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Casual Server FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6 (Invite Only)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by MagicMage1238, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. It is the Infinity Evolved 2.5.0 - I haven't changed any stats within the configs on anything... I'm not sure if it was nerfed or not with 2.5.0 your more than welcome to join though when your ready just post a message here and someone will send you the link.
  2. AustinGames

    AustinGames Guest

    I guess Ill Join itll Be one of my First Time so I am Gonna Learn if that is okay
  3. Famousscotsman

    Famousscotsman New Member

    If your struggling let me know you can team with me for a bit
  4. Yeah that's fine - it was all new to me 6 weeks ago..... Today I'm fighting a Chaos Dragon.... Can't believe it has been 6 weeks snice I started playing FTB Infinity Evolved (First Modded Minecraft I have played)
  5. Famousscotsman

    Famousscotsman New Member

    Very good and friendly server speant a few hours on it this week. Everyones really helpful if you need it.
  6. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    yea mage a lot of teaching has led you to this =p
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  7. Taykoh

    Taykoh Guest

    hey just searching for a friendly close server like that and look like i found it in a minute !
    perhaps i'm not sure the way to join your server there is still some slot left for a new player :) ?
  8. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    hey taykoh the way everyone joins our server is by doing what you just did. posting they are intrested and either i or magicmage contact them with connection details to the server and yep we still got slots
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  9. SethRex

    SethRex Guest

    wats the server addres??

  10. Very early Monday morning here, I'll send you the info shortly.
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  12. For now that's the only way I can think of sharing the screenshots.... I'll have to work on that later and figure it out.
  13. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Imgur seems to be a popular choice here on the forums.
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  14. is this still going?
  15. natirs

    natirs Well-Known Member

    yes still going and active
  16. Dartface

    Dartface Guest

    Can I get the server address??
  17. Going good Actually with only 1 Speed Bump along the way.... and that was fixed and Handled quickly (I think it took me 10 mins to get it back up after it went down)
  18. Dartface - Sending you the Info now.
  19. 2016-07-31_23.20.58.png

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  20. Man this looks awesome, I'm always aching to get on and play with real people rather than alone these days. Something just so much more satisfying that way. Think I could get the server addy?
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