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Whitelist Server Looking for online friends to play MC with? Come here! (DW20 1.7.10 1.0.3)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Eanator, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. MustardFTW

    MustardFTW New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why}
    Currently EnderIO because I love the whole conduit system and being able to put multiple cables in a single block is the best idea I have seen in modded Minecraft.​
    [5]-{Favorite color}
    Dark or Royal Blue​
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft}
    I've been playing since Alpha 1.1.2 and modding since Alpha 1.2.4​
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted}
    I've been playing on my own personal server with a friend for a while now and I have played on a community FTB server before. I suggested that we find a community to join because it would make it a lot of fun.​
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"}
    PM me. I would rather not disclose that to the public.​
  2. DeltaOperations

    DeltaOperations New Member

    [2]-You can call me Delta xD
    [4]-Inv. Tweaks :p 'Cause it's just so much better with it.
    [5]-Is silver a color? I sure love silver xD
    [6]-I've been playing modded Minecraft for three of four years now.
    [7]-I have yet to meet a server I can call home :3 So I was hoping that "small community of friends" will be one for me. And if you add me, I can do some ComputerCraft coding for you
    [8]-Skype name - login4skypexdd
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2015

    Sir PITTERIX New Member

    hey man why server is off now?
  4. The_London_Bloke

    The_London_Bloke New Member

    Oi Cheeky, I'm from London and i want to build a big Mosque of Sunni-faith but i can't because the server is offline, when will the Chicken-Tika-Misala be ready again for playing?
  5. iTzJimmEH

    iTzJimmEH New Member

    Favorite mod would be IC2 simply because it has so much content where it helps the game become fun. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the other mods so I just go back to IC2 simply because it's so easy to comprehend
    Favorite color would be purple
    I have played minecraft ever since 2008
    I want to be able to play with new people and hopefully make new friendships that could last for a long time. and to find people with the same interests in games.
    Skype name is itzjimmeh
  6. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Attention everyone,
    The server is undergoing maintenence to fix configs, lags, and other issues to make the world smoother, it will be coming back on sometime soon, but for now just sit tight.
  7. DeltaOperations

    DeltaOperations New Member

    But you're gonna whitelist people right? I wanna play D:
  8. The_London_Bloke

    The_London_Bloke New Member

    I love your server like my brother, may we build a great Basar of East London so that all can rejoice once the great server is online again.

    Sir PITTERIX New Member

    When server is going to work again?
  10. perquisitor_omnia

    perquisitor_omnia New Member

    Yeah... been down for a while now.
  11. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    People will be whitelisted, people are being looked at. server will be up in about 10-11 hours.
  12. badboybrewer

    badboybrewer New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} badboybrewer
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} shaine
    [3]-{age} 40
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} any and all, because it makes game play more interesting
    [5]-{Favorite color} blue
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} aprox. 4 years
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} Looking for people to play the game with who enjoy a few "mild" pranks, but nothing too extreme. Have played with others but they take it to far.
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} Skype name: badboybrewer74
  13. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    I am writing this from my data on my phone. The telephone pole near my house was stuck by lightning and the company is fixing it, server will be up soon
  14. The_London_Bloke

    The_London_Bloke New Member

    Dear Caliph of the server, I am glad to hear these news.
    I hope you stay well and that, the server will be running until judgment day as a Beacon of a Halal Kebab Community of devotion and obedience to the rules of Kebab.
  15. Sir PITTERIX

    Sir PITTERIX New Member

    When the server is going to work again?
  16. XanQoS

    XanQoS New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN} XanQoS
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name} Johannes
    [3]-{age} 17
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} I love to make automations with many mods at a time but i guess i mainly use AE2 for automations. Its a easy mod but you can do so impressive stuff with it if you want to :D
    [5]-{Favorite color} Green and blue? dont really know :D
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} I started playing Minecraft Alpha when it started to become popular. (Vanilla playtime: about 200h; DW20: about 200h aswell and no i dont have a reallife :p)
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted} This is the third server im applying to in the last few days because im looking for a server with nice and active players to have fun with but the other two servers were empty and now im hoping that this server can provide nice and active players :)
    You should accept me because im a friendly person who loves to build automations even more if they are usefull and accesible for everyone on the server. I have very much experience with the DW20 Modpack (I played a lot but mainly on 1.6.4 but i know most of the 1.7 mods as well because of the DW20 Videos :D) and i love to give my experience to other less experienced players.
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} Skype Name: johannes.hellmundt
  17. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of unlucky things happened, the server is now back up!
  18. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Also, replies sent!
  19. PeacfulBob

    PeacfulBob New Member

    [4]-Ender IO, Its fun in the start.. and still useful in late game
    [5]-Green, Kinda dark but not too dark..
    [6]-Years.. I'm old.... But i still am newbish on some mods
    [7]-I like to play with other people. Teamwork.. And creativity is Fun
    [8]-Pm me
  20. Zeh Karabiner

    Zeh Karabiner New Member

    Mein Gruppenf├╝hrer, Zeh Server still seems to be down, are the Partisans still not dealt witz yet?
    Zhis is unacceptable!!!
    Dont zhey know what zhey are doing?
    I will stay behind you,
    One server, one playergroup, one HOST!!!

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