimar on that very same 'Code Signing' thread on his GitHub and he ran me off with a torch and pitchfork, told me to learn to read. Heh

    Eh, I'll just pull Forestry and go back to trying to get IC2 for 1.5.1 working.
  20. Myrathi

    Myrathi New Member

    ChargePads updated to v2.6.1.80 to support the API changes in IC2 v1.115 (build 304-lf). Minimum supported Forge is 664+.

    See the thread (on the IC2 forums) for more info and recipe and FAQ updates.

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