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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by LegitNeek, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    This is odd: Using the download link from this thread, the texture pack appears to be missing some textures. Example:


    The advanced machines are missing, with the exception of the Induction Furnace (upper right). I know Sphax includes these textures cause I used these machines all the time in Technic.
  2. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Actually a whole lot of missing textures I've been able to collect. Putting together as complete a Sphax texture pack as I can at the moment.
  3. jhamm

    jhamm Active Member

    Hi i have made a sphax texture pack for the newest FTB modpack, so i wanted to ask if i should just post it here or i should post it in a new topic or i should not do anything because you want to do it
    i have the texture pack working on my computer and everything looks fine (of course there is missing textures) so please answer :)
  4. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Do the textures flicker a lot for you? Especially in areas with trees, the leaves and a lot of the chunks will flicker to transparent for a instant then come back. This happens for me with FTB 0.3.1 and the Sphax textures. Default textures don't have any issues. This is somewhat of a concern since I consider the Sphax textures practically a necessity to enjoy the game.
  5. jhamm

    jhamm Active Member

    no i havent seen anything like that...
  6. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Actually I take it back. I was doing some troubleshooting and loaded up a fresh 0.3.1 FTB world, with DEFAULT textures, and ended up in a Jungle biome. The trees flickered a LOT. So it may not be the fault of the textures. Working on narrowing down the issue.
  7. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    Do you have Optifine installed?
    I find when textures glitch or flicker, it's probably something to do with Optifine.
  8. jhamm

    jhamm Active Member

    but anyway if anyone is interested here is the texturepack http://www.mediafire.com/?gekkbq38mfe8a1s
    i am gonna keep updating it when i remember to do it unless the owner of this topic is gonna do the same...

    Edit: it seems like the file gets corrupted everytime i put it into mediafire so just forget i ever was here...
  9. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Panda - yes I just identified Optifine as the culprit! Vanilla FTB flickers the trees very annoyingly IF optifine is installed. I can't seem to come up with a video setting combination that doesn't flicker. Very unfortunate, since Optifine is a rather important performance mod.

    Jhamm -excellent, thanks. I will download your pack and compare it to mine and see if either of us are missing anything.

    [edit] It would seem that doing this fixes the flicker issue. But since I just changed a global gfx card setting, I'm not sure what the negative side-effects will be with other games.
  10. purplefantum

    purplefantum Well-Known Member

    Will this texture pack be updated for all the extra Mods that FTB has and aren't included atm, such as twilight forests?
  11. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Yes. Twilight Forest has been sphaxified here:

    Its just a matter of collecting all the individual mod textures and tossing them into the same zip. Currently though, some of the textures are causing horrendous framerate issues. The Thermal Expansion textures for example, just kill the framerate.

    Also, many mods don't even have Sphax textures yet, but typically this is a work in progress. Like FTB itself.
    Currently GregTechmod, Mystcraft and Steve's Carts aren't ready.
  12. Aceldamor

    Aceldamor Member

    I tried the 64 bit and it crashed my client. :(
  13. Wabbit

    Wabbit Active Member

    Hey guys. I thought I'd just throw my two cents in.

    This is just 64x, but comes with all the trimmings. Connected/Random Textures, animated, 80% of the mods in FTB (Including Twilight Forest, BiomesXL, MFFS, GraviSuite, Forestry, etc)

    64x - anim'd
    64x - no-anim

    I'll update it when I can and I might bring it for 128x in time.

    EDIT: I might actually try to patch a 128x TP right now. Gives me something to do until the session servers pop back on.
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  14. Wall

    Wall Active Member

    My new fav Texture Pack :)
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  15. Alcarkse

    Alcarkse New Member

    When I drag the addon contents into the Shpax pack's window a new window popes-up. It lets me the choice between :
    - Add and replace existing files
    - Add Update existing files
    - Ignore

    What should I choose ?
  16. Wabbit

    Wabbit Active Member

    Sounds like you're trying to overwrite, so add and replace.
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  17. Alcarkse

    Alcarkse New Member

  18. Wabbit

    Wabbit Active Member

    You're welcome~.
    Don't forget to back up your packs before messing with them!
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  19. Eric Martin

    Eric Martin New Member

    Appreciate the pack Recon[Corrected), and am currently using it. Seems to run a bit smoother than the one posted on PDcraft. That being said... Is it cool to post the base textures with your pack? I've read that that's suppose to be a No-No. Just watching your back, for your efforts...[DOUBLEPOST=1353373018][/DOUBLEPOST]Correction... Wabbit... smh

    Oh, and 128 please...
  20. Wabbit

    Wabbit Active Member

    Yes, it's more than likely a 'no-no' because they'd want their finger in the adfly pie in which case I'll happily take it down if requested and struggle with a patch version to distribute.

    128 is in the works regardless. Perhaps I'll even make a topic for it since this one seems sort of... Dead.

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