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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MachineMuse, May 9, 2013.

  1. bohric

    bohric New Member

    I'm having a problem, using FTB 1.5.2 beta pack (no GregTech). Whenever I open a tinker table and roll over the Terminal Glasses module for the helmet, the game instantly crashes. Everything else in the table works fine. I'm using modpack version 0.8, because 0.7 had the infamous "Unnamed" glitch.

    Uploading crash log.

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  2. Greylocke

    Greylocke Active Member

    Has anyone heard of an issue where MC crashes a few seconds after the world loads? I've got the same exact modpack & config working on 2 PCs, but the third PC crashes. If I remove MPS from that install, it loads fine. Put it back = crash. The errors it rhrows in the console before dropping are NEIPlugin config errors. I don't know how that is connected... but there it is.

    Sound familiar to anyone? I'm more than a little bit puzzled. No log attached. Just looking for anecdotal information from the hivemind.
    MPS #573 running on Forge 738.

  3. Gala

    Gala New Member

    The sound that the jetpack makes is terrible and also bugged. When I take it off the sound will continue in the spot where I took it off. I can walk away, walk back, sound is still there. Can I disable it entirely?
  4. BBoldt

    BBoldt Active Member

    Hi I'm running FTB 1.5.2 beta with gregtech and I've set the recipe to use IC2 parts, but everyone on my server sees the gregtech parts. I thought the server configs were supposed to override the client configs. Just wondering if there is any way to fix this other than forcing everyone to edit their configs or switching the server config to use gregtech parts.
  5. cynric

    cynric Well-Known Member

    They override the actual crafting of the items, but NEI only looks at the local configs. So until all your users switch configs, they will see the default recipes but won't be able to craft those.
  6. 080184

    080184 New Member

    Now im playing on Direwolf20 1_5 and its still here! Anyone know how to fix this???
  7. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim Active Member

    The "Shears" upgrade for the Powersuit Tool/Claw doesn't actually work on leaves, despite it having leaves listed in its description. I've checked the config file to make sure there isn't a setting I am missing, but I see nothing related to the shears.

    Is this a base MMMPS bug, or an MMMPS Addons bug?
  8. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    If you have optifine ,remove it.
  9. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim Active Member

    Yes pretty much the first step to troubleshooting any Minecraft Mod problem should always be: Remove Optifine.
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  10. 080184

    080184 New Member

  11. 080184

    080184 New Member

    Nope. I just perchance hate people asking me to uninstall optifine when I have said, multiple times, that I do not have it.
  12. moff3tt

    moff3tt Member

    This is probably the wrong place but my searches have yielded nothing. At least it is relevant to the thread however. I am playing on the Direwolf20 1.5.2 pack ("Direwolf20_1_5") and I just wanted to verify the removal of the kinetic generator was intentional?
  13. Vaygrim

    Vaygrim Active Member

    The kinetic generator is technically not part of MMMPowerSuits, but actually MMMPowerSuits-Addons (created by a gent named "Andrew" I think?). It's a seperate addon that tacks in a bunch of neat upgrades for modular powersuits. Unfortunately some folks see the kinetic and thermal generators that are part of it as a tad overpowered / broken, so the mod gets left out.
  14. moff3tt

    moff3tt Member

    Oh! Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. I'll look into maybe adding those mods myself then. I find them super convenient personally. I'm sure there is a way to balance things but I already have stuff like losing my inventory on death and mob griefing turned off. Minecraft-Easy Mode lol So I'm not too concerned about something like that being OP.
  15. haisho

    haisho Active Member

    Not sure if this is the right place, considering it might be an MPSA bug, and involves Thaumcraft, but it is an exploit so ehh...

    Break open the spoiler at your own peril!
    Modular Powersuits 0.7.1-573
    MPSA-176 (Requires MPS561+)

    Using the Shears module (which isn't the Blade Launcher module) for the Power Fist and using it to break Cinderpods or Shimmerleaves in the world will drops both the preserved plant and the expected byproduct of Blaze Power/Quicksilver, One can simply keep replacing the plant and break it over and over again to farm infinite amounts of Blaze Power/Quicksilver.

    Testing with vanilla shears and the Blade Launcher module confirm only the Shears module can do this.
  16. im4u2nv000

    im4u2nv000 New Member

    i dont have a softwere isue, but i can not fly very fast with the jetpack on. i dont know the weight off hand but iinstaled i have the energy shield armor, mv power cells, flight control water tank, and the jetpack all of them are set to max. i do have other stuff but nothting that add much weight. i am useing the FTB unleashed pack.

    also walking on the MFR road block is really slow like the walking assesst does not work when on them.
  17. INCSlayer

    INCSlayer Well-Known Member

    Havr you also installed the jumpjets in the boots?
  18. im4u2nv000

    im4u2nv000 New Member

    no i dont have the jumpjets in the boots, alos i can not hover, if i am going up and hit a blook above me i will slowly fall back to the ground, and can not start flying while in midair.
  19. INCSlayer

    INCSlayer Well-Known Member

    well if you want to fly forward with any speed you are gonna need the jumpjets in the boots and if you want to hover you need the flight control system installed in the helmet
  20. im4u2nv000

    im4u2nv000 New Member

    i have flight control on the helmet do i have to put it inot hover mode? , but i guess i will put the jumpjets on the boots, next time i was think i might be the weight that was making me so slow. some times i just put on the regualer jetpack to get around faster.

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