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Whitelist Server Looking for online friends to play MC with? Come here! (DW20 1.7.10 1.0.3)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Eanator, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    Yeah, house issues and it will be for another 12-13 hours
  2. dannybear

    dannybear New Member

    the server has been down for ages now can we have a update on what is going on the server has been down more than it has been up for the last week
  3. Eanator

    Eanator New Member

    House moving has been going on, and i just set up the server sorry it took so long but its here to stay :)
  4. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    [2]-Bubble0 /.Stuart
    [4]-Blood Magic - Just enjoy the mechanics of it
    [6]-Vanilla since alpha Modded few years
    [7]-Looking for a mature player base that I can meet new ppl
    [8]-PM me for skype or i can jump on TS
  5. green_fan

    green_fan New Member

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}green_fan
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}Noah
    [3]-{age} 18
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} buildcraft I love all the machines
    [5]-{Favorite color} green
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} 5 years
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted}
    [8]-{Skype Name/ Curse voice name **if you have neither just say "PM me"} skype: dididinoah
  6. Grimgorg

    Grimgorg New Member

    Hello Guys,
    I recently discovered this thread and now I'm hoping that there's still some space for me on the server!:)

    [1]-{Your Minecraft IGN}Grimgorg
    [2]-{first/nick/preferred name}Fabian
    [3]-{age} 22
    [4]-{Favorite mod and why} Applied Energistics 2 - Just so much automation:)
    [5]-{Favorite color} blue
    [6]-{How long have you played minecraft} I bought the game in beta or alpha for 5€. Dont really know. :D
    [7]-{why do you want to join/why should you be accepted}I played a lot with my friend on our Nitrado server or we hosted it on our Pcs. But he is kinda busy and playing alone really sucks:(
    [8]-{Skype Name} I can send you my Skype-name via PM.

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