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Casual Server FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6 (Invite Only)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by MagicMage1238, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. I also made the mistake of planting a Mega tree - so currently trying to get it removed.... UGH!
  2. ViDMort

    ViDMort New Member

    Hi, I would like to play in a Server with some people
  3. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    advised to send magicmage a private massage. he is the founder
  4. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    we are still going strong server wise and still looking for players to fill our land with activity =] so if you are looking for a server with mostly mature players feel free to send us a massage
  5. Main posted updated.

    Natirs is now a staff member and also has Team Speak info if you want to use team speak.
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  6. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    Congrats natris
  7. @Mr.Birk for your help today I'd like to offer you some diamonds or maybe something else you may need? I was lost in creating the turbine and appreciate the help.
  8. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    the community is growing but there are still plenty of spots to fill and the server is decently fun and stable
  9. WildStarOrion

    WildStarOrion New Member

    Looking to give infinity a try out if your still looking to add people.
  10. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    we do =] and we would love to have you
  11. There is currently about 10 players and there is room for about 10 more.

    Great Thanks to @Mr.Birk for allowing us to use your Team Speak 3 Server!
  12. CBGamer

    CBGamer New Member

    Hey I'd like to join... maybe. Can we speak on Skype or something?
    My Skype username is: ben.bave

  13. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    friend request sent on skype
  14. I don't use Skype but Natirs does and also someone else on the server does as well.
  15. daredevil230

    daredevil230 Guest

    I would like to join the server and will be very active
  16. Famousscotsman

    Famousscotsman New Member

    Mail Sent, interested in joing my self. Not expert at the pack but know my way around.
  17. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Myself and a friend may be interested at a later date. does your pack version have the TiC nerfs (i.e. signalum and enderium heavily nerfed)?
  18. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    umm im not sure what you mean by signalum and enderium heavily nerfed. the creation? or the getting of said materials?
  19. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    No, I believe he means the Tinkers' Construct toolpart-stats of said materials. By many, those stats are considered being way too high.
  20. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Yes, it's rumored that the power of those materials when used in Tinkers Construct were heavily nerfed. I did not have an issue with the original power levels.
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