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    u around? i need your help.
    ive seen youve helped people with crashes that occur when people cut off power from the world, can you help me in my special case?
    You Are Awesome, i was looking on google for a fix for my crashing world and found your post and it worked, Thanks!! :D
    I can't seem to send you a PM, annoyingly enough. Keep getting an error. You are accepted, by the way. Welcome to the server.
    Can people still join your small agrarian skies server?
    Because the thread haven't gotten post in 2 weeks. So didn't know if it was up still or not.
    I was wondering if you were still looking for players for your 1.5.2 if not its ok but if so may I please join?
    I suggest you send your info via PM or leave a message in the thread :I I don't usually check my wall over here
    i have done a post on the server thread that you have posted please check so i may be able to be whitelisted
    You know that resources sound file you have PMed to someone to fix the portal gun mod? well i would need that fix too. My game freezes everytime i get the portal gun out.

    If you can help me please do! thnx in advance! -VIP
    Sorry, I've been in entry exams so didn't see till now. I'll prepare the upload and send you the link once it's done.
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