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Whitelist Server < Legion Mindcrack > Community Focused Survival -- 100% Grief-Free

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Rezenith, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  2. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 New Member

    IGN: thetravis0916
    Age: 18
    Previous Bans (if any): None
    Timezone | Country: New York USA
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 2-3
    Skype User: thetravis0916
    Additional Information: I love FTB, and playing mindcraft with my friends and a community
  3. Thelastfate

    Thelastfate New Member

    IGN: Thelastfate
    Age: 16
    Previous Bans (if any): No
    Timezone | Country: EST
    Activity Level (Hours per day): 1+
    Skype User:
    Additional Information: Ive been playing alot of single player and have recently gotten into playing multiplayer on ftb, and im looking for a server thats not very laggy and not alot of people. I love ftb and everything in it and hope you accept my App
  4. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    You two had been whitelisted.
  5. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  6. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  7. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

  8. Henryv38

    Henryv38 New Member

    Server down?.
  9. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

    Removed all plugins and severely tightened whitelist to ensure vanilla Mindcrack play.[DOUBLEPOST=1361135113][/DOUBLEPOST]Nope
  10. Rezenith

    Rezenith New Member

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