[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. GussyBoi

    GussyBoi New Member

    Can the modpack run with 32bit windows?
  2. toiletzombie

    toiletzombie Active Member

    Is there an update in the works for all the mods?
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  3. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger Blast-Off Creator/Dev Third Party Pack Team

    Might be because I forgot to undo the quest after I tested them >_<..... You can undo the quests with /hqm edit if you really want to
  4. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    What am i supposed to do with the water storage module? It just spawns a load of ice in the 5x5 area but when I break it nothing happens. Can I get it into buckets? Seems to be no way of getting water into buckets otherwise.

    Also, I've been told combining the bottles of slightly clean water with leaves should give clean water to fill up camel pouch. Is this still the case? (EDIT: Never mind, just doesn't work with oak leaves)
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  5. Brock_145

    Brock_145 New Member

    The Water Storage module is for if you want to get started with mariculture/get more water buckets. To get water from that though, you need to melt the ice by placing a redstone lamp somewhere in the middle and place a block of redstone underneath that. Hope that helped! :)
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  6. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    I find slightly clean water is easier to get and more useable, just be sure to never fill your hunger completely.
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  7. toiletzombie

    toiletzombie Active Member

    When I try and lower the volume of the weather effects, lightning and storms, even on 1% it seems really loud, any idea how I can get it lower? I would like to have them on, I just would like them at a reasonable level for me.
  8. YukiDraws

    YukiDraws New Member

    Hello, I am trying to play along with the Yogscast, but I've ran into a few problems. One major problem is that none of the storage cells seem to contain anything. Only one has so far, the White Derps, but it doesn't have dogs in it, it has snowmen and a strange device on the wall. The other problem is that I still lose lives when I have a clone. The clone itself also doesn't use my skin, it uses the default steve skin. I wouldn't have too much of a problem if I lost a life each time I died until I got to one, and then I just relied on the clone, but when I made so much progress and then died and even though I had a clone it deletes my world, that's when I had a problem with it.

    I noticed that you had posted a fix earlier on in this forum, but unfortunately it has been taken down. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, and thank you for this awesome map/mod pack.
  9. Shiro4

    Shiro4 Member

    I think the cloning issues are related more to the sync mod than this pack - as a partial solution, you could type "/hqm lives add 1" into chat whenever you respawn using the clone (though this won't help if you only have one life remaining unless you type it just before you die). The Yogscast has similar difficulties in their adventures!

    A silly question, but are you sure you are using the storage cells correctly? I know it can be really easy to accidentally write to the cell instead of reading it, and just like checking the power is on if your computer doesn't start up, it's often a good idea to look at these kinds of thing first.

    If you'd like, you could also see how other youtubers have played through this pack (there is an active member on this forum called felinoel who is currently making quite an entertaining series!) - they might give you ideas for longer-term projects with this pack and you can see how they have dealt with bugs and other issues. The Yogscast is currently playing a slightly-outdated version, so there may also be some diffierences in your world from theirs (don't be confused if you can't find villagers in the nether).

    EDIT: Oh, and could you provide more details on the cell with the snowmen and the strange machine? I don't think I've heard of that happening to anyone, but maybe another forum user knows what's going on there.
  10. YukiDraws

    YukiDraws New Member

    Alright, well that's a bit unfortunate that you can't fix the sync problem, but the cell storage problem should be fixable. I have made sure everything is working, I'm definitely not writing them as I've gone into creative and made the sapling storage, wrote the drive, put it back in, and it came out just fine. The snow golem thing is really weird, they're called Guardians I think, and they have a device with two sky stone chests on either side of it. It's really hard to describe unless I went in and took the name of it. It gives me two orbs to place into the central glass bit of the machine. The golems themselves are invincible, and they hit you if you hit them, but don't actively attack you when you have hit them.

    It's really bizarre, it's like the cells have overlapped from a newer version or something, and that's causing the cells to be overwritten and changed into different cells. Maybe because of conflicting item ids. I did notice that every time I restart the map, it says there are things missing, or altered, that could have something to do with it. If you need more info I'll load up Minecraft and give myself the white derps drive. Haven't tried the pink derps drive, since every time I spawned in wolves for the Death Bringers, the wolves would just kick my spawned pigs off of the treadmills.
  11. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    I figured it out. Regular water is obtained my bashing mashed leaves with the blacksmiths hammer and that can be put into barrels. The other waters cannot. Pretty tough modpack. Not really designed for people new to the mods used.

    Is the pack still being updated? I was considering updating some of the mods manually. Would that mess things up?

    One more question. Is there an upgrade for the stone hammer for bashing the meteors?

    EDIT: Wait, what do you mean don't fill your hunger completely? Is that not good?
  12. srdemon

    srdemon Member

    Hi everyone!
    Long time no see.
    I have a problem with an update and HQM quests. After updating to the latest version (1.3.3) i have a perfectly clean quest book like as on the map start.
    I mean the quests are not completed. I have a backup and it's not a problem to undo the update but i want to play on the actual version. Any clues about that?
    Thank you!
  13. YukiDraws

    YukiDraws New Member

    So, I went into Blast Off! to check what those snow golems were. They're called Altar Guardians, and the machine I was talking about is an ME Quantum Link Chamber surrounded by an ME Quantum Ring. The two orbs you can put in the Link Chamber are in the Sky Stone chests on either side, and they're called Quantum Entangled Singularities. All of that is in the White Derps drive. I'm going to check and see if the Pink Derps has a similar result, or if it's like the rest, which have nothing.

    Update on Pink Derps:
    So, I just went in and checked the Pink Derps, and lo and behold, that is where the White Derps are. So for a temp fix I could just use the Pink Derps drive for my clone, but that still doesn't fix the lack of anything in any of the other drives.

    Any help is still very appreciated.
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  14. Shiro4

    Shiro4 Member

    I think the altar guardians drive is a quest reward for one of the later quests involving AE - so, yes, it looks like the IDs have somehow been mixed up. At this point I would suggest that, since it sounds like you already know their contents, the simplest solution would be to just spawn in the missing items/eggs (though Deathbringers might not be possible). I agree that this is a little inconvenient though, so maybe somebody here with a better understanding of the storage cells can suggest an alternative?
  15. Shiro4

    Shiro4 Member

    When your hunger bar is full, you can't drink the slightly clean water, bizarrely. If your hunger bar is full and you have a lot of saturation when you become dehydrated, it can be a death sentence! There is a recipe to make the water drinkable even with full hunger though.

    If water is hard to come by, you can reduce your water consumption by keeping your temperature low. If your character is at more than 37 degrees C (I think?) they will start to lose hydration faster and you can even see them sweating if they get much warmer. 35-37 seems to be the ideal range.
  16. YukiDraws

    YukiDraws New Member

    I've been struggling with some of the contents of the cells unfortunately. Such as the water storage cell, or the Death Bringer cell. Some of the stuff has been spawned in using commands, and while I can make an invincible wolf and tame it, I have no idea what else the Death Bringers have in the way of abilities. The problem comes with seeing all the objects in the cells though, as it took me a little bit to figure out that the water storage cell was a bunch of ice with a redstone lamp in it. I wish there were images for all of the cells, at this point it might be easier just to get a downgraded version of the mod-pack, if that is what's causing this.

    Somewhere earlier in this forum there was some kind of fix talked about. A file that you'd put in your map folder. The modpack's author had posted that there was a bug with older maps, and then uploaded a file to a google drive, but that file has been removed, unfortunately.

    I'm going to check out the newer map, and see if that changes anything. With any luck, I should at least be able to play Blast Off!. It should be about the same, just a different map right?
  17. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    Craft it, it crafts directly to it.

    Deathbringers are not invincible, one of mine died... :'c
  18. VeryHasted

    VeryHasted Active Member

    Great pack :D
  19. YukiDraws

    YukiDraws New Member

    How very unfortunate... how did it die? Falling into the void, or by being hit? The Yogscast seem to have fireproof Death Bringers, and that might just be fireproof potion effects if there's regular damage that can be taken.
  20. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    It was ages ago... I think I got swarmed?


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