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Whitelist Server < Legion Mindcrack > Community Focused Survival -- 100% Grief-Free

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Rezenith, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Bob_Sack

    Bob_Sack New Member

    IGN: Bob_Sack
    Age: 21
    Previous Bans (if any): Maybe once or twice, but they were never for malicious reasons, usually immature admins.
    Timezone | Country: BC, Canada (GMT-8)
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 5 - 10 on most days
    Able to communicate on Skype: Text yes. Voice is no-go, but that will likely change soon
    Additional Information (Optional): I know nearly everything there is to know about vanilla minecraft, having played for 2 years. My FTB experience mostly lies in BC, IC, and RP, but I'm learning lua to use computercraft more effectively. I've run my own bukkit server in the past.
  2. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Whitelisted Bob_Sack
  3. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Updated block limit to 1500.
  4. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  5. Stache

    Stache New Member

    Age: 16
    Previous Bans (if any): none
    Timezone | Country: UTC + 02:00 , lithuania
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 2-3h
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes/No (If Yes, preferably, pm me your Skype name) yes
    Additional Information (Optional):compleatly new to ftb and want to explore it with others / maybe get some help.
  6. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Denied, read the original post.
  7. MinecraftAbmin

    MinecraftAbmin New Member

    IGN: MinecraftAbmin​
    Timezone | Country: United Kingdom​
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 4-5​
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes ​
    Previous Bans (if any):
    Timezone | Country:
    Activity Level (Hours per day):
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes/No (If Yes, preferably, pm me your Skype name)
    Additional Information (Optional):
  8. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  9. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Cleaned up spawn.
  10. HitmanCrobar

    HitmanCrobar New Member

    Previous Bans (if any): Not any
    Timezone | Country: Finland
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 3-5
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes/No (If Yes, preferably, pm me your Skype name) my skype name is Greippi5 my choice putting it here
    Additional Information (Optional): I know lots about the mods and i am pretty fair
    Willing to donate towards monthly fees? (Optional): No i can't i Don't have money
  11. MasterFSK

    MasterFSK New Member

    • MasterFSK
    • 22
    Previous Bans (if any):
    • Yes, this was due to a misunderstanding between me, a friend and a trigger happy mod. I was allowed to borrow items from a friend. A mod, who didn't know of our agreement, saw me in his house and banned me. This was later resolved by my friend and I was un-banned with an excuse from the mod.
    Timezone | Country:
    • UTC +1, Norway
    Activity Level (Hours per day):
    • That depends. am away from home around 13h each day, but usually log on around 19:00 (UTC +1) and usually leave around 23:00. That would make it around 4 hours.
    Able to communicate on Skype:
    • Yes, I am, and would love to talk to people that I play with, but then again, I don't want to be forced into a conversation if I am talking with a friend or something of the kind.
    Additional Information (Optional):
    • I'm currently an apprentice Production Electronician, with a 1.5hour drive each way, which is the reason to (what I think) is the limited play time (which in March will be significantly higher as for moving closer to work). Being a fan of HermitCraft and MindCrack and their tight bound community, I would like to hope that this server is one with such community. As stated by earlier posters here "Would like to play with mature folks who aren't interested in begging for every little thing and generally making a nuisance out of everyone's stuff."
    I see that there is nothing in the application form about monthly fees, but I do see some applications with the mention of it, so I'd thought I'd drop my thoughts on the matter. I would love to donate for a good community server, with no downtime or lag, whenever my economy can afford such.
  12. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  13. Zorigar

    Zorigar New Member

    Previous Bans (if any):None
    Timezone | Country:GMT+2 Bulgaria
    Activity Level (Hours per day):2-5 depend on the days :)
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yeah sure ... You'll have to deal with my English thou :)
    Additional Information (Optional):I'm a good person.And You'll still have to deal with my English :p
  14. iced_adams666

    iced_adams666 New Member

    IGN: iced_adams666
    Age: 14
    Previous Bans (if any): 3 I belive
    Timezone | Country: EST, USA
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 5-6
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes/No (If Yes, preferably, pm me your Skype name) yeah
    Additional Information (Optional): I like pie
  15. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member


  16. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Server has recovered from all the griefers and our community is strong. Whitelist is open, and there has been a new fresh world. Mystcraft is now required.
  17. Effishency

    Effishency New Member

    IGN: Shanrock
    Age: 20
    Previous Bans: None
    Timezone/Country: GMT+10; Australia
    Activity Level: About 3 hours per day
    Skype?: Unfortunately, no.
  18. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Effishency / Shanrock whitelisted.
  19. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  20. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

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