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Whitelist Server Looking for online friends to play MC with? Come here! (DW20 1.7.10 1.0.3)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Eanator, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Server world has been reset!!!
    Another New world is ripe for the taking!!!
    Server website coming soon!!!


    Hello everyone, i'd like to introduce myself.
    I am Eanator, an avid minecraft player since infdev. Minecraft has always had it's charm until i discovered FTB has made it much much more. I usually play with one of my closest friends but he isn't available much.
    With this i will make my server whitelisted!

    ****The posting is very serious toned but i assure you the server has a much more fun enviornment :D****

    Server information
    Survival server

    The server is running on direwolf20 1.7.10 version 1.0.3

    There are no banned items/mods

    Mystcraft is OK as long as you ask before you generate an age and a vote takes place.

    Be prepared to be able to take a joke (pranks)

    Even though it is whitelist, no steal/raid/griefing, but a little pugilism now and again doesn't hurt.
    {In simpler terms, its ok to do a little friendly pvp just for laughs, but not excessively}

    No added commands/plugins to make the game more fun.

    Everyone gets OP, TP just helps, it really does.

    Prank rules : If you prank someone, spawn in mobs and build. don't destroy. be creative!

    Example of acceptable prank:
    House made into a glass maze. glass is warded. once owner escapes maze, the glass gets un-warded by the prankster.

    Example of UN-acceptable prank
    House filled with Lava/tnt with pressure plate rigged at door.
    Why you should want to join

    With this server, you don't just meet another player, you meet another person.

    I am looking to build a small comunity of players who know eachother / trust eachother.

    By small i mean a 16 player max.

    I'm sure some of you are getting sick of going to a server, finding out all the fun stuff is banned, getting raided, and finding no resources, it's tiring. Here you have a chance to make a connection!

    Play with people who share the love of the game and the mods!

    Requirements to apply

    You need the following to apply to join the private server:

    1): Speak English.
    2): Be at least 15 years of age.
    3): Have a microphone
    4): Have some experience/knowledge of mods and vanilla minecraft

    How to apply
    To apply just copy and paste the following as a response and put in the information specified at { }:

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why}
    [5]-{Favorite color}
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft}
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted}
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"}

    My skype name is Expand Dong
    My curse name is Expand Dong
    My minecraft IGN is eanator

    **** Please, let me contact you first :) ****
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2015
  2. FatherOfSniping

    FatherOfSniping New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}FatherOfSnipping_
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}jake
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why}all of them are my favorites :p
    [5]-{Favorite color}depends on my mood
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft}since 1.8 beta
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted}well i like small respectful communities and thats y i should be accepted (not trying to sound like a smart pants lol)
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} PM me i use linux so i dont know what voice programs i can use
  3. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Thanks for applying! your response should be received soon!
  4. procode

    procode New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} PROCODE
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} Jeff
    [3]-{age} 16 about to be 17 in a month and half
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} Applied Energistics, much storage such wow.
    [5]-{Favorite color} Blue or White
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} Beta 1.0
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} Because I am trying to find a small server with the least amount of lag and a mature chat where I can possibly livestream without the in-game chat being spammed with "Hey [Player] killed me!"
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} I mainly use teamspeak I have been a victim of many DoS attacks from people getting IP via Skype so I tend to steer clear of handing out people my skype... So 1 pm for me.
  5. KnightnightMC57

    KnightnightMC57 New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} KnightnightMC57
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} Knight
    [3]-{age} 17
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} 1.AE:much storage such awesomeness 2.TE: much tech
    [5]-{Favorite color }green
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} since 1.4.2
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} I want to find a good server that has great people in it, it would be fun to interact with them since i can make more friends
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} Skype:Mr.BillyDonuts
  6. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Alright i'll try to get my response out ASAP!
  7. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}gukliuyk
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}gukliuyk/call me guk
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why}Thermal expansion, even with the new changes
    [5]-{Favorite color} blue
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} since alpha
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} I am looking for an active community, that enforces based on mutual respect not excessive bans.
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} gukliuyk, however im much more likely to be on this forum, so pm me.
  8. Vendetta

    Vendetta New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} vend_tta
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} Vend
    [3]-{age} 16
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} ComputerCraft due to the freedom of coding and turtles of course.
    [5]-{Favorite color} Burgundy
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} 3 and a half years.
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} I'm looking for a server where I can play freely with a small group of people. I also would like the freedom of all mods being used.
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} I shall PM you this if I get accepted.
  9. kavin1337

    kavin1337 New Member

    [1]-{ kavin1337}
    [2]-{Kevin }
    [4]-{I like almost all the mods :D.}
    [6]-{2 years }
    [7]-{I want a small nice direwolf server to play on and have fun with other people and meet new friends. I'm a fun person to play and talk with and love to help other people. }
    [8]-added u, I'm Kevin ljungqvist.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
  10. Sp3ctral_Surge

    Sp3ctral_Surge New Member

    [2]-{Jacob/Sp3c/Sp3ctral/Surge anything is fine}
    [4]-{depends if your talking about utility mods its nei by far and if your talking about playable mods then It would have to be Tinkers Construct because of all the cool tools you can get}
    [6]-{Vanilla since alpha days Modded since the first ftb challenge map was released to the public}
    [7]-{Why do you want to join our server I'm in need of a server that has friendly people that i will be able to talk to and perhaps make friends. I'm going into basic training for the United States Army soon and before I go I would like to play minecraft and make some new friends. Thank you for your consideration. -Sp3c}
    [8]-{jacob.heckendorn skype}
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
  11. Credz

    Credz New Member

    [4]-{Botania, great starter mod and helps a lot in the beginning}
    [6]-{3 years}
    [7]-{Looking for a new server after a shorter break!}
    [8]-{Pm me ;)}
  12. perquisitor_omnia

    perquisitor_omnia New Member

    [2]-Perq/Emerain (yeah, I got a bunch)
    [4]-Applied Energistics - Because sorting systems an having a room of chests is just so old school...
    [6]-Since late alpha
    [7]-Because playing alone is only so fun, I want to show off my builds! Also, I'd rather have a small server that doesn't need huge amounts of bans/anti-grief measures, instead just fun and FUN
    [8]-PM me/available upon request.
  13. jpbirdsgong

    jpbirdsgong New Member

    [1]- jprometheus
    [2]- Jon
    [4]- definitely computercraft in modpacks without GT or Rotarycraft
    [5]- Blue
    [6]- Sicne FTB Ultimate
    [7]- Im a dedicated and talented automator who loves being part of a community. I like to advance as far as I can up the tech tree as quickly as possible and then make factories to make resources available to the server. Here's an old build of mine: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/automating-quest-ram.20424/page-2#post-244216. See beginning of the thread for an explanation.
    [8]- Neither-- PM me. Thanks in advance!
  14. Shumults

    Shumults New Member

    [1]-Senkaru (god I hope they impliment name changes soon)
    [2]-Shu. I usually just go by Shu or Shumu or something similar.
    [4]-Probably Thaumcraft. It's hard to pic any single mod exclusively, but I really like a lot of the mechanics in it, and what's more I like the way a lot of the things in it look!
    [6]-It's hard to give an exact date, but I think it was around the same update that Fishing and The Nether were released.
    [7]-I've got some downtime here lately and would love to meet some new people and play minecraft with them! I'd probably not be interested in "teaming up" so to speak permanently, as in I'd like to have my own house, but it could definitely be fun collaborating with people on certain builds!
    [8]-Skype: Shumults Curse Voice: N/A
  15. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    replies have been sent!
  16. ChocolateDyke

    ChocolateDyke New Member

    [4]-{Computercraft since I am graduating soon with a major in Software Enigneering}
    [6]-{3 Years}
    [7]-{Looking for a community of players to play with. I am tired of playing with my server of 2 people, and on the larger servers it feels more like single player since I don't know anyone}
    [8]-{Curse Voice "ChocolateDyke"}
  17. Dustin18232

    Dustin18232 New Member

    [4]-Bloodmagic because ithas so much to do and every time I play I it I find something new and it amazes me
    [6]-Over 3 years
    [7]-I would like to join because I would like to play with some awesome people. I would be a good fit into your server because I was raised with respect and I like to help people with there builds.
    [8]-dustin18232 Skype
  18. Quango

    Quango New Member

    [4]-Thermal expansion: I love to automate stuff till i am useless :p and Chisel because it helps a lot making cobble holes in the ground look like something nice
    [6]-about 3 years
    [7]-I played SSP for a long time and started playing on a server resently and thought it was really fun to play with others, share ideas and builds as well as help and get help. Sadly it closed down and that's why i'm here looking for a new group of players to share the fun and exiting experience of playing awesome modpacks.
    [8]-PM me please. I have Skype, TS, and all that, but don't want to state it publicly.
  19. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Replies sent out!
  20. ent

    ent New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} enteesto
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} Alex
    [3]-{age} 15
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} Forestry, because bee breeding is super addicting.
    [5]-{Favorite color} Green
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} ~3 years
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} I'm looking for a place to have discussions and meet new people. I try to be respectful and friendly towards others.
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} PM me

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