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Whitelist Server < Legion Mindcrack > Community Focused Survival -- 100% Grief-Free

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Rezenith, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. JackDasBrot

    JackDasBrot New Member

    IGN: JackDasBrot
    Age: 19
    Previous Bans (if any): none
    Timezone | Country: UTC +1 Germany
    Activity Level (Hours per day): i think between 2-3 hours a day
    Able to communicate on Skype: not really ( i have a loud family xD)
  2. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  3. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Updated thread layout.
  4. Shmurrr

    Shmurrr New Member

    Wait so someone who was 14/13 got added but im 15 and i dont gt added Teh Math it doesnt add up...
  5. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    You posted a long time ago, and you're still 14. Anyhow we are accepting now. You can log on.
  6. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  7. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Server upgraded and IP has been changed.
  8. WantedLord

    WantedLord New Member

    IGN: WantedLord
    Age: 17
    Previous Bans (if any): Just 1 from a tekkit server.
    Timezone | Country: GMT+3 (Turkey)
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 2-3 hours
    Skype User: wantedlordd
    Additional Information:
  9. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  10. Shmurrr

    Shmurrr New Member

    IGN: Shmurrr
    Timezone | Country:Central | United States of 'Merica
    Activity Level (Hours per day): about 3 to 5
    Able to communicate on Skype: Yes/No (If Yes, preferably, pm me your Skype name) Yes, I will PM you the name if whitelisted​
  11. MC_

    MC_ New Member

    IGN: MC_AntiHero
    Age: 22
    Previous Bans (if any): None
    Timezone | Country: Eastern/U.S.A.
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 2-4
    Skype User: (have one PM if you need it)
    Additional Information:
  12. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  13. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Hum do not seem to be able to edit thread title.
  14. Magickftw

    Magickftw New Member

    IGN: Magickftw
    Age: 16
    Previous Bans (if any): No bans at all, not even accidental ones :)
    Timezone | Country: US Eastern
    Activity Level (Hours per day): This really factors up on how populated and enjoyable the server is. If I'm free the whole day and the community is great, I'll be playing through the whole day. An expected amount is usually 2-6 hours.
    Skype User: thechickenisaspy
    Additional Information: There are a couple of questions that I'd like to ask.
    Is mic required for Skype? (I don't use this since I dislike chatting online.)
    Are there any banned items other than the ones that require a higher rank to use?
    Other than that, I'd love to socialize with others in a small server, which is why I'd like to give this server a go.
  15. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  16. OJayUK

    OJayUK New Member

    IGN: OJayUK
    Age: 24
    Previous Bans (if any): None
    Timezone | Country: GMT (London)
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 2-3 (probably more on weekends)
    Skype User: Yes, although I need to buy a new headset at the moment :(
    Additional Information: I'm a big fan of FTB and would love to get involved in a community. Ideally I'm looking for a smaller server as I've tried 100+ slot servers before and didn't enjoy it due to the sheer size.
  17. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Whitelisted, we're around 10-20 with our old players forming a community and little settlements together, for you to jump right on and join them might not be realistic though. We do have quite a few new players might want to check if they want you to join them.
  18. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  19. ultronicFlow

    ultronicFlow New Member

    IGN: TheTrueDozer
    Age: 14, 15 very soon. (29th of March)
    Previous Bans (if any): None.
    Timezone | Country: GMT+01 - Belgium
    Activity Level (Hours per day): Around 3-4 a day. This week I have vacation so I'll have a lot more free time.
    Skype User: GoingFlow
    Additional Information: I strive for perfection in buildings and automation for the entire community to use. I am very skilled in some mods but still learning in others.
  20. leon1717

    leon1717 New Member

    IGN: Leon1717
    Age: 16
    Previous Bans (if any): Nope
    Timezone | Country: USA Central Time
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 6ish
    Skype User: leon.trollin
    Additional Information: Just looking for a server with an active community that looks promising, which I do see in this server. Looking into making advanced machines and sharing my creations on your server. Hopefully you will consider my whitelisting.

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