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FTB Horizons - General Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by slowpoke, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. slowpoke

    slowpoke FTB Founder Team Member FTB Founder

    This is a thread for general feedback on the Horizons modpack. This is *NOT* a thread for bug reports or anything like that. I am mainly interested in finding out what parts of the pack people like and what parts they dont like along with the reasons why. This pack is designed to highlight a totally new set of mods and may have basic balance issues that we have decided to let slide at this time.

    Please keep all conversation on topic

    Note to mods, its OK to delete posts that are not on topic in this thread. Also discussion and debate is fine, however if it gets out of hand delete away :) - This Means We will swat you
  2. vidvisionify

    vidvisionify New Member

    It certainly is an interesting collection of mods, I've never tried RotaryCraft and I imagine that is why the staples like BuildCraft/IC2/TE are missing?

    EDIT: Derp, Thermal Expansion is in there.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  3. Freyjadono

    Freyjadono Active Member Mod Developer

    I would also love to hear all feedback about issues concerning Agriculture and Metallurgy. Which either PM me or find me on IRC.

    Relevant enough? *Prepares for swating*
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  4. Mwhahahaha28

    Mwhahahaha28 Active Member

    (You mentioned on twitter to an account I couldnt' reply to) That IC2 doesn't belong in the modpack as it is not catagorized as a "new mod" but you need to consider most of your audience doesn't play on Forgecraft or makes their own 1.6 modpacks so we haven't had a chance to witness the change between 1.5 -> 1.6, its like thaumcraft, same content different playstyle

    Other than that thank you alot FTB team and I look forward to the mods :) theres alot there I haven't seen before
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  5. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Thermal Expansion is in....
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  6. Greevir

    Greevir Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about the inclusion of Applied Energistics into the pack. AE isn't really a new mod at all. I imagine it's added in due to "basic balance issues that we have decided to let slide at this time"?

    "This Means We will swat you" - except for Jaded, I imagine she lays people out with a mean right hook!
  7. QuantumBlade

    QuantumBlade New Member

    I personally really like the new modpack! In fact, I could almost say it's better than any previous ftb packs. The fact that you've done away with several big, popular mods whose development is somewhat stagnant is going to be really great for the community. I also really like that you've gone and found lots of small/new mods that not a lot of us have heard of. I've been playing a bit with the pack and some of the new mods are really amazing (Advanced Genetics, Aquaculture, Witchery; just to name a few).

    All in all, Great Work!
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  8. Relkofizz

    Relkofizz Active Member

    This has pretty much all of the mods I wanted but didn't expect in any FTB packs, Would like the updated Mo' Pistons mod but there are no mods I would rather do without in this pack.
  9. rprz

    rprz New Member

    Im kind of new to the 1.6 mods ( i really havent played anything other than 1.5 and vanilla). is it possible to make the block id box (top center of screen) show up when you only hold shift or some other key? it's kind of distracting, imho.
  10. slowpoke

    slowpoke FTB Founder Team Member FTB Founder

    Whilst this pack is mostly new mods, there were a few included because honestly it was felt that the functionalty they provide (such as AE, NEI, Inventory Tweaks, Extra Utilities were funtions that were not really available from other mods and were important enough to include as standards in most packs.
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  11. Morberis

    Morberis Active Member

    I really appreciate the inclusion of all the new mods, rotarycraft and engineers toolbox have quickly become some of my favorites. The inclusion of water themed stuff is also GREAT, oceans are no longer desolate useless areas appreciated only for their aesthetic appeal. I would love an updated version of Unleashed/Ultimate/Call it whatever you want that included many of the mods from this pack. I also really appreciate the inclusion of some of the adventuring/exploring themed mods for when you really want combat.

    I really do miss Binnies mods, IC2, buildcraft etc. Because of their lack while I find it interesting as a way of examining the new mods I will not make Horizons my default mod pack. It's just missing too many of my essentials mods.

    I don't really care about balance, as long as it's not broken in a myriad of ways, because I tend to play on 5-15 person servers where we really don't care. If we find something broken it's either neat or it's ignored, often both.

    In short, this pack has alot of things I've been missing in the normal FTB packs but is also lacking in some areas that I've come to expect as a default building themed experience.
  12. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    I understand the desire to introduce new mods, but imo this isn't the best way to do it. Shoving them all in a pack together is kind of ehhh. Not to mention this pack gives me the feeling of being a Resonant Rise: Lite with more difficult configs. Sort of boring pack IMO.

    I am glad to see that the mod list is being greatly expanded though.
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  13. slowpoke

    slowpoke FTB Founder Team Member FTB Founder

    try pressing num pad 1 (master settings found under num pad 0
  14. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    We kind of expect with the new universal configs that people will play Horizons and find new mods they love and want to add to other packs. Its a sampler of fun :p
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  15. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    This makes it a bit more understandable the pack just seems to lack direction; which is fine for some people actually.
  16. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Think of it as a directionless sampler of newer mods for us to see what people enjoy and to give people some new friends to play with. I love the rouge dungeons... especially watching Slow die :p
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  17. Greevir

    Greevir Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I totally understand that. As for the pack, I think it's great. It is definitely good to see some of the newer mods produced in an FTB pack. Will it be my go to pack? Probably not. For me this pack is perfect for when my primary pack is starting to feel stagnant.

    So far, the pack is working great, has a nice mixture of mods of different themes and runs well. Kudos to all that have worked on it and looking forward even more now for the rest!
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  18. Morberis

    Morberis Active Member

    And I really appreciate that FTB makes it so much easier to just drag and drop the mods you want from other packs into the pack you're using. It's for that reason that if FTB comes out with a great unleashed pack again I'll likely switch my server back over from Resonance Rise. Horizons makes as you say for a great sampler for mixing up your own pack, and which is something I'm really looking forward to.
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  19. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    With the new launcher in the works this does make a lot of sense with the changed mechanics. I'm okay with this.
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  20. TheAbstractHippo

    TheAbstractHippo Well-Known Member

    Is this modpack called Horizons because FTB is "expanding its horizons"? Anyways, looks cool having a different modified environment and a different atmosphere altogether.
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