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FTB Launcher in a 4K Monitor HELP

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by DeSiden, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. DeSiden

    DeSiden New Member

    Hi all i'm new to this forum, but i'm not so new to FTB Launcher. Recently i bought a new monitor, switching from an old 1080p television to an Asus 4K 28'' monitor. My problem is that now the FTB Launcher is incredibly small when i open it and it's difficult to read. There's a solution? I have tried to change windows settings to display all the things in big size instead of medium but nothing changed... Hope you have a solution for me ;)
    PS: sorry for english mistakes, but i'm italian :B

    This is how i see the launcher...
  2. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    That looks like a display scaling issue. You should be able to mouse to a corner and use the " <-> " thingy to enlarge it. I wish I could give more accurate info but my computer is broken atm.
  3. DeSiden

    DeSiden New Member

    Yes i think so, but unfortunately i can't resize the window with the corner :/
  4. mcalpha

    mcalpha New Member

    Many applications are not ready for DPI scaling, especially those with nonstandard GUI toolkits. Developers were used to thinking in units of pixels for a long, long time. It will take a while for that to change, and many legacy applications probably never will.
  5. DeSiden

    DeSiden New Member

    Oh ok then... thank you, i think it's time to upgrade my glasses hahaha
  6. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    That or lower your resolution a bit when you run Minecraft... I doubt Java could handle the graphics for a 4k monitor anyway. :D
  7. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    Java can handle 4k. Its just that prog or someone needs to setup display scaling. Ill try to get that to the launcher dev team

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  8. DeSiden

    DeSiden New Member

    Yes minecraft looks pretty good in 4K, hope they update the launcher for 4K monitors :D
  9. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    Or use MultiMC for now :)
  10. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    16 colors in 4k? :D
  11. Folanlron

    Folanlron New Member

    It's a lot more then just a upscale though, ~ Minecraft is great at 4k
  12. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Use Windows Magnifier.

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